Fall Grass League

2020 Update: See our Fall Options article for this year's plans.

Do you love feeling of running on grass and lot of open space? Fall grass league is for you!

Play 8 weeks of Fall-timate on good grass fields at central locations in the city. This league is timed to take advantage of the remaining good weather in September and October before the November rain arrives. 

Talk to your previous Summer, Fall, of Winter teams about coming together to play, or create a new team just for Fall. If you're looking for a team, read how to find a team to join!

New for 2020!

Due to COVID-19, our fall grass league will be played as 5-on-5 this year. This league will continue to use regular 7-on-7 rules (eg. pulls between points, etc) with the following exceptions:

  • Gender matching ratio of 3M/2W or 2M/3W - endzone chooses per our Gender Balance Rule
  • MAXIMUM roster size of 14 (including subs!)
  • Games played to 21
  • Playing field size is 30 x 80 yards (back of endzones) with 15 yard endzones
  • Cohorts/Divisions of 4 teams playing each other

Playing Info

  • Format: Standard league with 7-on-7 rules - but played as 5-on-5 due to to reduce contact numbers for COVID.
    • single headers (new from 2019)
  • Duration: 8 weeks from Sept 19 to Nov 8.
    • May be extended 1 week if there are any weather cancellations
  • Timeslots: Choose from 3 options: Saturday AM, Sunday AM or Sunday PM
    • AM games are 10am-12pm. PM games are 1pm-3pm
    • You play in the same timeslot all season.
  • Fields: Fields are all around Vancouver, including: Rupert, Kingcrest, Memorial, Winona, Oak Meadows, and Trafalgar
  • Age: 19+, or 17+ with parental consent
  • Inclusivity: All players are welcome, including LGBTQ2+ and transgender.

Important Dates for 2020

September 4 Registration Opens for all teams
September 7 Registration Opens for Individuals (singles and duos)
September 16 All Registration Closes - EXTENDED!
September 16 Captains Meeting - Attendance Required - Virtual Meeting via Zoom
September 19 League Games start
October 10-11 Thanksgiving Weekend - Games ON for Saturday AND Sunday
November 8 League Games finish

2020 Fees

Team Fees

League Fees $569.52
Membership  $140.00
GST $35.48
Capital Levy $0.00
TOTAL $745.00
Deposit to claim your spot $100

Teams must have a minimum of 10 players, but we recommend at least 12. The maximum is 14, including any subs.

Placement Fees

Single $60.00
Duo (2 people) $100.00

For Duo's, at least one player must be women-matching.

How to register

Read the registration guidelines for Standard leagues, and then register online once registration opens.

If you're looking for players or a team, add your info to Matchmaker, or post in the Personals forum.

All teams must also send at least one captain to the Captain's Meeting. Captains who have less than 2 years experience as a Captain in the VUL must also attend a short Captain's Clinic on the same evening.



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