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Mon May 7
6:00 pm
BalaclavaFire Breathing Rubber Duckies1011The Hucking Fooligans
BalaclavaHuck E Cheese135Skywalkers
Empire NMister Chung's98The Growlers
Empire NUnbounce131The Monday Foxes
Empire SI Drink and I Throw Things69Little Giants
Empire STeam Can't Throw83Bahalalala
KingcrestMustard Seeds911BBT Donut Cutters
KingcrestThe Monday Beavers613FLiC Fam
Memorial OTrigger Happy78Hehe XD
Memorial OTsunami912Koopa Troopas
Oak MeadowsMeatKids1113Marty!
Oak MeadowsWeeble Las Vegas!713Venom
Point GreyDestructO Disk911Doggie Style
Point GreyDisappointed at Best513Game of Throws
Rupert CChubby Pandas122Rain City Ultimate Club 1.0
Rupert CTofu Stack107FistFull of Dunwoody
Winona CHoney Badgers and Poodles - Don't give a Flick1013Strangers
Winona COutdoor Players1010Just a Fling
Winona NDown to Zucc109GNU Ultimate
Winona NNeon Disc-zaster!1312Footballs Are Too Heavy
Winona SDisconnect127Hammer Beats Rabbit
Winona SNight Hucks134Absolute Chaos
6:30 pmSlocan CWii (not) Fit?178Egregious
7:00 pmMemorial SWSlow Children Playing1013Soup Du Jour
Memorial SWThrowbocops810Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Trillium E#VictoriasSecret3.5+Friends1312Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Trillium EMastadon133Got Milk?
Trillium WThe Cleat Tauruses 137The Super Friends
Trillium WThe Frizzles513G-raff A-ttack
7:30 pmBalaclavaFire Breathing Rubber Duckies1110Skywalkers
BalaclavaHuck E Cheese1310The Hucking Fooligans
Empire NMister Chung's108The Monday Foxes
Empire NUnbounce132The Growlers
Empire SI Drink and I Throw Things74Bahalalala
Empire STeam Can't Throw76Little Giants
KingcrestMustard Seeds1311FLiC Fam
KingcrestThe Monday BeaversDefaultBBT Donut Cutters
Memorial OTrigger Happy813Koopa Troopas
Memorial OTsunami1010Hehe XD
Oak MeadowsMeatKids1213Venom
Oak MeadowsWeeble Las Vegas!313Marty!
Point GreyDestructO Disk413Game of Throws
Point GreyDisappointed at Best813Doggie Style
Rupert CChubby Pandas76FistFull of Dunwoody
Rupert CTofu Stack93Rain City Ultimate Club 1.0
Winona CHoney Badgers and Poodles - Don't give a Flick136Just a Fling
Winona COutdoor Players413Strangers
Winona NDown to Zucc913Footballs Are Too Heavy
Winona NNeon Disc-zaster!117GNU Ultimate
Winona SDisconnect130Absolute Chaos
Winona SNight Hucks136Hammer Beats Rabbit
8:30 pmMemorial SWSlow Children Playing713Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Memorial SWThrowbocops513Soup Du Jour
Trillium E#VictoriasSecret3.5+Friends136Got Milk?
Trillium EMastadon1413Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Trillium WThe Cleat Tauruses 313G-raff A-ttack
Trillium WThe Frizzles133The Super Friends
Tue May 8
6:00 pm
BalaclavaFire Ferrets139Huckcredibles
BalaclavaPlaid to the Bone1312Gentle Warriors
Jericho EH-Bar513Team Adequate
Jericho EIdentity Crisis136Friends of Friends
Memorial OEgg Salad Sandwich137Rain City Ultimate Club
Memorial OUltimate BBT Too119Sunny D's
Oak MeadowsFlickle Me Elmo105Chronically Injured Care Bears
Oak MeadowsNorth Shore Blades912Black Lotus Ultimate (BLU)
Winona CFlick It To Ride134Note DISClosures
Winona NCritters132Rookie Monsters
Winona NDiscThrow Inferno86Happy Rock Flat Ballerz
Winona SFinest Fingers128Princess Layout
Winona SFinger Flicking Good106Suns Out, Guns Out
6:30 pmKingcrestBIG DUMPLINGS1113Team Redundancy Team
KingcrestTwo guys in the end zone817Here for the Beer
Trafalgar NWDiscpicable Me1710Big Black Backhands
7:00 pmMemorial SWAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles131Gritty in Pink
Memorial SWHuck It108Pretty Kitties
Trillium ECraicheads713Swinton
Trillium EDark Side Of The Disc137Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Trillium W4 Gen513The Greendale 7
Trillium WThe Marauders97Illegal Smile
7:30 pmBalaclavaFire Ferrets1310Gentle Warriors
BalaclavaPlaid to the Bone1413Huckcredibles
Jericho EH-Bar813Friends of Friends
Jericho EIdentity Crisis129Team Adequate
Memorial OEgg Salad Sandwich1112Sunny D's
Memorial OUltimate BBT Too134Rain City Ultimate Club
Oak MeadowsFlickle Me Elmo77Black Lotus Ultimate (BLU)
Oak MeadowsNorth Shore Blades28Chronically Injured Care Bears
Winona CFlick It To Ride910Fr0g
Winona NCritters135Happy Rock Flat Ballerz
Winona NDiscThrow Inferno136Rookie Monsters
Winona SFinest Fingers66Suns Out, Guns Out
Winona SFinger Flicking Good111Princess Layout
8:30 pmMemorial SWAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles135Pretty Kitties
Memorial SWHuck It107Gritty in Pink
Trillium ECraicheads137Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Trillium EDark Side Of The Disc1013Swinton
Trillium W4 Gen910Illegal Smile
Trillium WThe Marauders138The Greendale 7
Wed May 9
6:00 pm
Empire NHuckin' East Van Canucks37Slow People Playing
Empire NWok Don't Run.68AYCE
Empire SEat Disc76Victorious Secret
Empire STosstitos109Goal Mountain
Jericho EPiper Palooza78Burning Sensation!
