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Find a Team

Find a Team

You can't play Ultimate alone, so you'll need a team. The good news is there are always teams looking for players!

New to Ultimate? See our Getting Started Guide before looking for a team. 

Here are some ways to find a team.

Find A Team

Join an existing team

To find a team, we recommend you try the following:

  • Friends: email those you know who play ultimate. Ask them to ask their friends, too!
  • Matchmaker: add your name to Matchmaker and see what teams need players, too.
  • VUL Events: meet other players at one of our events. Check the Community Events page for upcoming activities. Or, become a volunteer for the VUL. It's a great way to meet people!

Here are some things to think about for finding a good match:

  • What days can you play? See the League descriptions for when games occur.
  • Are you looking to practice and improve, or just come out to play? 
  • Would you rather be a handler, or a cutter?
  • Are you particularly athletic, fast, silly, serious, fun or good-spirited? Are you a beer drinker or cookie baker? 
Join a Team

Be placed on a team

Hat Leagues

Register for one of our hat leagues in the Fall or Winter. This usually guarantees you a spot on a team where you’ll meet other players who may have a Summer League team you could join or other players you can start a team with!

Placement Registration

Register to be placed on a team of individuals for one of our Standard leagues in Summer, Fall or Winter. We’ll do our best to get you on a team, but we cannot guarantee a spot, so we recommend you try to join an existing team first.

Start a Team

Start a team

Why not create your own? It can be a bit of work at the start, but very rewarding in the long run! To find players:

  • Friends: start by asking friends. Ask them to ask their friends. too!
  • Matchmaker: add your team info to Matchmaker, and check for players that need teams, too.
  • VUL events: recruit people by attending VUL events. See the Community Events page for upcoming activities. Or become a volunteer for the VUL. It's a great way to meet people!