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The VUL has a broad membership of about 4500 adult players and about 1600 youth players.

Not sure about about joining?  We invite you to create a Guest Account on our site to help you find a team or program so that you may register and become a member.

Sample membership card

Guest Account Benefits

  • Ability to add your name to Matchmaker to find a team
  • Ability to contact other VUL members through our site

Member Benefits

  • Access to our sport accident insurance
  • Eligible to serve as a director on the VUL Board of Directors or a member of a VUL Committee
  • Eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting
  • Eligible for grants and bursaries pending approval of your application
  • Automatically a member of BC Ultimate and Ultimate Canada
  • Entitled to benefits through our VUL Partners as listed below

Why does the Membership Fee appear on every invoice?
Our registration system is structured to align with our programming. As such, members will pay a reduced membership fee for each program to register for to offset the cost of their BC Ultimate and Ultimate Canada memberships, insurance fees, and VUL operating costs.