Jericho EWashed Up High School Athletes910Absolute Zeroes
Memorial OTremble713Fullmetal
Memorial OURFT613Cuzins
Oak MeadowsSQUlD127Not Fast Just Furious
Oak Meadowszoi1311Stacked
Winona CNo. 9 Orange130Humpty Dumpty
Winona CPsyhucks102Butterfly Bandits
Winona NAzure D136Discs I'd Like to Flick
Winona NButterfingers137JusDISC League
Winona SGo the Disc-tance413Frisbaes
Winona SSauder Stratediscs510Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
6:30 pmBalaclavaHorse is the best animal617Huckanda Forever!
BalaclavaNastyass Honey Badgers617Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
KingcrestBatteries Not Included617Disc Comfort
KingcrestMoose ick1710Likastik
Rupert CRandom Fling137The Frisbee's Knees
Rupert CTalk Nerdy To Me178The Thursday Heroes
Trafalgar NWUltimate BBT1111Accidentally Poaching
7:00 pmJericho WDim Sum Warriors1310Local Pint
Jericho WWyld Stallyns313Hotpot Mafia
Memorial SWReTox135Farquaad Starsquad
Memorial SWSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go135New Disc Who Dis?
7:30 pmEmpire NHuckin' East Van Canucks213AYCE
Empire NWok Don't Run.133Slow People Playing
Empire SEat Disc108Goal Mountain
Empire STosstitos910Victorious Secret
Jericho EPiper Palooza913Absolute Zeroes
Jericho EWashed Up High School Athletes138Burning Sensation!
Memorial OTremble1012Cuzins
Memorial OURFT713Fullmetal
Oak MeadowsSQUlD129Stacked
Oak Meadowszoi113Not Fast Just Furious
Winona CNo. 9 Orange133Butterfly Bandits
Winona CPsyhucks105Humpty Dumpty
Winona NAzure D134JusDISC League
Winona NButterfingers125Discs I'd Like to Flick
Winona SGo the Disc-tance68Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Winona SSauder Stratediscs613Frisbaes
8:30 pmJericho WDim Sum Warriors413Hotpot Mafia
Jericho WWyld Stallyns139Local Pint
Memorial SWReTox136New Disc Who Dis?
Memorial SWSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go135Farquaad Starsquad
Thu May 10
6:00 pm
BalaclavaAt Least My Disc Stays Up4990s Throwback
BalaclavaSquirtle Squad135Night Cawks
KingcrestRain City813Filet o Flick
KingcrestSummer Beer League 134Finger on the Disc
Memorial ODanger Zone513Pac-Man
Memorial OMighty Hucking Power Rangers108Countryboiis
Oak MeadowsMarvelous Meerkatz136Flick N Twisted
Oak MeadowsSlowpokes98Sweater Weather!
Rupert CHangry Hangry Hippos89The Gino Odj-discs
Rupert CLego Inferno77Uniquecorns
Winona CDisc Infernos119Disc Monkeys
Winona CHerniated Discs65Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Winona NOutta Disc World!913Salt shakers
Winona NSSB135Unfits
Winona SColonel Angus1010Try, Catch, Throw
Winona SSideways Shoe122Dragon Sound
6:30 pmSlocan CHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu1216Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Slocan SWFriz Nasty1013Trust The Process
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EPetri Discs 213Send Disc Pics
Andy Livingstone EThe Spinnakers106Jedi Force
Andy Livingstone WBeta Blockers 95Flickachu
Andy Livingstone WThrewbacca76Steven and the Stevens
Empire NEast Van Halen413Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
Empire NWrists of Fury138I Don't Flick With You (IDFWY)
Empire SMisfats710Scoober Doober Doo
Empire SSpinister Motives127Kuroko no Disk
Jericho WChester Fields 2.0413Roshi
Jericho WTeamocil113Ytterbium
Memorial SW4 Winds1113Swingcredibles
Memorial SWHand of Chal135Baywatchers
Trillium EBattlecats and Friends154RawrXD
Trillium EDTF - Down to Flick813BEARHAWKS
Trillium Wfriendzone139Masters of the Universe
Trillium WMixed Vegetables812Disco Nuts
7:30 pmBalaclavaAt Least My Disc Stays Up213Night Cawks
BalaclavaSquirtle Squad12690s Throwback
KingcrestRain City1110Finger on the Disc
KingcrestSummer Beer League 911Filet o Flick
Memorial ODanger Zone1012Countryboiis
Memorial OMighty Hucking Power Rangers129Pac-Man
Oak MeadowsMarvelous Meerkatz139Sweater Weather!
Oak MeadowsSlowpokes813Flick N Twisted
Rupert CHangry Hangry Hippos57Uniquecorns
Rupert CLego Inferno95The Gino Odj-discs
Winona CDisc Infernos106Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Winona CHerniated Discs97Disc Monkeys
Winona NOutta Disc World!613Unfits
Winona NSSB136Salt shakers
Winona SColonel Angus1310Dragon Sound
Winona SSideways Shoe136Try, Catch, Throw
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EPetri Discs 123Jedi Force
Andy Livingstone EThe Spinnakers118Send Disc Pics
Andy Livingstone WBeta Blockers 66Steven and the Stevens
Andy Livingstone WThrewbacca66Flickachu
Empire NEast Van Halen612I Don't Flick With You (IDFWY)
Empire NWrists of Fury512Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
Empire SMisfats1011Kuroko no Disk
Empire SSpinister Motives137Scoober Doober Doo
Jericho WChester Fields 2.0513Ytterbium
Jericho WTeamocil413Roshi
Memorial SW4 Winds138Baywatchers
Memorial SWHand of Chal913Swingcredibles
Trillium EBattlecats and Friends811BEARHAWKS
Trillium EDTF - Down to Flick138RawrXD
Trillium Wfriendzone1113Disco Nuts
Trillium WMixed Vegetables213Masters of the Universe
Mon May 14
6:00 pm
Balaclava#VictoriasSecret3.5+Friends134The Cleat Tauruses
BalaclavaMastadon138The Frizzles
Empire NMustard Seeds132Chubby Pandas
Empire NThe Monday Beavers311Tofu Stack
Empire SBBT Donut Cutters132Rain City Ultimate Club 1.0
Empire SFLiC Fam137FistFull of Dunwoody
KingcrestDisconnect129Outdoor Players
KingcrestNight Hucks1311Honey Badgers and Poodles - Don't give a Flick
Memorial OFootballs Are Too Heavy1311Marty!
