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ok, so I find myself without a team for the first time in 23 years in the league. I have tried personals and match maker. for those of you who don't know me, I have been in the league 23 years however, five years ago, I had a hemmoraghic stroke that left me paralyzed on the left side. Through positive spirits and hard work I now walk with a cane. having played Ultimate for so long, I just can't give it up even with my impairments. I don't use my cane on the field. I can handle on points we are hucked to, I play either left or right mid in zone. I have tremendous spirit and just ask to play a few token points. So what gives? Does my situation scare you? I grew to love the sport of Ultimate because of the spirit of the game. I find the last maybe five years a lot of spirit of the game is pushed to the side for the people who choose to be competitive. There is a place for you though and that is touring even though they even have some spirit. Is it the influx of ex soccer and rugby players that have made spirit less important. Any thoughts, rebuttals or offers to have me on your team are welcome.

I can't find "Krista" on the Matchmaker list. Are you sure you listed yourself? Did you remove yourself?

I contacted teams directly that were looking.


Hi Krista,
I don't know if you've contacted Stallions of Champions, but they won the spirit award last year and sound like they'd be well-suited for your needs. I have no idea if they need another female, but maybe you could persuade them. Or, just wear pink and show up to their game... that might be a good option too.

hey Krista, if you find yourself in either San Fran or Turks+Caicos you can play
on either of my teams (we'll make an exception if you aren't even masters age

with great love (and appreciation for all you've done for the league) -strop

p.s. not sure how trash-talking works for soliciting an invite ;-)

i know, I'm starting to get some rage/frustration. luckily, a team has contacted me and I am now on a team. With all my experience I am able to coach/mentor them and still play a few token points. Thankfully, there is still some spirit out there.:)

Krista... you interestingly forgot to mention your streaking abilities?

... saving that for some added bonus? or afraid it'll scare them away?

Obviously some have a problem with public nudity. Last night I was playing with Stallions of Champions and they are pink. I was getting too warm in my pink sweater and I had lent my pink t-shirt to a team mate. So, I thought hey, my skin tone is pink so off the tops went. After a couple points, my captain pulls me aside and said the other team wasn’t comfortable with my nakedness and that I would have to cover up. Oh how things have changed. They wouldn’t even accept a shot of fireball. Oh how I miss the early days of Ultimate. The smell of skunk and tige rbalm in the air.

"Toplessness is also not an indecent act under s.173. In 1991, Gwen
Jacob was arrested for walking in a street in Guelph, Ontario while
topless. She was acquitted in 1996 by the Ontario Court of Appeal on
the basis that the act of being topless is not in itself a sexual act or
indecent. [8] The case has been referred to in subsequent cases for
the proposition that the mere act of public nudity is not sexual or
indecent or an offense.[9] Since then, the court ruling has been tested
and upheld several times."

I feel sad for repressed people who are crippled by ignorance. Most
sports are in essence a celebration of the human body and anyone
who is uncomfortable with breasts being visible needs to check their
head and ask themselves why they are afraid of the sight of two

mO By mO

oh Krista...how I miss you. and the nudity....