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Ok so I've had a bit of a struggle as to who is right in a travel call situation. I've recently played against a couple of teams(yes not just one or two) and there are many players who travel, even on my team. What I see is that when their pivot is established, before they throw, the pivot foot comes of the ground or drags it just to be able to stretch and make a throw. Now, for some reason, they take offense to this and are mad cause they think they're not travelling or that we are losing and just trying to cheat our way. Worst situation now is that I keep making those calls every time I see it, which is so often, and they complain to their captain and tells me to refrain from calling it. Now our spirit score will definitely go down.  I don't want to stop calling if they keep doing it. I feel that if they hold their pivot foot to the ground that they cant throw the disc properly since they cant stretch. In other words they gain an advantage on it. What should I do in this situation? How am I to let them know that it really is a violation? Should I capture it on video or something?

Sounds to me like a fundamental issue with the team's education in terms of what constitutes a travel, if it's as pervasive as you suggest. This would be one of those situations where a captain (or a Rules Guru) would be invaluable to teaching their own team about why the call is being made, and what they can do to remedy it. By the sounds of it, the teams in question are likely newer to the sport, so this would be applicable for both your team, as well as the other team(s) that you are playing. 

All of that said, it's certainly not uncommon for people to take offence to being called for violations. However, the nature of our sport, and its self-refereed system, is that our referees are often not seen as authoritative, and worse, can be perceived to be trying to gain an advantage by making calls. If you're concerned that it is significantly affecting the amount of fun that both you and your opponent are having, you can either be a bit more lenient in your calls (perhaps allow pivot drags of 2-3 inches rather than the blade-of-grass letter of the rule), or gather your captain and theirs and explain what you're seeing so that the problem can be remedied.

And finally, yolo: I agree with part of your statement, but disagree with the other. While it's always useful to tell your teammates when you see them doing something that is contrary to the rules (in this case: travelling), your own team does not need to be perfect before you are allowed to call an infraction on another team. No team will be perfect, otherwise we would have no need for the mechanism of making calls.

People taking offense to perfectly legitimate calls and sewering your spirit score in the process? Welcome to the VUL! 

Thanks for all your advices and comments. I just needed to know what other people think about my situation. We are in div 2. I do try to be strict with my team. Its a basic fundamental rule so i will keep calling it. Anyway, thanks!

Well, I will say something a little unusual for me, and that is to take a step back and to consider context.  What are people looking for in Div.2?  What is acceptable leniency or strictness? Ultimately, self-officiation isn't just about you as an individual, nor is it about enforcing the rules to the strict letter -- it's about a community playing a game, and stewarding the joy of play within a set of rules enforced to an enjoyable standard.   At all levels, these subjective judgments (calls and non-calls alike) are necessary, whether made by referees in the MLU, by competitive players, or by recreational players.

Now, if everyone involved in the game thinks that a little more tolerance and leniency within the rules (in this case, travels) is the way they want to play it, who am I to impose the dissident standard? The Captain's Clause essentially exists because of that question.

You're not wrong, Darvil.  By the letter of the law, a travel is a travel.  But maybe you should ask yourself if their traveling is damaging your enjoyment of the game more than your calls thereof are damaging theirs.  Because in division 2 recreational play, I suspect that participants are just looking for a good time, and might be more willing to turn a blind eye to some moderate liberties taken with the pivot foot.  And an honest, open-minded conversation with the captains on that topic might be the best solution to your problem.

I see travels on pretty much every catch/throw combo (more so on the catch as the player changes direction). I could call travel each time, but it would obviously make the game unplayable and me (more) unpopular.

That being said as a rule of thumb I try to reserve travel calls for the cases when it actually makes a difference in play. If they could have got that throw off with or without the toe drag then nothing has really changed, why call it? I see cases where the throw takes 3 steps past the mark and throws... good time to pull out the travel call.

@Injured ninja, I thought you achieved perfection? You travel 100% of the time now :P

Where's the fun in perfection? I'd hate to take away the pleasure of someone calling travel on me.