Youth Summer Camp - Meet your coordinators!

Youth Summer Camp 2021 - Meet your coordinators

Our summer youth camps are a great way to get kids involved with ultimate! The focus is on having fun, connecting with the community and social experiences. 

We offer multiple week long programs for beginner to intermediate players throughout the summer. Our experienced coaches teach by using a variety of fun games, activities and drills. 

Summer is quickly approaching, more program and registration information can be found on our Summer Day Camps page. 

Adult Summer League Options 2020

Vancouver Summer League Our most popular season is coming soon! Join 4500+ people playing the sport we all love, enjoying late evening sunshine with both old and new friends.

You have a few options for summer 2020: our main summer league, two regional leagues, and our beginner camp!

1. Vancouver Summer League

As with last year, you have two formats to choose from:

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