Beginner's Rules Quiz

1. Pick

Team A is on offense and team B on defense. Samantha on team A is running for the disc and other players interfere with Teresa's (from team B) ability to play defense on Samantha. Teresa calls a pick. Teresa has made a correct call, so which of the following statements must be true? (Hint: two of the following are true)

a. The player that prevented Teresa from staying with Samatha was from team A
b. The player that prevented Teresa from staying with Samatha was from team B
c. The player that got in Teresa's way could be from either team.
d. Teresa was within 30 feet (10 metres) from Samantha when she was impeded
e. Teresa was within 10 feet (3 metres) from Samantha when she was impeded

2. Travel

Sam and Dave are playing on opposite teams. Sam is on offense and Dave is on defense. Sam catches the disc and then throws it to a teammate. Dave calls a travel. Dave made a fair call. What might be true for this situation?
(Hint: Some of these answers are tricky. Again, two answers are correct.)

a. Sam took 4 steps to come to a stop and is only allowed 3.
b. Sam did not slow down in a straight line.
c. Sam did not establish a pivot, he threw the disc while in the air after two steps without changing his speed or direction. A pivot has to be established before the throw and therefore it's a travel.
d. After he came to a stop, he moved his pivot foot.

3. In/out

Romeo and Juliet are playing against Anthony and Cleopatra. Romeo has the disc and is being marked by Anthony and Juliet is trying to get open for Romeo while being defended by Cleopatra. Romeo throws the disc to Juliet - who is close to the sideline. She catches the disc and Anthony in unsure if she is out or not. Just to be sure, he yells "check feet" to Cleopatra (he wants Cleopatra to check Juliet's feet to make sure they were in). In the mean time, Juliet throws to her teammate Ophelia for the goal. Anthony thinks the goal should not count. Which of the following is true?
(Hint: Only one is correct this time)

a. The goal should count because check feet is not a call. Anthony should have called her out if he thought she was out.
b. The goal should count because Juliet thought she was in and as the receiver her opinion on in/out is the final ruling
c. The goal shouldn't stand because the offense played through a call by their opponent.

4. Fouls (receiving)

Napoleon is playing for the French national team against the British; he's being marked by Wellington. Napoleon is on offense and makes a cut towards the endzone. His wife and teammate Marie Louise has the disc and puts a throw out to Napoleon. Wellington is right behind Napoleon (both are going as fast as they can) as he is cutting for the disc and he accidentally trips Napoleon thereby preventing him from being able to catch the disc on a perfect throw. Napoleon calls a foul. Was he right in doing so? Why/why not?
(Hint: Only one is correct)

a. It is not a foul because the contact was accidental.
b. It is not a foul because Napoleon could have dropped the disc.
c. It is a foul because Wellington caused the contact and Napoleon was denied the opportunity to catch the disc as a result of the contact.

5. Marking violations

The president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, is unfortunately playing a not-so-spirited game of ultimate. He is on offense with the disc and Vladimir Putin is marking him. Petro feels that Vladimir is set up too close to him so he calls, "disc space". Vladimir disagrees and contests saying that his body was a disc space away and that's the only part of the body that matters. Which of the following statements are true about the "disc space" call?
(Hint: Only one answer is correct)

a. Disc space only refers to the relative distance between the chest of the thrower and the marker so Vladimir is correct in contesting the call. Arms and legs can be closer than a disc space.
b. Disc space means as long as all parts of the marker's body are a disc space away then the marker is legally set up according to the rules.
c. Disc space means that a line connecting any two points of the marker's body has to be a disc space away from any part of the thrower, so Vladimir is likely invading Petro's space.
d. The situation is much improved by having Petro's teammates on the sidelines start insulting and threatening Vladimir.

6. Spirit of the Game (SOTG)

Ultimate Canada has organized a showcase ultimate game on Parliament Hill with Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair, Justin Trudeau, and Elizabeth May all playing. The game is going fine until a contentious decision brings things to a halt. Stephen Harper says that Justin Trudeau is just like his father and makes terrible calls. Thomas Muclair pulls out the rules book and tells off Stephen Harper for not playing by the rules. Elizabeth May flares up about how she is ignored by the other players who won't listen to her point of view, and Justin Trudeau ignores the discussions and goes to talk to the fans about how the game should be better run. Based on SOTG, how should these situations be addressed?
(Hint: Two answers are correct)

a. The game can get emotionally charged so sometimes insulting each other and yelling can be okay.
b. Discussions can get in the way so it's best to ignore your opponents opinions and not discuss them.
c. Each of the players should get their chance to speak and the others should listen when not speaking.
d. Everybody should take a deep breath and relax. Ultimate is a game and should be played for fun, unlike politics which is a deathmatch.



1. C and E are correct. A pick occurs whenever an offensive player moves in a manner that causes a defensive player guarding (within 3 metres of the offensive player and reacting to that player) an offensive player to be obstructed by another player. Obstruction may result from contact with, or the need to avoid, the obstructing player.

2. B and D. A isn't necessarily true because you are required to stop as quickly as possible, number of steps is not specified. C isn't correct because you are allowed to throw the disc within three ground contacts without having established a pivot.

3. A is correct. B has the right result but the reasoning is wrong, the player on the field with best perspective provides the most valuable insight. C isn't correct because "check feet" is not a call so play should not stop.

4. C is correct. Accidental contact doesn't make the situation not a foul. Note: Incidental contact is contact that does not affect the play and therefore incidental contact is not considered a foul. However, ultimate is a non-contact sport so contact should be avoided at all times.

5. C is correct. The disc space refers to any point on a line connecting any two parts of the marker's body has to be at least a disc space away from the thrower. While the situation in D feels right at the time, it makes the game worse.

6. C and D are correct. Yelling and abusing your opponents is never Okay and refusing to listen and discuss the situation often gives rise to more problems. Discussions should be short, courteous, and well-mannered for the best outcomes.

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