League Regulations

Table of Contents

Captain Roles & Responsibilities

All captains must read and understand these Regulations and the Rules of Ultimate (including VUL exceptions and additions). A solid understanding of these guidelines will enable captains to avoid disputes and help ensure their team has the most fun possible.

Each team must have one Captain and up to three Assistant Captains. Captains are key members of the VUL community. They lead their team on and off the field, and inspire them to better and fairer play.

Teams must have two Captains of different genders (e.g. at least one male and one female), and must also have one Rules Guru. The Rules Guru can be a player. 

The Rules Guru in particular is responsible for having a complete understanding of the rules and how they are applied in the VUL, and for supporting players on their team with any rules-related questions or issues. They will be required to take a short online test prior to the start of a season. Note that Rules Guru's are not expected to show other teams how well they know the rules; they are responsible for ensuring their own team knows and applies the rules well.

Captains are responsible for the players on their team, and provide a vital link between the VUL and their players. When resolving any disputes or incidents, the VUL will contact captains about incidents rather than players directly. Captains are also expected to share VUL news and policies with their players, and pass players' comments and suggestions back to the VUL.

Spirit of the Game

Spirit of the Game is a fundamental part of ultimate, and a guiding principle for the VUL as a whole.

Spirit includes having fun, playing hard, getting exercise, making new friends, and helping other players learn the game. It is not about winning at all costs. Dangerous and overly aggressive play is not only frowned upon, but is in direct contradiction with the rules of ultimate. Every member of the VUL is responsible for promoting and upholding Spirit of the Game (SOTG).

Captain's Clause and Spirit

As stated in the Rules of Ultimate:

"A game may be played under any variation of the rules agreed upon by the captains of the teams involved."

This rule is applicable in the VUL. However, both captains must agree on any variation of the rules, and any rule change must not interfere with the games of other teams. In addition, pressuring another captain to change the rules against their will is a violation of the Spirit of the Game. To cite a common example: if your team only has 2 players to match one gender, it is not 'unspirited' for the other team to record a default against you; it is unspirited of you to complain if they do. Captains are responsible for ensuring they have enough players of each gender at each game.

Team Rosters & Consent

Captains must ensure that all of their players have added to their team's roster. That means the players have created a website account and agreed to the Consent Agreements when joining the roster. Players who have not completed the Consent Agreements are a) not eligible for league play, b) not covered by any of the VUL's accident or liability insurance, and c) in no way the responsibility of the Vancouver Ultimate League Society.

Score Reporting

All scores are reported online. It is the responsibility of the team Captain or Assistant to register the score for your games within 48 hours after each game.

When reporting game scores, you will also enter a Spirit Score for the other team. The spirit scoring system consists of a number of questions to help track how teams participate in the Spirit of the Game.

Field Use

We cooperate with our field providers to ensure the continued use of their facilities. Please help the VUL maintain its high community standing by following these guidelines for field usage. In summary, leave no trace:

  • Remove everything that you brought in, garbage especially.
  • Please clean up after your pet.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on any VUL fields.
  • Be considerate of all the neighbors.
  • Don't trash fields. If the field is too wet, do not play.

There are additional requirements for artificial turf fields. Please ensure you also follow the Park Board's AT Field Terms & Conditions.

For closures, the Park Board and School Board closely monitor the conditions of their fields. During periods of bad weather, they may close some or all of their fields. They may also leave fields open with 'user discretion' if conditions are marginal. In that case, we are expected decide whether or not a field is playable. Read our Field Closure guidelines for more info, including how and when we will communicate about closures.

Note that if a field is damaged as a result of play during inclement weather, the Park Board may not provide an alternative facility for future games. In addition, the Park Board has charged user groups for damage caused during a field closure. Thus, it is in everyone's interest to ensure that fields are not used when damage to the playing surface may occur.

Defaults and Unplayed Games

Games may end up not be played for a few reasons:

  1. Games can be Cancelled with the agreement of both teams concerned.
  2. A game is Forfeited if a team cancels without agreement of the other team, but with sufficient notice. The team that did not cancel is awarded a win with a score of 4-0.
  3. A game is Defaulted if a team does not have enough players to play, or they cancel without sufficient notice. The team that did not default is awarded a win with a score of 6-0.

If you know that your team will not have enough players for a particular game (see the VUL Rules for minimum requirements), you must contact the captains of the other team. To provide sufficient notice, you must phone the other captain at least 24-hours in advance of the game, or email all of the captains on the other team at least 48 hours in advance.

In the event of a default, a default fee of $25 per game will be imposed, payable via the registration system within 48 hours of receiving notice. Failure to pay such fee may result in removal from the next semester's schedule, or, in the case of the final semester or playoffs, removal from the list of returning teams for any future league registration.

Multiple defaults may result in that team being eliminated from future league play, subject to consideration by the VUL.

Discipline and Spirit Violations

If there are 'spirit violations' originating from one or more players on a team, the league will investigate any reported incident and respond as follows:

  • If, after an investigation by the VUL, it is found that a player or players were found to be in violation of the Spirit of the Game during a specified incident, that player's team will receive a first warning.
  • If another violating incident occurs by a member or members of the same team, a second warning will be issued.
  • If a third warning is necessary, the team in question will be suspended indefinitely from playing in the Vancouver Ultimate League.

In extreme circumstances, more than one strike may be issued for a given violation, and teams may be directed to take specific actions which will allow them to continue participation within the league.

Although violations are most often reported based on the actions of individuals, the VUL places responsibility for those actions on the team as a whole.