Share your most creative DISC-ercise!

It's time to get creative...

Besides throwing a disc during a game, or tossing with friends in a field, what other ways can you Show us how you DISCerciseuse a disc to stay active and keep fit? What can you do with a disc on your own or with household members indoors or in your yard?

Perhaps you can:

  • Balance a stack of discs on your back while planking
  • Use a disc behind your back to help stretch your arms
  • Use a disc with your crunches
  • Balance a disc or two on your head while you do lunges

Show us how you DISC-ercise!

  1. Take a picture or video of you using your disc in your workout routine.
  2. Post it to Instagram in your feed or story.
  3. Tag @Vancouver_Ultimate and use #DISCercise.
  4. OR, you can send it to and we just might share it for you!

We'll be sharing some of the photos and videos on our social channels. Check out how other ultimate players are DISC-ercising - as well as our usual Tuesday Tips and more - on Instagram and Facebook.