is "USA Ulty Natl Championship" in Dallas on Oct 17-20 in lieu of...

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the old "club nationals" that have been in Sarasota Florida usually a week or two later (usually on/around hallowe'en)?  Or is this specific to the Triple Crown Tour?  

even here they don't specifically stipulate that this tourney replaces that one:

Making travel plans wi friends, haven't been to watch the ulty natls since Furious was in them in San Diego (maybe 1999?)

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USA Ultimate Finals have, in fact, moved to Fresno TX after more than 10 years in Florida. This even is also, as noted, a couple of week earlier than normal.

Note that the format has also changed, although those changes won't impact spectators. Day 1 Round Robin is followed by playoffs starting with a Round of 16. All you March Madness Bracketologists on Stand-by. And yes, all 16 teams make the playoffs, so Day 1 is just about seeding for those playoffs.

And if you think all that is different, just wait until they move this event to Labour Day Weekend, possbily as early as next year...


tks BG, appreciate it.  Uhhh not the news about it moving forward in the year tho, kinda changes the whole autumn dynamic ?!?!

p.s. fresno is a suburb of houston...   I think this is in Frisco TX (northern suburbs of Dallas) b/c the events are at the facility used by the dallas MLS team.