turf league - endzone turnovers

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Questions have come up re. turnovers in the attacking endzone.

Our rules don't cover this yet, but play over the first two weeks evolved to the following: If the offense turns the disc over in the endzone they're attacking,
- if the disc crosses a perimeter line (side or back) of the endzone, it may be brought up to the front of the endzone before being put into play.
- if the disc stays on the playing field proper, it must be played where it lies.

One player was concerned that being forced to play the disc where it lay was a disadvantage, especially if that spot was near the back of the endzone (you can't dump backwards).

However, others have said that a standing start is one of the hardest things to deal with in turf league, and there's usually an advantage for the offensive team to move the disc quickly after a turnover anyway.

Our current convention matches what they do in the Toronto Indoor league (see link - point 11), interestingly enough, except we don't have an exception for the rec division.

Continue using our current convention, or always walk the disc up?