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7-on-7 format

This is traditional ultimate played on a field 100 m long and 37 m wide with 7 players a side. Read the Rules of Ultimate for more info.

5-on-5 format

A popular variation on traditional ultimate played on a field 64 m long and 23 m wide with 5 players a side. The game is fast-paced and allows for substitutions on the fly. For more details, read the VUL Rules.

Standard League

Our most common league type. Almost all registration is done on a team-basis, where most players register as a Team with their friends.

If you don't have a team, you can still register as an Individual (or with 1-2 friends), and we will do our best to place you on a team with other individuals. Many of the teams we've formed over ther years have continued to play together. However, we cannot guarantee a spot with this approach, as it depends on the number of people who register and the available space in the league, so we recommend you try to find a team first, if possible.

Hat League

Our "mixer" leagues. All players register as an individual or with 1-2 friends, and the VUL forms all of the teams. The traditional way of doing this is drawing names from hats, but we take a more systematic approach and form balanced teams to help ensure even games. These leagues are a great way to meet new people.

Turf fields

We use "turf" to mean synthetic turf fields. All of the turf fields we use are "field turf" (not astroturf), and cleats or running shoes are fine. Play on synthetic turf fields will go ahead rain or shine, but will be cancelled if there's snow or ice. All turf fields also have lights, which means we can play into the evening in the fall & winter months.


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