UBC T-Birds Women's Tournament

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Hi ultimate ladies of Vancouver!

The UBC Women's T-birds are looking for a fun and challenging day of scrims so what better to do than to ask our friends to play in a mini tournament with us! 

Join us at Winona on Sunday Feb 16th from 10am-4pm for some 7v7 games! We are looking for 4-8 teams to join our squad on the field! 

There will be a tournament fee of $120 to cover the cost of fields and food - deadline to submit payment is Feb 13th. If you are a "captain"/coordinator for a team please email ubcwomensultimate@gmail.com with your team name to confirm your bid. 

So gather a group of frisbee friends and come spend a Sunday playing ulti with us!

***If you are interested in signing up individually, or in pairs, please email the account (ubcwomensultimate@gmail.com) with your name and we shall find you a team! Cost will be 10$/person.