Here are some drills that can be done with one or two friends that will quickly improve your play.

Throwing in Pairs

Exactly like it sounds! Practice throwing to a friend.

  • Have a specific focus. Decide which throws you are practicing and focus on them. Some teams encourage their players to throw a set number of each throw in their repetoire before every practice. Try 30 backhand and 30 forehand throws and then introduce other throws like hammers and inside-out or outside-in variations. 
  • Stretch it out. Increase distance between the thrower and the receiver as you get better.
  • Throw to a cutter. Have the receiver make a cut to practice throwing (and receiving) to a person on the run.
  • Pivot and fake. Have the thrower practice pivoting and faking before making a throw.

Pig in the Middle

Great practice for throwing with a mark, marking a thrower, and improving fitness.

  • Two throwers stand about 10 metres apart.
  • The pig in the middle puts an active mark on the thrower.
  • The thrower must use whatever means necessary (fakes, pivots and lunges) in order to complete the throw.
  • As soon as they throw, the thrower sprints after the disc and becomes the pig, putting a mark on the person they just threw to.
  • The old pig becomes the new receiver and awaits the throw.

Three Person Drill

  • You need a thrower, cutter, and marker.
  • The thrower and cutter are 7 to 8 metres apart.
  • The marker starts his stall count at 6 (i.e. “Stalling 6, 7, 8, 9, 10”).
  • The handler tries to complete a pass to the moving lane cutter.
  • If the throw is incomplete, keep trying until you make a completion.
  • After a completion is made, rotate positions.

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