VUL Summer Youth Camps - 8-14 years old

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We're excited to launch week-long Youth Camps! These are designed for beginner and intermediate kids to develop the fundamental skills for Ultimate in a fun and encouraging environment.
Participants have the choice of joining a camp from July 20-24 OR July 27-30.

Camps are be split by age:
8-11 years old: 9 am – 12 pm
11-14 year olds:1 pm – 4 pm

Registration is now open!

See our Youth Camps page for more info.

This is a really great initiative. Is the camp running this week? Did you get many registered? Out of curiosity, who is running these camps? 

Hey Terra,

We only got 6 registered for this week, but we are still running it and so far the kids seem to be having a blast and learning a lot!

I am running the camp myself, actually (several years of coaching juniors ultimate and previous teaching experience) along with Jaimie Kot (who is also a teacher by trade, has coached juniors for several years and a fantastic ultimate player too!)

Jaimie and I will both be running it again next week, so far there are 12 registered I believe.