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Common Questions

New Accounts

League Registration 

Team Rosters

Game Schedules


How do I reset or change my password?

If you are signed out:

  1. Go to (accessed from the Sign In page)
  2. Enter your email address. You will receive an email with a link.
  3. Click the link -- that will sign you in, and take you to your Profile page.
  4. Enter a new password on your Profile page, and click Save.

If you are signed in:

  1. Go to your profile page (click "Account Settings" on the home page)
  2. Enter a new password. You will need to enter your old password for security reasons. If you do not remember your old password, sign out and then follow the "signed out" steps above.

If you get an error message saying your email address is "not valid or not registered", that means you did not activate your account. See My account is blocked.

My account is blocked

When you first create your account, your account starts out as blocked. The website sends you an activation email, and you need to click the link in that email to activate your account. If you didn't receive that message, check your spam folder. The subject will be "Account details for [your email address]".  

To request a new activation email, from the Sign In page, select "Activate Account" 

If you continue to have problems, email for assistance.

I'm not getting emails from the website

First check your spam folder. Then ensure that VUL messages are considered safe by adding "" and "" to the list of Safe Senders in your email settings.

If you use Hotmail or

  • Sign in to your account at
  • Click the gear icon at the top, and select Options
  • Click "Safe and blocked senders"
  • Click "Safe senders"
  • In the "Sender or domain to mark as safe" box:
    • enter "" and click "Add To List"
    • enter "" and click "Add To List"

Where is the Consent form?

The Consent Agreements part of now your profile. It is no longer a separate form.

  • When you create a new account, you are asked for the type of account you need.
    • If you select Adult or Youth Player, you'll be prompted to agree to the Spirit Agreement and Statement of Consent at that time.
    • If you select Guest or Parent, you do not have to Consent to play. If you later register play in a league, you'll be prompted to consent then.
  • We require members to Consent on an annual basis. When you register for a league or join a team's roster, if you haven't agreed to the Statement of Consent yet for that year, you'll be prompted to do so at that time.

What credit cards do you support?

We support Visa and MasterCard.

How do I become Captain so I can register a team?

If you are a new Captain of an existing team, the previous Captain needs to make you Owner of the team before you can register that team for a league.

Ask the previous Captain to:

  • Visit your team's page (it should appear on their MyVUL page)
  • Click "Edit" in the top right
  • Change the Team Owner to you.

Then you'll be able to register the team for a new league.

How do I manage my team's roster?

Captains can edit their team's roster on their team page.

  • Sign-In if you are not already
  • Go to your Edit Roster page. There are two ways:
    • From MyVUL, click "Edit Roster" for your team.
    • Or from your team page, select "Edit" above your team's roster (in the sidebar).
  • Scroll down to the Invite Players section. You can invite players in two ways:
    • Enter their email addresses in the edit box (separated by commas)
    • Or click "Show past team members" to select from a list of past players
  • If you wish to add a personal note to the invite email, click "Customize the invite message" and add your note.
  • Then click Send Invites when done. 

On the Edit Roster page, you can also assign Assistant Captains and a Rules Guru, and track which players have paid you their share of Team fees.

My captain sent me an invite to join the team, but I didn't receive it.

Some things you can try:

  • Check the spam folder in your email account. Search for messages from "vul". If you find it, mark it as "not spam" so future messages don't go to your spam folder.
  • Ensure you can receive our messages, and then ask your captain to resend the invite.
  • Sign-in and visit your MyVUL page. Under Messages, you'll see a link to accept the invite. We'd recommend you still ensure you can receive our messages, so you can get other notices in the future. 

Also note the captain can send the invite to any email address you have. It doesn't matter what address the invite is sent to - just ensure you sign-in with your VUL account to accept the invite.

How do I find my next game?

There are three ways:

  • MyVUL
    • If you are on your team's roster, just sign-in and click "MyVUL" (at the top) to view the schedule for all of your teams.
    • From that page you can also view other information about your teams.
  • Team schedule
    1. Select your league under the Games menu
    2. Find and click on your team's name
    3. Click View Schedule in the sidebar
  • League schedule:
    1. Select your league under the Games menu
    2. Click Schedule in the sidebar
    3. Find the day of your next game (Tip: use the filters at the top of the page)

How do I turn attendance reminder emails on or off?

Attendance reminder emails are sent a few days before game day. The email shows your current attendance status for games that day (Yes, No, Maybe), and allows you to change your status with one click.

  • Captains can activate or deactivate Attendance Reminders for their team by editing their team's settings.
    • To edit your team's settings, from your team page click "Edit" on the top right, just below the search box.
  • Players can choose to receive attendance reminders or not for all of their teams by editing their profile. 
    • To edit your profile, Sign-In if you are not already, and then in the green menu at the very top, hover over your name and select "Edit Profile".

How do I get Game Status updates by SMS?

We post Game Status updates to the twitter account. To receive updates via SMS:

  • If you have a Twitter account:
  • If you don't have a Twitter account:
    • Just text "follow vulgames" to 21212.

To stop receiving updates via SMS, send "leave vulgames" to 21212. For more information, see Twitter's Support page and list of SMS commands.