Vision, Mission, and Values


We envision a future where ultimate is the leading recreational sport. We want everyone involved to have fun, develop skills and character, live healthier lives, and build lasting relationships through spirited ultimate. We aspire to be a vibrant, inclusive and sustainable society, committed to excellence, and a model and resource for other organizations.


Ultimate is our way of bringing joy into people’s lives. We organize, promote, teach, and support spirited ultimate in Metro Vancouver for participants of all ages, genders and abilities. We collaborate with other organizations to foster the growth and development of the sport. We are guided by Spirit of the Game in everything we do.


1. Spirited: We are guided by the spirit of the game in everything we do.

2. Gender-Balanced: We encourage the full participation of all genders in our league and in the sport.

3. Sustainable: We act in a sustainable manner: in our use of fields and physical facilities, and the environmental footprint our activities carry; in our general operations, and our administrative, management and governance procedures; and in the culture of our sport, its community, its spirit and the sport itself.

4. Inclusive: We make ultimate accessible to anyone who wants to take part.


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