Your 2024 VUL Board of Directors

Original article of Dec. 21st REVISED on Jan. 12th, 2024

The 2023 VUL Annual General Meeting was held on December 18th. Members elected three new Directors to the Board.

Noah Berson, Joshua Tan, and Maria “MM” Tuazon were elected for a two-year term. They join Ari Metzger, John Zhou, and Kelly Wunderlich, who have one year remaining in their term, and Anamaria Morris, who the Board appointed to fill a vacancy when Khrystianne Peralta left the Board early this year. Metzger will serve as President for 2023, Wunderlich as Vice President and Morris as Treasurer.

The VUL thanks outgoing Directors, David Midgley, Lisa Riddle and Ken Su who completed their term of office this December.

The Board of Directors appointed Derek Knoechel to the Board for a one-year term at their January 11th meeting. Under Bylaw 4.19,  Directors can appoint up to a maximum of two (2) additional Directors to the Board to bring in specific additional skill sets or experiences that the Board considers to be immediately critical. Derek is a lawyer practicing primarily in the areas of labour, employment and human rights. He also has experience in advising organizations on human resources, governance and disciplinary matters, and developing and implementing codes of conduct.

You can find the Directors' bios here.

New Bylaws
Members also approved several edits to the Bylaws, including changing the VUL's society status from Member-Funded to Ordinary Society. The current member-funded status prohibits the VUL from applying for some grants, such as BC Gaming Grants.