Winter Parity League

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I'm wondering how this is going to work. Who is responsible for recording stats? If it's captains, presumably they aren't able to play, if they're standing around with a clipboard the whole time. Or is it VUL staff/volunteers?

I'm not poo-pooing the idea at all. Just curious how it's going to be set up. Kind of a fun concept.

... would you be able to split-up players who signed up together as a duo?

Players who sign up as duos for this league can NOT be guaranteed to be put on the same team or to stay on the same team for the whole league. You will, however, always be at the same location at the same time, so you can still carpool. 

We are going to be getting volunteers to do the stats during the games and then handing the stats over to the captains at the end of the games. Captains will then be in charge of sending in the stat information to our parity league commissioner, so captains can still play.

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Could be useful to make sure people wear lights and darks with numbers on them.  That way pre-game, you have the captains submit/crosscheck names and numbers and then after that, it'll be easier on the volunteer.


Actually, every player in the league will be getting a reversible jersey when they register with a unique number on it. That way they can switch teams and still have matching jerseys with a different number from everyone else and it will be way easier on the volunteers :)