Memorial OGNU Ultimate1012Wii (not) Fit?
Memorial SWEgregious89Down to Zucc
Memorial SWVenom136Neon Disc-zaster!
Oak MeadowsFire Breathing Rubber Duckies1312Disappointed at Best
Oak MeadowsHuck E Cheese113DestructO Disk
Point GreyGot Milk?613G-raff A-ttack
Point GreyLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1210The Super Friends
Rupert CAbsolute Chaos811Strangers
Rupert CHammer Beats Rabbit134Just a Fling
Winona CSoup Du Jour1310Koopa Troopas
Winona CTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion115Hehe XD
Winona NSkywalkers137Doggie Style
Winona NThe Hucking Fooligans109Game of Throws
Winona SSlow Children Playing138Tsunami
Winona SThrowbocops1010Trigger Happy
6:30 pmTrafalgar NWMeatKids156Weeble Las Vegas!
7:00 pmTrillium EMister Chung's136I Drink and I Throw Things
Trillium EUnbounce106Team Can't Throw
Trillium WThe Growlers105Little Giants
Trillium WThe Monday Foxes133Bahalalala
7:30 pmBalaclava#VictoriasSecret3.5+Friends138The Frizzles
BalaclavaMastadon133The Cleat Tauruses
Empire NMustard Seeds1210Tofu Stack
Empire NThe Monday BeaversChubby Pandas
Empire SBBT Donut Cutters123FistFull of Dunwoody
Empire SFLiC Fam144Rain City Ultimate Club 1.0
KingcrestDisconnect1210Honey Badgers and Poodles - Don't give a Flick
KingcrestNight Hucks126Outdoor Players
Memorial OFootballs Are Too Heavy1310Wii (not) Fit?
Memorial OGNU Ultimate713Marty!
Memorial SWEgregious1113Neon Disc-zaster!
Memorial SWVenom137Down to Zucc
Oak MeadowsFire Breathing Rubber Duckies1214DestructO Disk
Oak MeadowsHuck E Cheese1312Disappointed at Best
Point GreyGot Milk?137The Super Friends
Point GreyLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers613G-raff A-ttack
Rupert CAbsolute Chaos89Just a Fling
Rupert CHammer Beats Rabbit118Strangers
Winona CSoup Du Jour138Hehe XD
Winona CTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1013Koopa Troopas
Winona NSkywalkers913Game of Throws
Winona NThe Hucking Fooligans1311Doggie Style
Winona SSlow Children Playing135Trigger Happy
Winona SThrowbocops1310Tsunami
8:30 pmTrillium EMister Chung's99Team Can't Throw
Trillium EUnbounce134I Drink and I Throw Things
Trillium WThe Growlers79Bahalalala
Trillium WThe Monday Foxes132Little Giants
Tue May 15
6:00 pm
BalaclavaDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back912Illegal Smile
BalaclavaSwinton137The Greendale 7
Jericho ECraicheads1384 Gen
Jericho EDark Side Of The Disc137The Marauders
Memorial OHappy Rock Flat Ballerz513Discpicable Me
Memorial ORookie Monsters811Big Black Backhands
Oak MeadowsH-Bar810Plaid to the Bone
Oak MeadowsIdentity Crisis109Fire Ferrets
Winona CRain City Ultimate Club109BIG DUMPLINGS
Winona CSunny D's1011Team Redundancy Team
Winona NFriends of Friends713Huckcredibles
Winona NTeam Adequate109Gentle Warriors
Winona SGritty in Pink713Ultimate BBT Too
Winona SPretty Kitties68Egg Salad Sandwich
6:30 pmKingcrestHuck It1712Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
KingcrestNorth Shore Blades517Flickle Me Elmo
Trafalgar NWFinger Flicking Good175Finest Fingers
7:00 pmMemorial SWBlack Lotus Ultimate (BLU)713DiscThrow Inferno
Memorial SWChronically Injured Care Bears413Critters
Trillium EPrincess Layout410Flick It To Ride
Trillium WFr0g59Two guys in the end zone
Trillium WNote DISClosures410Here for the Beer
7:30 pmBalaclavaDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1013The Greendale 7
BalaclavaSwinton135Illegal Smile
Jericho ECraicheads913The Marauders
Jericho EDark Side Of The Disc1354 Gen
Memorial OHappy Rock Flat Ballerz911Big Black Backhands
Memorial ORookie Monsters513Discpicable Me
Oak MeadowsH-Bar912Fire Ferrets
Oak MeadowsIdentity Crisis1013Plaid to the Bone
Winona CRain City Ultimate Club913Team Redundancy Team
Winona CSunny D's1112BIG DUMPLINGS
Winona NFriends of Friends612Gentle Warriors
Winona NTeam Adequate139Huckcredibles
Winona SGritty in Pink112Egg Salad Sandwich
Winona SPretty Kitties413Ultimate BBT Too
8:30 pmMemorial SWBlack Lotus Ultimate (BLU)1113Critters
Memorial SWChronically Injured Care Bears613DiscThrow Inferno
Trillium ESuns Out, Guns Out88Flick It To Ride
Trillium WFr0g513Here for the Beer
Trillium WNote DISClosures94Two guys in the end zone
Wed May 16
6:00 pm
Empire NAbsolute Zeroes136Wyld Stallyns
Empire NBurning Sensation!119Dim Sum Warriors
Empire SHotpot Mafia127Nastyass Honey Badgers
Empire SLocal Pint69Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Jericho ESQUlD810Butterfingers
Jericho Ezoi511Azure D
KingcrestHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!311No. 9 Orange
Oak MeadowsReTox135URFT
Oak MeadowsSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go138Tremble
Rupert CButterfly Bandits512Accidentally Poaching
Rupert CHumpty Dumpty58Ultimate BBT
Winona CGoal Mountain117Horse is the best animal
Winona CVictorious Secret127Huckanda Forever!
