where would i find a flask?

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I know this might be a weird question, but where would I find quality a flask? You know, for alcohol? I've been looking around, and I realized that I have no idea what kind of store would carry it...

I guess this might be a shot in the dark, but who knows?

It would be a shot in the dark to ask ultimate players about booze and booze-related products? You should go to C-Fest.

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uh, night market always carries those...if you go to metrotown, there's some place that sells newspapers and cigars and stuff in it (close to super store), i'm pretty sure they sell flask's there...robson as well has a couple of stores that have them there.


You can get nice ones at jewellry stores likes Birks and sometimes there's cool old ones at antique stores.

I was bought one as a gift a few years back and it's damn handy.

/Bourbon, don't leave home without it.


usually places that do engraving sell them.

You might to try Fun Hauser Decor down in Chinatown, across from the cultural center on Pender. You might find some drink recipes that might go well with the flask.

"You might find some drink recipes that might go well with the flask."

Here is my favourite drink recipe for a flask:





1. Add scotch to flask


I don't really know how well a pina colada would work from a flask, but hey everybody's


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A pina colada would destroy the flask, as you can't really clean a flask very well, so all those sugars and preservatives would wreck havoc on it!

I have similar instructions...need to add the words, "extremely smooth single malt" just before "Scotch"

You could always go to MEC and get a Nalgene flask...


I get a 'security exception' with that link. No long URLs, too, please? They really muck up the display of this forum.

Man, if only we had a half-decent forum engine, we wouldn't have to worry about long urls.

Hmmm, there is an AGM coming up, wonder if anybody is going to put in a motion...

Though at the breakneck speed of changes to the website over the past few years, perhaps that's

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"1. Add scotch to flask"

Step two is where the real fun is!

"step two is where the real fun is"

Step 2: lick all the spilt scotch off countertop.

For some reason step #3 never turns out to be "Profit"

flask update...

i went to Fun Hauser Decor as recommended above (weird place btw, very 60s kitsch), but they only had 4oz flasks, but the guy was really nice and redirected me to Camouflage corner of Robson and Granville, they have all kinds of flasks there. i got an 8oz and am ready for the weekend.