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Hey VUL peeps!  I just wanted to say thank you all for showing the VUL and Vancouver  (Lotusland and area) spirit.  First class people and ultimate.  I was the old, slow, fat person who seemed lost at times (or all the time on the field) but playing some pick up ulti with you guys was the highlight of my holidays.  Really nice people (You're on offence  lol) taught me lots and playing ulti outdoors - can we say Heaven (I'm in Edmonton).   I met tonnes of great and interesting people - Mike, Jessie, Barry, Isaac, Greg, Norm, Dave, Lisa, Tom, Nora, Curtis, Will and so many I can't remember the names.  Thanks a lot; I had a great time - you guys do it up right that's for sure.  Thanks for keeping ultimate alive and well.  No wonder your leagues are so popular - great sport made better with amazing people (and players - yikes I felt kind of schooled ten times over).  Have a great ulti year!  And if you need a place to stay in Edmonton for our tournaments keep me in mind. Fan of Vancouver Ultimate - Chris or Tad

Glad to hear you had a good experience at Holiday Pickup. Thanks for the shout out about Vancouver Ultimate, and the offer to host Vancouver players in Edmonton!


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I think we chatted at pickup one night -- I'm always happy to show off Vancouver's relatively warm winters, and even happier to have an extra sub when playing turf.  Have a good year!