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I have a few questions and comments regarding the website

Website Sub form? Not sure if one already exists, and if it does, sorry for posting this in the wrong place

Upcoming Games/Scheduled games: I love this feature and the fact that it is conveniently located on the MyVUL page. I think the following is currently a feature, where it only shows future games, based on the current time. This unfortunately causes some usability problems.

Scenario: My team is scheduled to play against Team A at 6pm and Team B at 7.30. I get to the field and see 3 other teams on the field, so I take out my phone to check which one I am playing first. It is now 6.05pm and I load the MyVUL page on my phone, but it only shows the 7.30 game against Team B. This forces me to go inside my team page and then look for schedule.

I understand that, technically, the 6pm game is no longer "upcoming", however, in daily use, this is the first spot for me to check the schedule. I have seen this cause a lot of confusion among captains on the field, who had a look at their upcoming schedule and came to the conclusion that the first game was cancelled, even though they are all on the field. Also had some people, almost leave, because they thought they arrived an hour and a half early to a game.

Possible Solutions: Games don't disappear from the list until the next day, since the following games are already there. A Nice to have feature: Change status to "In Progress/Current/" or something equivalent, keep it on the list and highlight it or something.

Event Registration Check: I like the google calendar, it makes my life a lot easier. I know there are some constraints around coding things inside it. Registering for an event is fairly easy, but checking if I have already registered for an event doesn't seem to exist. I currently noticed that the "Register" link has disappeared, but I am not sure if this is because I have previously registered, or if the event is full. When I click on the "Register" link in the description in google calendar, it takes a while and re-routes me to the main page. I was expecting it to take me to a page that showed me if I am already Registered. Also, there doesn't seem to be a way to "Un-Register" from an event. Overall, this is a pretty minor thing, since I can always search through my email.

First timers page: This was mentioned at the captains meeting back in May, just wondering if I missed the communication about it.

I love to play and use the new site very frequently now, so I hope this feedback is helpful in making the site better :-)

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and I am glad the VUL spent all this time and energy in making a new site.



1. There is no Sub form yet. We plan to add that feature at some point, but it's not near the top of our list at this time (and we have limited budget). In the meantime, you can add your name to Matchmaker (Games menu -> Summer League -> Matchmaker), and you post in the Personals forum to let others know.

2. Today's games. That's a bug - it should still show both of today's games. We'll get that fixed.

3. The event registration system does have a few quirks. When you register, you should get a confirmation email -- if you can't remember if you registered for something, look for that email (the Subject starts with "You signed up for...").  In that email there is also a link to cancel your registration. We will be launching a new calendar this year which will address some of these issues.

4. You'll find some tips for first-timers on the Getting Started page (under Play). We will be adding a guidebook for learning how to play under the Learn menu next week.

If you have any questions or problems with the website, don't hesitate to email our webmaster Mike, via Thanks for the feedback!