Winona NFarquaad Starsquad1213Cuzins
Winona NNew Disc Who Dis?00Fullmetal
Winona SAYCE912Eat Disc
Winona SSlow People Playing129Tosstitos
6:30 pmBalaclavaHuckin' East Van Canucks917Wok Don't Run.
BalaclavaWashed Up High School Athletes135Piper Palooza
Memorial ORandom Fling129The Thursday Heroes
Memorial OTalk Nerdy To Me179The Frisbee's Knees
Trafalgar NWSauder Stratediscs1114Go the Disc-tance
7:00 pmJericho WNot Fast Just Furious311JusDISC League
Jericho WStacked118Discs I'd Like to Flick
Memorial SWBatteries Not Included1711Likastik
Memorial SWMoose ick717Disc Comfort
7:30 pmEmpire NAbsolute Zeroes132Dim Sum Warriors
Empire NBurning Sensation!1111Wyld Stallyns
Empire SHotpot Mafia134Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Empire SLocal Pint611Nastyass Honey Badgers
Jericho ESQUlD1113Azure D
Jericho Ezoi1113Butterfingers
KingcrestFrisbaes69No. 9 Orange
KingcrestHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!114Psyhucks
Oak MeadowsReTox1311Tremble
Oak MeadowsSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go136URFT
Rupert CButterfly Bandits913Ultimate BBT
Rupert CHumpty Dumpty47Accidentally Poaching
Winona CGoal Mountain137Huckanda Forever!
Winona CVictorious Secret1110Horse is the best animal
Winona NFarquaad Starsquad1013Fullmetal
Winona NNew Disc Who Dis?713Cuzins
Winona SAYCE810Tosstitos
Winona SSlow People Playing513Eat Disc
8:30 pmJericho WNot Fast Just Furious1112Discs I'd Like to Flick
Jericho WStacked134JusDISC League
Thu May 17
6:00 pm
KingcrestEast Van Halen113Misfats
KingcrestWrists of Fury127Spinister Motives
Memorial OFlick N Twisted138Unfits
Memorial OSweater Weather!117Salt shakers
Oak MeadowsBattlecats and Friends130Mixed Vegetables
Oak MeadowsDTF - Down to Flick129friendzone
Rupert CApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)134Scoober Doober Doo
Rupert CI Don't Flick With You (IDFWY)107Kuroko no Disk
Winona CFilet o Flick128The Gino Odj-discs
Winona CFinger on the Disc68Uniquecorns
Winona NBEARHAWKS136Masters of the Universe
Winona NRawrXD126Disco Nuts
Winona SRain City59Hangry Hangry Hippos
Winona SSummer Beer League 712Lego Inferno
6:30 pmSlocan CSideways Shoe1417Colonel Angus
Slocan SWThe Spinnakers1111Petri Discs
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EDragon Sound89Herniated Discs
Andy Livingstone ETry, Catch, Throw89Disc Infernos
Andy Livingstone WDisc Monkeys912Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Andy Livingstone WGame of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken124Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu
Empire NChester Fields 2.0513Squirtle Squad
Empire NTeamocil94At Least My Disc Stays Up
Empire SRoshi113Night Cawks
Empire SYtterbium51190s Throwback
Jericho W4 Winds713Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Jericho WHand of Chal1310Danger Zone
Memorial SWMarvelous Meerkatz1012SSB
Memorial SWSlowpokes134Outta Disc World!
Trillium EJedi Force77Threwbacca
Trillium ESend Disc Pics79Beta Blockers
Trillium WFlickachu76Trust The Process
Trillium WSteven and the Stevens67Friz Nasty
7:30 pmBalaclavaBaywatchers813Countryboiis
KingcrestEast Van Halen1010Spinister Motives
KingcrestWrists of Fury713Misfats
Memorial OFlick N Twisted1310Salt shakers
Memorial OSweater Weather!1211Unfits
Oak MeadowsBattlecats and Friends1310friendzone
Oak MeadowsDTF - Down to Flick1312Mixed Vegetables
Rupert CApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)135Kuroko no Disk
Rupert CI Don't Flick With You (IDFWY)1110Scoober Doober Doo
Winona CFilet o Flick135Uniquecorns
Winona CFinger on the Disc812The Gino Odj-discs
Winona NBEARHAWKS136Disco Nuts
Winona NRawrXD108Masters of the Universe
Winona SRain City88Lego Inferno
Winona SSummer Beer League 135Hangry Hangry Hippos
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EDragon Sound1211Disc Infernos
Andy Livingstone ETry, Catch, Throw83Herniated Discs
Andy Livingstone WDisc Monkeys124Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu
Andy Livingstone WGame of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken135Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Empire NChester Fields 2.0ForfeitedAt Least My Disc Stays Up
Empire NTeamocil313Squirtle Squad
Empire SRoshi13590s Throwback
Empire SYtterbium116Night Cawks
Jericho W4 Winds1213Danger Zone
Jericho WHand of Chal813Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Memorial SWMarvelous Meerkatz138Outta Disc World!
