Field Closures


League games may be cancelled when fields are unplayable due to bad weather.

1. Closures: Fields may be closed by the Vancouver Parks Board as shown on their Field Status page. For weekends, they make their decisions on Friday by 1:00pm and we inform our members by 3:00pm. They rarely update that page for weekdays.

2. Discretion: If the forecast is uncertain, the Parks Board may leave fields open with a 'user discretion' warning, meaning the VUL can make the decision. If we expect fields to be unplayable, we will cancel games by the following times:

  • 3:00pm on Friday for Saturday games
  • 6:00pm on Saturday for Sunday games
  • 2:00pm for weekday games (same day)

3. Game Day (weekends): If fields were expected to be playable but the weather worsens overnight, we try to check fields in the morning on weekends and post an update 1 hour before game time (see Communication below).

4. Protect Fields: In all cases, captains are expected to use good judgment at the fields and cancel games if appropriate, depending on field type. We will hold teams responsible if fields are damaged. 

a) Grass fields are not playable and must not be used when:

  • the field is saturated (i.e. visible puddles, water squishes around your feet when you walk, large muddy areas)
  • it's raining heavily and the field becomes saturated during play
  • frost or frozen playing surface.

b) Artificial Turf fields are not closed by the Park Board for rain or snow. They recommend that play not occur if there is snow accumulation, but playing on snow does not damage the field, and the snow can melt quickly at some sites, so they rely on user discretion. View the AT Field Terms & Conditions for more info. We follow the same procedures with AT fields as grass fields, and will cancel games if fields are unplayable.


We post updates about games and fields to our Twitter account. Those updates appear under "Game Status" on the home page, and you can receive them via SMS (see below). If you do not see any update, that means games are ON as scheduled (but you may still need to cancel if your field is unplayable). If we cancel games, we will send all captains an email.

NOTE: One team cannot unilaterally cancel a game due to the weather. If the fields are open, it is expected that both teams will show up to play. If one team does not show, they are in default. However, if both captains communicate in advance, they can jointly agree to cancel or postpone a game.

Receiving Notices via SMS

We setup the account so members could receive Game Status notices via SMS without getting all our regular tweets from  via SMS, as well.

To receive Game Status updates via SMS:

  • If you have a Twitter account:
  • If you don't have a Twitter account:
    • Just text "follow vulgames" to 21212.

To stop receiving updates via SMS, send "leave vulgames" to 21212.

For more information, see Twitter's Support page and list of SMS commands.