Volunteer Awards

We require dozens of volunteers throughout the year to deliver events and services to you, our members! These tasks can range from tournament set-up, to burger-flipping, to being a committee member. Each year we present awards to two top volunteers!

If you know someone we should recognize, please nominate them! Send a description of why they are a good candidate to contact@vul.ca.

Past Recipients

2020 – VUL Board of Directors
2019 – Alex Van and Kelly Wunderlich
2018 – Doris Chang and Kelly Wunderlich
2017 – Kathleen Abuan and Kurtis Stewart
2016 –  Alex Chu and Olivier Lessard-Fontaine
2015 – Diana Hunter and Cody Hubbard
2014 – Laura Barreca and Myles Lu
2013 – Diana Hunter and Rob Adams
2012 – Krista Willoughby and Richard ‘Krafty’ Bergen
2011 – Krista Willoughby and Kyle Erickson
2010 – Krista Willoughby and Richard Wong
2009 – Krista Willoughby and Laurence Duong

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