Memorial SWSlowpokes713SSB
Trillium EJedi Force84Beta Blockers
Trillium ESend Disc Pics138Threwbacca
Trillium WFlickachu109Friz Nasty
Trillium WSteven and the Stevens68Trust The Process
Mon May 21
6:00 pm
Adanac NWSkywalkers98DestructO Disk
Adanac NWThe Hucking Fooligans132Disappointed at Best
BalaclavaMister Chung's116Little Giants
Empire NDisconnect134Just a Fling
Empire NNight Hucks1110Strangers
Empire SAbsolute Chaos912Honey Badgers and Poodles - Don't give a Flick
Empire SHammer Beats Rabbit1010Outdoor Players
KingcrestSlow Children Playing137Koopa Troopas
KingcrestThrowbocops133Hehe XD
Oak Meadows#VictoriasSecret3.5+Friends132The Super Friends
Oak MeadowsMastadon913G-raff A-ttack
Point GreyThe Growlers01I Drink and I Throw Things
Point GreyThe Monday Foxes115Team Can't Throw
Rupert CSoup Du Jour138Tsunami
Rupert CTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion127Trigger Happy
Winona CDown to Zucc910GNU Ultimate
Winona CVenom912Footballs Are Too Heavy
Winona NGot Milk?129The Frizzles
Winona NLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers132The Cleat Tauruses
Winona SNeon Disc-zaster!1113Wii (not) Fit?
Winona SWeeble Las Vegas!1112Marty!
6:30 pmSlocan CEgregious415MeatKids
7:00 pmMemorial SWFire Breathing Rubber Duckies713Game of Throws
Memorial SWHuck E Cheese129Doggie Style
Trillium EMustard Seeds137Rain City Ultimate Club 1.0
Trillium EThe Monday BeaversForfeitedFistFull of Dunwoody
Trillium WBBT Donut Cutters138Chubby Pandas
Trillium WFLiC Fam1110Tofu Stack
7:30 pmAdanac NWSkywalkers1013Disappointed at Best
Adanac NWThe Hucking Fooligans130DestructO Disk
BalaclavaMister Chung's713Bahalalala
BalaclavaUnbounce912Little Giants
Empire NDisconnect134Strangers
Empire NNight Hucks133Just a Fling
Empire SAbsolute Chaos810Outdoor Players
Empire SHammer Beats Rabbit1010Honey Badgers and Poodles - Don't give a Flick
KingcrestSlow Children Playing135Hehe XD
KingcrestThrowbocops1213Koopa Troopas
Oak Meadows#VictoriasSecret3.5+Friends713G-raff A-ttack
Oak MeadowsMastadon138The Super Friends
Point GreyThe Growlers710Team Can't Throw
Point GreyThe Monday FoxesForfeitedI Drink and I Throw Things
Rupert CSoup Du Jour136Trigger Happy
Rupert CTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion136Tsunami
Winona CDown to Zucc913Footballs Are Too Heavy
Winona CVenom1013GNU Ultimate
Winona NGot Milk?1311The Cleat Tauruses
Winona NLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1311The Frizzles
Winona SNeon Disc-zaster!813Marty!
Winona SWeeble Las Vegas!1013Wii (not) Fit?
8:30 pmMemorial SWFire Breathing Rubber Duckies813Doggie Style
Memorial SWHuck E Cheese139Game of Throws
Trillium EMustard SeedsForfeitedFistFull of Dunwoody
Trillium EThe Monday Beavers129Rain City Ultimate Club 1.0
Trillium WBBT Donut Cutters136Tofu Stack
Trillium WFLiC Fam98Chubby Pandas
Tue May 22
6:00 pm
BalaclavaPrincess Layout135Note DISClosures
BalaclavaSuns Out, Guns Out86Fr0g
Jericho EFinest Fingers96Here for the Beer
Jericho EFinger Flicking Good131Two guys in the end zone
Memorial OFriends of Friends913Fire Ferrets
Memorial OTeam Adequate139Plaid to the Bone
Oak MeadowsCraicheads128The Greendale 7
Oak MeadowsDark Side Of The Disc138Illegal Smile
Winona CBlack Lotus Ultimate (BLU)911Happy Rock Flat Ballerz
Winona CChronically Injured Care Bears913Rookie Monsters
Winona NDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back98The Marauders
Winona NSwinton1354 Gen
Winona SFlickle Me Elmo106Big Black Backhands
Winona SNorth Shore Blades313Discpicable Me
6:30 pmKingcrestDiscThrow Inferno1417Critters
Trafalgar NWEgg Salad Sandwich617Ultimate BBT Too
7:00 pmMemorial SWH-Bar1013Gentle Warriors
Memorial SWIdentity Crisis1313Huckcredibles
Trillium EAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles134Team Redundancy Team
Trillium EHuck It1011BIG DUMPLINGS
Trillium WGritty in Pink811Sunny D's
Trillium WPretty Kitties130Rain City Ultimate Club
7:30 pmBalaclavaPrincess Layout135Fr0g
BalaclavaSuns Out, Guns Out1211Note DISClosures
Jericho EFinest Fingers134Two guys in the end zone
Jericho EFinger Flicking Good1214Here for the Beer
Memorial OFriends of Friends813Plaid to the Bone
Memorial OTeam Adequate1013Fire Ferrets
Oak MeadowsCraicheads137Illegal Smile
Oak MeadowsDark Side Of The Disc136The Greendale 7
Winona CBlack Lotus Ultimate (BLU)1211Rookie Monsters
Winona CChronically Injured Care Bears413Happy Rock Flat Ballerz
Winona NDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1244 Gen
Winona NSwinton1312The Marauders
Winona SFlickle Me Elmo813Discpicable Me
Winona SNorth Shore Blades1013Big Black Backhands
8:30 pmMemorial SWH-Bar713Huckcredibles
Memorial SWIdentity Crisis1011Gentle Warriors
Trillium EAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles126BIG DUMPLINGS
Trillium EHuck It1310Team Redundancy Team
Trillium WGritty in Pink134Rain City Ultimate Club
Trillium WPretty Kitties109Sunny D's
Wed May 23
6:00 pm
Empire NSQUlD132JusDISC League
Empire Nzoi133Discs I'd Like to Flick
Empire SNot Fast Just FuriousDefaultButterfingers
Empire SStacked713Azure D
Jericho EReTox1311Cuzins
Jericho ESuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go137Fullmetal
KingcrestHuckin' East Van Canucks69Horse is the best animal
KingcrestWok Don't Run.118Huckanda Forever!
