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Shades ‘N Hats (previously called Babes 'N Hats) is a long-time summer tradition for ultimate players in Vancouver. The tourney was founded by Nylene Geyer, Dahl Gisel, and Brian Gisel in 1993, and became a VUL event in 2014.

You'll meet some cool new people and play fun ultimate. The average level is intermediate, but all players are welcome and encouraged to play. What a great way to improve or share your skills with others in the ultimate community!

All players sign up as individuals or pairs, are randomly assigned to teams. The tourney fee  includes:

  • A cotton jersey
  • BBQ on one of the two days
  • Onsite physiotherapist from Insync Physio for taping and injuries
  • Playing in front of a crowd if you make the final
  • Your name on the trophy if you win!

Players must be 19+ with the exception of 17 or 18 year old's with parental consent, according to VUL age regulations.


If we sign up as a pair, can we be on the same team?
Shades ‘N Hats is a true hat tourney, so there are no guarantees.

What if I can only play 1 day?
For the men-matching players, probably best not to sign up then; we tend to run out of spots for guys. For women-matching, sign up if you’re are playing Saturday but if you can only play Sunday, you are encouraged to show up and we can put you on a team in need.

Do we draw teams using skill level?

Can we keep the trophy?

Is the BBQ free on Sunday?

Can I tell my friends to come out Sunday to help my team because we lost 1 guy who was new this year so we should be able to replace him with 3 guys from Furious and 2 ladies from Traffic, right?
Of course not. If teams are short and we know of players available for Sunday we will look to fill out short teams, but we also tend to not add players to the teams who make the semi’s for any reason as this tends to cause big issues with all the other teams.

2019 Info

July 20 - 21 at Winona Park. Registration is individual at just $30 or $50 for a duo (note that this does not guarantee you the same team for this tournament)

Saturday - Hat draw at 9am, games start at 9:30am and will end by 6pm

Sunday - games start at 10am and will end by 4pm

How to Register

Register will be open June 3 on the Registration page!

Are you a Summer League Captain or Assistant? If so we have a special captains appreciation deal for this event that we sent to captains by email on June 12. Check your inbox for more info. 


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