Fall Open League

2020 Update: See our Fall Options article for this year's plans. We'll update this page ASAP! 

Are you interested in playing open ultimate? Here's your chance! This is a great league for intermediate or advanced players looking for fun competition and to get plenty of touches on the disc. 

You'll register as a Single or Double and the VUL will place you on a team. Games are played speed-point turf rules style. 

This league is open to men, those who gender-match against men, and those who skill-match against men.

2020 Updates

Due to COVID-19, our fall turf league will be played as 4-on-4 this year. This league will continue to use regular 5-on-5 rules (eg. sub on the fly, etc) with the following exceptions:

  • Field Size is slightly smaller to give space on the sidelines for teams to be spaced - 20 yards x 60 yards with 10 yard endzones
  • MAXIMUM roster size of 14 (including subs!)
  • Games played to 21
  • Co-horts/Divisions of 4 teams playing each other with a one week bye to re-seed teams and change cohorts

Playing Info

  • Format: Modified Hat League with 5-on-5 Rules - but played as 4-on-4 to reduce contact numbers for COVID.
  • Duration: 10-11 weeks - see dates below. Depending on the need for reseeding.
  • Timeslot: Sundays from 7-9 pm.
  • Location: Andy Livingstone
  • Age: 19+, or 17+ with parental consent
  • Inclusivity: All players are welcome, including LGBTQ2+ and transgender.

Note this is an adult league. If you are a high school student, see the Fall Junior Turf league.

Important Dates for 2019

September 9 Registration Opens
September 17 All Registration Closes
September 27 Games start
October 11 No games this week for re-seeding divisions
December 6 Games finish

2020 Fees

Single $95.00
Double (2 people) $170.00

How to register

Read the registration guidelines for Hat leagues, and then register online once registration opens.



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