Memorial OFrisbaes137Butterfly Bandits
Memorial OHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!76Humpty Dumpty
Rupert CAYCE611Victorious Secret
Rupert CSlow People Playing513Goal Mountain
Winona CAbsolute Zeroes813Hotpot Mafia
Winona CBurning Sensation!134Local Pint
Winona SPiper Palooza97Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Winona SWashed Up High School Athletes137Nastyass Honey Badgers
6:30 pmBalaclavaBatteries Not Included1614Moose ick
BalaclavaDisc Comfort173Likastik
Oak MeadowsTosstitos1117Eat Disc
Oak MeadowsWyld Stallyns179Dim Sum Warriors
Trafalgar NWNo. 9 Orange157Psyhucks
Winona NTalk Nerdy To Me1210Random Fling
Winona NThe Thursday Heroes126The Frisbee's Knees
7:00 pmJericho WFarquaad Starsquad133URFT
Jericho WNew Disc Who Dis?513Tremble
Memorial SWGo the Disc-tance79Accidentally Poaching
Memorial SWSauder Stratediscs97Ultimate BBT
7:30 pmEmpire NSQUlD132Discs I'd Like to Flick
Empire Nzoi911JusDISC League
Empire SNot Fast Just Furious113Azure D
Empire SStacked813Butterfingers
Jericho EReTox1113Fullmetal
Jericho ESuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go139Cuzins
KingcrestHuckin' East Van Canucks69Huckanda Forever!
KingcrestWok Don't Run.87Horse is the best animal
Memorial OFrisbaes73Humpty Dumpty
Memorial OHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!813Butterfly Bandits
Rupert CAYCE97Goal Mountain
Rupert CSlow People Playing211Victorious Secret
Winona CAbsolute Zeroes135Local Pint
Winona CBurning Sensation!813Hotpot Mafia
Winona SPiper Palooza129Nastyass Honey Badgers
Winona SWashed Up High School Athletes1110Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
8:30 pmJericho WFarquaad Starsquad137Tremble
Jericho WNew Disc Who Dis?137URFT
Memorial SWGo the Disc-tance310Ultimate BBT
Memorial SWSauder Stratediscs95Accidentally Poaching
Thu May 24
6:00 pm
BalaclavaFlick N Twisted513SSB
BalaclavaSweater Weather!130Outta Disc World!
KingcrestChester Fields 2.01013Night Cawks
KingcrestTeamocil4890s Throwback
Memorial OBEARHAWKS1013friendzone
Memorial ORawrXD1312Mixed Vegetables
Oak MeadowsPetri Discs 79Trust The Process
Oak MeadowsThe Spinnakers1310Friz Nasty
Rupert CRoshi813Squirtle Squad
Rupert CYtterbium136At Least My Disc Stays Up
Winona CApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)76Misfats
Winona CI Don't Flick With You (IDFWY)812Spinister Motives
Winona NJedi Force92Steven and the Stevens
Winona NSend Disc Pics109Flickachu
Winona SEast Van Halen913Scoober Doober Doo
Winona SWrists of Fury136Kuroko no Disk
6:30 pmSlocan CHerniated Discs179Disc Infernos
Slocan SWThrewbacca810Beta Blockers
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ERain City611The Gino Odj-discs
Andy Livingstone ESummer Beer League 132Uniquecorns
Andy Livingstone WFilet o Flick911Hangry Hangry Hippos
Andy Livingstone WFinger on the Disc76Lego Inferno
Empire N4 Winds1113Countryboiis
Empire NHand of Chal1210Pac-Man
Empire SBaywatchers211Danger Zone
Empire SSwingcredibles713Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Jericho WMarvelous Meerkatz126Unfits
Jericho WSlowpokes1211Salt shakers
Memorial SWBattlecats and Friends134Disco Nuts
Memorial SWDTF - Down to FlickDefaultMasters of the Universe
Trillium EColonel Angus136Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Trillium ESideways Shoe85Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu
Trillium WDragon Sound711Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Trillium WTry, Catch, Throw911Disc Monkeys
7:30 pmBalaclavaFlick N Twisted134Outta Disc World!
