Whistler 5 on 5 Registration Closes April 15th!

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So far 18 teams are registered, with room for more! All levels welcome, there will be A, B. and C divisions.....

Going into year two, Whistler 5 on 5 is going to be bigger and better this May Long Weekend (May 17-18th). Here are 5 awesome reasons to play Whistler 5 on 5:

1. 5 on 5 ulty is really fun. It’s fast paced, you sub on the fly, and you touch the disc a lot.

2. It’s cheap and easy.

- $55/person registration fee covers:

  • 7-8 games
  • Your own disc
  • Lunches on Sat and Sun and other delicious field food.

-  $40/night hostel deal covers:

  •  A cozy bed for sleeping
  • Homemade breakfasts on Sat and Sun

3. The beauty of the mountains. Watching the disc fly against the backdrop of the Pacific Coastal Mountains is just awesome.

4. You can do more than play ulty. It’s May Long Weekend. Stay Sunday night and go skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, disc golfing, hiking, ziplining…the list goes on…

5. Beautiful Grass. In fact, the best in Whistler!

Registration closes  April 15th. Here’s what you need to do: