Executive Director Job Description

Job Title: Executive Director 

Vancouver Ultimate League Society (VUL/VULS) 

Reports to: Board of Directors 

Work Type: Permanent Full-time (37.5 hours per week) 

Compensation: $75,000 to $90,000 

About the VUL: At the VUL, Ultimate is our way of bringing joy into people’s lives. With 6,000+ members, we are one of the largest Ultimate leagues in the world. We are a non-profit society that organizes and promotes spirited Ultimate for participants of all ages, genders and abilities. Most programs run in Vancouver, but we operate across Metro Vancouver.


Duties and Responsibilities 

The Executive Director is responsible for the overall leadership and management of the organization according to the strategic direction set by the Board of Directors 

Leadership (30%) 

● Serve as the primary representative of the VUL to members, the public, and external organizations. 

● Identify, secure, build, and maintain key relationships with external parties critical for the sustainable operations and future growth of the VUL 

○ This includes but is not limited to community organizations such as the Parks Board, Field Sports Federation, relevant Municipal and Provincial government departments/groups, other regional Ultimate leagues, Ultimate Canada, other recreational sports organizations, and both current and potential sponsors 

● Build and nurture a team that is fundamentally driven by encouragement and empowerment of team members to take ownership of their areas of responsibility in order to ensure the achievement of common goals. 

Strategy & Operations (30%) 

● Work collaboratively with the Board in developing the long-term strategy & vision for the VUL and lead the appropriate execution of the strategy 

● Ensure that the programs and services offered by the VUL contribute to the organization's mission and reflect the priorities of the organization 

● Evaluate programs and services to ensure strong member satisfaction and to grow membership 

● Inform the board as appropriate of staff activities, program and relationship updates, and areas where the staff needs guidance or support from the board 

● Plan details and prepare appropriate documentation for board meetings in coordination with the board chair 

● Supply the board with the tools and information necessary to plan, execute, and track

progress toward strategic objectives 


General Management (40%) 

Finance & Administration 

● Collaborate with Board and staff to develop an annual budget in line with BC Society Act regulations for non-profit organizations 

● Ensure accounting and reporting systems are functioning effectively and complying with all federal and provincial regulations applicable to a not-for-profit society as well as ongoing internal financial management reporting requirements 

● Research funding sources, oversee the development of supplemental fundraising plans, and lead efforts on funding proposals to increase the funds of the organization 

● Ensure the VUL’s financial records and files are maintained accurately and completely, so as to support the long-term smooth operation of the organization 

Human Resources 

● Develop an engaging and inclusive culture that attracts talent and maximizes organizational effectiveness, efficient operations, and employee satisfaction 

● Recruit, interview, and hire committed, motivated senior staff that have the requisite skills and experience to lead their areas and further the organization's mission 

● Ensure systems in place for comprehensive employee performance management and development and complete employee performance evaluations 

● Responsible for senior staff development, senior staff performance management, human resource administration, and conflict resolution where needed 

Information Technology 

 ●  Ensure that the VUL’s IT systems and website are effectively serving the ongoing and evolving needs of the organization’s operations 

Marketing / Community  

 ●  Ensure Marketing and Community Management functions are effectively engaging with the membership and broader community as well as providing the required support to the other parts of the VUL 


Qualifications and Experience 

● At least 5-10 years of relevant work experience 

● Track record of leading and managing high-performing teams 

● Track record of being a problem solver 

● Experience with fundraising, community relations, and public speaking 

● Excellent written communications skills to function with teams in a digital environment 

● Familiarity with non-profit societies, service-based industries, and/or recreational sports 

Bonus: previous experience with playing and/or organizing in relation to ultimate or other disc sports

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