5 on 5 Rules

Additional 5-on-5 Rule Variations - 

These rules are in addition to, or supersede rules from other rule sets.

  1. The field is 25 yards wide and 70-72 yards long, with 10-12 yard end-zones. There is no brick. See Turf Field Layout - use other fields lines if feasible, without altering dimensions too much.
  2. Teams must have a minimum of 10 players on their roster, and a minimum of 4 players on the field of play at all times (2 of each gender-match)
  3. Stall counts are to 8. Normal Delay of Game rules apply (count-downs from 16 and 8).
  4. There is no pull after a point. When a team scores, the receiving player acknowledges the goal and immediately places the disc on the ground. The other team has 8 seconds to take possession and put the disc into play at that spot (they cannot walk the disc to the goal line).
  5. Players substitute on the fly. The designated sub zone is at the midline of the field, 10m in length, marked by cones. Every player entering the field must "high five" the outgoing player on the sideline before entering the field.
  6. At the beginning of a game, both teams line up at the back of the end zone for the initial pull.
  7. When a team gains possession in their endzone, if the disc left the field of play, it the disc can be put into play on the perimeter line where it crossed, or brought to the front of the endzone at the point closest to where it crossed the perimeter line. But if the disc did not leave the field of play and came to rest in the endzone, it is put into play where it came to rest.
  8. Game format:
    1. Games are to 21 points with a point cap at 21.
    2. Teams are expected to to be ready within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time. Default occurs if a team is not ready to play 30 minutes after the start time.
    3. Each team has 1 timeout per game. Half-time occurs when the first team reaches 11. There is no break, but teams switch ends and re-pull.
    4. Hard-cap goes on 5 minutes before the scheduled end time. Teams must be completely off artificial turf fields by the end time.

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