Touring Teams

The Touring Option

In addition to playing in our recreational leagues, some players also join Touring (Club) Teams.

The primary goal of these teams is to compete in elite ultimate tournaments at the Provincial, National and International level. Vancouver teams have a long history of success at these events, winning numerous medals at Canadian and World Championships, and the VUL is proud to support our local elite athletes.

The VUL supports Adult and Youth Touring teams through two separate programs.


Adult teams can register with the VUL Touring Team program. Teams organize and manage themselves independently from the VUL, and then register to receive support from the VUL as they prepare for competitions.

Read more about the Adult Touring program.


Players under 19 can participate in the VUL "Misfit" Club Team or "Vortex" Club Team programs. Players register as individuals, and the VUL organizes and manages a number of teams based on the player's skill level and their desire for competition and travel.

Read more about the Misfit and Vortex Club Programs.