BalaclavaSweater Weather!713SSB
KingcrestChester Fields 2.081390s Throwback
KingcrestTeamocil1110Night Cawks
Memorial OBEARHAWKSDefaultMixed Vegetables
Memorial ORawrXD1213friendzone
Oak MeadowsPetri Discs 313Friz Nasty
Oak MeadowsThe Spinnakers118Trust The Process
Rupert CRoshi133At Least My Disc Stays Up
Rupert CYtterbium713Squirtle Squad
Winona CApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)1010Spinister Motives
Winona CI Don't Flick With You (IDFWY)127Misfats
Winona NJedi Force84Flickachu
Winona NSend Disc Pics118Steven and the Stevens
Winona SEast Van Halen137Kuroko no Disk
Winona SWrists of Fury813Scoober Doober Doo
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ERain City88Uniquecorns
Andy Livingstone ESummer Beer League 144The Gino Odj-discs
Andy Livingstone WFilet o Flick126Lego Inferno
Andy Livingstone WFinger on the Disc78Hangry Hangry Hippos
Empire N4 Winds138Pac-Man
Empire NHand of Chal1310Countryboiis
Empire SBaywatchers313Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Empire SSwingcredibles1112Danger Zone
Jericho WMarvelous Meerkatz1312Salt shakers
Jericho WSlowpokes136Unfits
Memorial SWBattlecats and Friends135Masters of the Universe
Memorial SWDTF - Down to FlickDefaultDisco Nuts
Trillium EColonel Angus127Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu
Trillium ESideways Shoe107Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Trillium WDragon Sound313Disc Monkeys
Trillium WTry, Catch, Throw913Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Mon May 28
6:00 pm
BalaclavaBBT Donut Cutters108FLiC Fam
BalaclavaMustard Seeds810The Monday Beavers
Empire NTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion813Soup Du Jour
Empire NThrowbocops96Slow Children Playing
Empire SHehe XD78Koopa Troopas
Empire STrigger Happy104Tsunami
KingcrestMeatKids133GNU Ultimate
KingcrestVenom713Footballs Are Too Heavy
Memorial OG-raff A-ttack133The Super Friends
Memorial OThe Frizzles134The Cleat Tauruses
Oak MeadowsMister Chung's413Unbounce
Oak MeadowsThe Growlers118The Monday Foxes
Point GreyChubby Pandas313Tofu Stack
Point GreyRain City Ultimate Club 1.0710FistFull of Dunwoody
Rupert CDown to Zucc613Wii (not) Fit?
Rupert CNeon Disc-zaster!413Marty!
Winona CDisappointed at Best1312DestructO Disk
Winona CGame of Throws106Doggie Style
Winona NI Drink and I Throw Things010Team Can't Throw
Winona NLittle Giants74Bahalalala
Winona SFire Breathing Rubber Duckies313Huck E Cheese
Winona SThe Hucking Fooligans129Skywalkers
6:30 pmTrafalgar NWEgregious617Weeble Las Vegas!
7:00 pmMemorial SWGot Milk?1113Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Memorial SWMastadon1310#VictoriasSecret3.5+Friends
Trillium EDisconnect85Night Hucks
Trillium EHammer Beats Rabbit131Absolute Chaos
Trillium WJust a Fling812Strangers
Trillium WOutdoor Players711Honey Badgers and Poodles - Don't give a Flick
7:30 pmBalaclavaBBT Donut Cutters137The Monday Beavers
BalaclavaMustard Seeds811FLiC Fam
Empire NTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion810Slow Children Playing
Empire NThrowbocops1012Soup Du Jour
Empire SHehe XD89Tsunami
Empire STrigger Happy89Koopa Troopas
KingcrestMeatKids1113Footballs Are Too Heavy
KingcrestVenom1013GNU Ultimate
Memorial OG-raff A-ttack134The Cleat Tauruses
Memorial OThe Frizzles00The Super Friends
Oak MeadowsMister Chung's612The Monday Foxes
Oak MeadowsThe Growlers213Unbounce
Point GreyChubby Pandas910FistFull of Dunwoody
Point GreyRain City Ultimate Club 1.0613Tofu Stack
Rupert CDown to Zucc913Marty!
Rupert CNeon Disc-zaster!613Wii (not) Fit?
Winona CDisappointed at Best913Doggie Style
Winona CGame of Throws134DestructO Disk
Winona NI Drink and I Throw Things95Bahalalala
Winona NLittle Giants77Team Can't Throw
Winona SFire Breathing Rubber Duckies513Skywalkers
Winona SThe Hucking Fooligans1011Huck E Cheese
8:30 pmMemorial SWGot Milk?613#VictoriasSecret3.5+Friends
Memorial SWMastadon139Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Trillium EDisconnect137Absolute Chaos
Trillium EHammer Beats Rabbit313Night Hucks
Trillium WJust a Fling213Honey Badgers and Poodles - Don't give a Flick
Trillium WOutdoor Players812Strangers
Tue May 29
6:00 pm
BalaclavaEgg Salad SandwichForfeitedBIG DUMPLINGS
BalaclavaUltimate BBT Too94Team Redundancy Team
Churchill OvalFlick It To Ride66Here for the Beer
Churchill OvalNEW ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION130Two guys in the end zone
Jericho EAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles138Sunny D's
Jericho EHuck It136Rain City Ultimate Club
Memorial O4 Gen512The Marauders
Memorial OThe Greendale 71013Illegal Smile
Oak MeadowsFinest Fingers131Note DISClosures
Oak MeadowsFinger Flicking Good126Fr0g
Rupert CFriends of Friends812Team Adequate
Rupert CIdentity Crisis99H-Bar
Van Tech OvalFire Ferrets106Plaid to the Bone
Van Tech OvalHuckcredibles813Gentle Warriors
6:30 pmKingcrestPretty Kitties911Gritty in Pink
KingcrestSuns Out, Guns Out149Princess Layout
Trafalgar NWBlack Lotus Ultimate (BLU)1615Chronically Injured Care Bears
7:00 pmMemorial SWCraicheads109Dark Side Of The Disc
Memorial SWSwinton124Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Trillium EFlickle Me Elmo124Rookie Monsters
Trillium ENorth Shore Blades79Happy Rock Flat Ballerz
Trillium WCritters138Big Black Backhands
Trillium WDiscThrow Inferno413Discpicable Me
7:30 pmBalaclavaEgg Salad Sandwich810Team Redundancy Team
BalaclavaUltimate BBT Too108BIG DUMPLINGS
Churchill OvalFlick It To Ride115Two guys in the end zone
Churchill OvalNEW ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION36Here for the Beer
Jericho EAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles132Rain City Ultimate Club
Jericho EHuck It132Sunny D's
Memorial O4 Gen813Illegal Smile
Memorial OThe Greendale 7129The Marauders
Oak MeadowsFinest Fingers134Fr0g
Oak MeadowsFinger Flicking Good111Note DISClosures
Rupert CFriends of Friends107H-Bar
Rupert CIdentity Crisis106Team Adequate
Van Tech OvalFire Ferrets136Gentle Warriors
Van Tech OvalHuckcredibles136Plaid to the Bone
8:30 pmMemorial SWCraicheads138Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Memorial SWSwinton1011Dark Side Of The Disc
Trillium EFlickle Me Elmo135Happy Rock Flat Ballerz
Trillium ENorth Shore Blades813Rookie Monsters
Trillium WCritters1310Discpicable Me
Trillium WDiscThrow Inferno813Big Black Backhands
Wed May 30
6:00 pm
Empire NFarquaad StarsquadNew Disc Who Dis?
