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Community Events

The VUL delivers a number of social events for our members to enjoy, some involve the use of a disc, and most are free! This includes social events, charity events and league kick-off or wind-up events

Getting Involved

We’ve got a fun way to get more involved in the VUL!    We’re always seeking to add fun and friendly Event Hosts for small VUL event crew.

How to Get Involved

Contact us if you are interested in joining our Event Host team.  Include a brief paragraph of why you would make a great host.

A great way to meet people and become part of the VUL community is to volunteer – it’s fun and comes with perks too!

See our Volunteers page for more info, or email volunteer@vul.ca to get started now.

Host Responsibilities:

  • Host a meetup every 1-3 months
  • Help plan events/meetups 
  • Provide VUL with information to promote the event
  • Take a few photos at the event and send to VUL
  • Follow up with VUL about how the event went
  • If needed. Request a small budget for events and submit expense reports. The VUL will cover any event costs!

Host Benefits:

  • Exclusive Host gatherings (every 3-4 months we'll get together and do something fun in our planning)
  • VUL host jersey 
  • Being an awesome leader in our community