Transgender Support is Now Live

Several months ago, we announced that we were finalizing new policies and practices to be more inclusive of transgender and gender non-binary players.

We’re excited to announce those changes are now complete!

Website and Program Updates

The website has been updated, and Member Profiles and League Registration fully support the plans we previously announced. These include:

  • Update language on the website
  • New options for “Gender” in user profiles
  • New “Gender Matching” field in profiles
  • Team rosters, Attendance stats, Matchmaker, and Duo/Trio registration options now use “Gender Matching” instead of Gender
  • Women-only or Open programs are open to trans and non-binary players
  • Annual Awards are no longer gendered, but offered to two people of different genders.

For full details on these changes, please see the Transgender Inclusivity page.

Thank You

The VUL would like to extend a big thanks to QMUNITY, BC’s Queer and Trans Resource Centre, for the guidance and training they provided to help us make these transitions.

If you have any questions, please contact our Executive Director, Craig Woods, via