Spring Equinox

Information on the 2024 Sprint Equinox Tournament will be available in late January 2024.

Summer is nearing!

Get into tourney shape with Spring 5-on-5 Equinox 

The purpose of the event is fun and spirited Ulty to determine:

  • Who's the most spirited 5 on 5 team?
  • Who's the top competitive 5 on 5 team?
  • And who's the top rec 5 on 5 team?

In all of Vancouver? ... B.C.? We'll see who shows up.

Playing Info for 2023

  • Date: Saturday/Sunday March 11/12th, 2023
  • Format: 5 vs 5 Standard Format
  • Duration: Two Day Tournament 
  • Schedule:
    • Games start at 10:00 a.m. 
    • Games finished at 5:00 p.m.
    • Teams will get a minimum of three games over the day
  • Location: Winona Park 
  • Age: 19+, or 17+ with parental consent.
  • Inclusivity: All players are welcome.

2023 Dates

February 13Registration opens 
March 7Registration closes
March 11Games start at 10:00 a.m.

2023 Fees

Team Fee - $275.00

Fees have been reduced this year as we are playing on grass instead of turf

How to register

Read what to do before you register.

Field Food

Please see the VUL changes to Field Foods & Beverage Policies for ultimate events and tournaments.   We are looking to secure a food truck to attend at least one of the days, so stay tuned for more information.


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