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Lex By Lex

Just wanted a couple more deets if anyone knows,
after u sign up as a pair, are you put into teams (with your pair) and then stay with
those teams the whole season? or is it a pick up type thing every week?

You stay with the same team for the whole season.

While I'm here, someone else emailed me to request that we reverse our plan for the timeslots. In other words, have Men/Women in the morning, and Coed in the afternoon. Right now, we're offering the reverse (coed in the morning and men/women in the afternoon).

What say you, forum lurkers? Should we keep it as is, or do a flip?

Note that ALL levels are invited try the Men/Women option, regardless of whether it's in the morning or afternoon. It's not just for competitive players. Playing on an all women's teams is a great way to for new women to learn the game, for example.

Why don't we offer both options in each timeslot? Because the past few years we didn't have enough teams to support both. With 6-10 teams in a timeslot, that's not quite enough to have both coed and men/women divisions. If we increase the number of teams this year, we would definitely look to offer both options in the future. So introduce a friend to ultimate - remember we're offering significant discounts for new players in either timeslot.

- Craig

To confirm, we've decided to leave the timeslots as is:
- AM: Coed
- PM: Men/Women

Again, note that all levels are invited to try both options - we expect a range of players in both timeslots, from new to advanced. We plan to offer clinics and mentors for both the morning and afternoon, customized to the level of play of the teams involved.