VUL Partner Spotlight: Wil Seto

At the VUL, we feel lucky we get to connect with the skilled and creative people behind our community partners. We want you to get to know them, too! This is the start of a monthly Partner Spotlight series.

Meet Wil Seto of InSync Physio

Name and job title:

Wil Seto, Sport and Orthopaedic Physiotherapist & owner of InSync Physio

What is your main team or main past teams?

  • McMaster University Ultimate team
  • Lo Tide (VUL)

Tell us what drew you to ultimate - how did you start playing?

I first started playing as a Physio student in 1999 back in Hamilton, Ontario. I loved all aspects of the game! I trained and played with the McMaster University Ultimate Team. I then started working as a Physiotherapist when I moved to Vancouver in 2001 and played in the VUL for a few years. I worked as a Sport Physiotherapist for Team Australia from 2008 to 2016 at several World Ultimate Championships and World Games. I simply love all aspects of the game and working the rehab side of things was just a really cool thing for me that it just didn't seem like work and made it so enjoyable for me to be working with the players at this level of competition.

Do you have a favourite ultimate memory you want to share?

Working as the Sport Physiotherapist for Team Australia at World Games 2013 in Columbia. It was amazing to work with such a great group of human beings and watching them give it their all throughout the tourney and in the finals against team USA.

What's your favourite throw and why?

The Hammer! Fast and precise but not as reckless as the blade.

What is your favourite stretch all players should know?

Hip flexor stretch (rectus femoris).

What have been your favourite books to read or activities to do during this time of social distancing?

John C Maxwell - The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

An old dog can learn new tricks and then some!

Photo at top right: Wil assists a player at the 2014 World Ultimate Club Championships in Lecco, Italy, 2014.