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Before You Register

Consent and Conduct Agreements

All participants must create a MyVUL account and agree to the Player Consent Agreements before playing any game. Those Agreements include a declaration that you have provided Parental Consent since you are under 19.

Parental consent can be provided in two ways:

  • When a youth participant creates an account, they are asked for their parent's email address. We then send a request to the parent to provide parental consent online. 

These consent forms are sent out automatically through your MyVUL account when you are added to a roster or sign up individually for a program.

Program Types

Players and Parents must have a basic understanding of what type of program they are registering for.  Please check out our program and club page for a complete description of our programs.

Program Regulations

Players and Parents must also be aware of the VUL Regulations that are in place for all of our competition-based programs.  These regulations are in place to create a safe and positive experience for everyone involved with our programs.

League Rules

Please check out our Rules Page for a complete listing of the general rules of Ultimate and the exceptions for specific programs.  There are also resources to help you understand and apply the rules more effectively.