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Hey guys!

I just moved here (landed last night) from Toronto and positively loved playing in The Parity League over there. I was perusing the VUL website and noticed that there is a Parity league here too! I might be mistaken, but it doesn't look like there has been new information put up for an end of 2016/2017 parity league. I'm wondering how well it did this last year? Would it be fair to assume there will be another? I sure hope there will be!


Hey Mark,
Welcome to Vancouver! We did have a small 4 team parity league earlier this year. I had a blast playing in it, and I think that was the general consensus, though there were some definite kinks to work out.
Troë Weston is our amazing league manager, and she basically spearheaded parity league starting up in Vancouver. I'd shoot her an e-mail if you're looking for more info on whether it's coming back, etc:

We plan to run a Parity league again in the Winter. The website will be updated with full details later this Fall. 

Great! Thanks for the info guys. I look forward to the season.

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