Help Save Marty Lintag's Life

One of the members of our ultimate community desperately needs our help, and we can all help in some very simple ways

Martin "Marty" Lintag, a longtime member of the team Black Huck Down was diagnosed with two rare forms of Leukemia in the summer of 2018. After undergoing chemotherapy, he now only has about 3-12 months, unless he finds a stem cell donor.  

His best chance of a stem cell match was his younger brother, who tragically passed away at 18 years old. His family is desperate for a compatible stem cell donor for their remaining son. This is proving to be difficult because less than 1% of donors in the database are of Filipino descent. 

The Canadian Blood Services has exhausted their world-wide registry search for a compatible donor. 

We need as many people as possible, especially males of Filipino descent (who are Marty's best chance of matching), to register as stem cell donors to give our friend and community member a fighting chance. 

How you can help

1. Share this post on social media and tag any Filipino friends you have. Please at the very least take a moment to do this.

2. If you are 17-35 years old, register to be a stem cell donor.  It's sooo QUICK and EASY. A very small amount of your time could save someone's life. With a simple cheek swab, you can find out if you match Marty or someone else in the registry. Donating stem cells usually happens the same way you donate blood.

3. Organize a stem cell drive in your community. Contact the Canadian Blood Services to get set up. (For Canadians) 

4. Contribute to Marty's Go Fund Me as he seeks alternative therapy. - 

This is a time for us to show the strength of our local and international ultimate community. Please support in which ever ways you can. 

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