Empire NReTox813Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Empire SCuzins912Fullmetal
Empire SURFT713Tremble
Jericho EHuckin' East Van Canucks99Goal Mountain
Jericho EWok Don't Run.78Victorious Secret
KingcrestPiper Palooza136Local Pint
KingcrestWashed Up High School Athletes139Hotpot Mafia
Oak MeadowsGo the Disc-tance67Butterfly Bandits
Oak MeadowsSauder Stratediscs96Humpty Dumpty
Rupert CDim Sum Warriors312Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Rupert CWyld Stallyns97Nastyass Honey Badgers
Winona CButterfingers612Azure D
Winona CJusDISC League71Discs I'd Like to Flick
Winona NNo. 9 Orange114Ultimate BBT
Winona NPsyhucks710Accidentally Poaching
Winona SNot Fast Just Furious97Stacked
Winona SSQUlD910zoi
6:30 pmBalaclavaAbsolute Zeroes174Burning Sensation!
BalaclavaSlow People Playing1316AYCE
Memorial OBatteries Not Included176Talk Nerdy To Me
Memorial ODisc Comfort1713Moose ick
Trafalgar NWHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!414Frisbaes
7:00 pmJericho WEat Disc134Huckanda Forever!
Jericho WTosstitos139Horse is the best animal
Memorial SWLikastik173The Thursday Heroes
Memorial SWRandom Fling165The Frisbee's Knees
7:30 pmEmpire NFarquaad Starsquad713Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Empire NReTox132New Disc Who Dis?
Empire SCuzins810Tremble
Empire SURFT413Fullmetal
Jericho EHuckin' East Van Canucks413Victorious Secret
Jericho EWok Don't Run.117Goal Mountain
KingcrestPiper PaloozaCancelledHotpot Mafia
KingcrestWashed Up High School Athletes134Local Pint
Oak MeadowsGo the Disc-tance135Humpty Dumpty
Oak MeadowsSauder Stratediscs1111Butterfly Bandits
Rupert CDim Sum Warriors1113Nastyass Honey Badgers
Rupert CWyld Stallyns212Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Winona CButterfingers136Discs I'd Like to Flick
Winona CJusDISC League413Azure D
Winona NNo. 9 Orange106Accidentally Poaching
Winona NPsyhucks84Ultimate BBT
Winona SNot Fast Just Furious413zoi
Winona SSQUlD912Stacked
8:30 pmJericho WEat Disc135Horse is the best animal
Jericho WTosstitos125Huckanda Forever!
Thu May 31
6:00 pm
BalaclavaDisco NutsForfeitedMasters of the Universe
BalaclavaMixed VegetablesDefaultfriendzone
KingcrestHand of Chal1194 Winds
Memorial OBeta Blockers 68Trust The Process
Memorial OThrewbacca86Friz Nasty
Oak MeadowsColonel Angus912Disc Monkeys
Oak MeadowsSideways Shoe1012Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Rupert CDanger Zone510Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Rupert CPac-Man97Countryboiis
Winona CNight Cawks131090s Throwback
Winona CSquirtle Squad113At Least My Disc Stays Up
Winona NDisc Infernos138Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Winona NHerniated Discs811Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu
Winona SChester Fields 2.0614Teamocil
Winona SRoshi136Ytterbium
6:30 pmSlocan CDragon Sound1017Try, Catch, Throw
Slocan SWJedi Force811Send Disc Pics
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)912I Don't Flick With You (IDFWY)
Andy Livingstone EEast Van Halen1113Wrists of Fury
Andy Livingstone WMisfats1112Spinister Motives
Andy Livingstone WScoober Doober Doo139Kuroko no Disk
Empire NSlowpokes712Marvelous Meerkatz
Empire NSweater Weather!713Flick N Twisted
Empire SOutta Disc World!413SSB
Empire SSalt shakers1310Unfits
Jericho WBattlecats and Friends136DTF - Down to Flick
Memorial SWPetri Discs 67Flickachu
Memorial SWThe Spinnakers88Steven and the Stevens
Trillium EFilet o Flick107Finger on the Disc
Trillium ERain City313Summer Beer League
Trillium WHangry Hangry Hippos89Lego Inferno
Trillium WThe Gino Odj-discs712Uniquecorns
7:30 pmBalaclavaDisco NutsForfeitedfriendzone
BalaclavaMixed VegetablesDefaultMasters of the Universe
KingcrestBaywatchers10124 Winds
KingcrestHand of Chal1310Swingcredibles
Memorial OBeta Blockers 97Friz Nasty
Memorial OThrewbacca610Trust The Process
Oak MeadowsColonel Angus89Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Oak MeadowsSideways Shoe811Disc Monkeys
Rupert CDanger Zone1011Countryboiis
Rupert CPac-Man513Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Winona CNight Cawks112At Least My Disc Stays Up
Winona CSquirtle Squad11790s Throwback
Winona NDisc Infernos138Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu
Winona NHerniated Discs1013Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Winona SChester Fields 2.0Ytterbium
Winona SRoshi136Teamocil
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)107Wrists of Fury
Andy Livingstone EEast Van Halen813I Don't Flick With You (IDFWY)
Andy Livingstone WMisfats58Kuroko no Disk
Andy Livingstone WScoober Doober Doo135Spinister Motives
Empire NSlowpokes1113Flick N Twisted
Empire NSweater Weather!713Marvelous Meerkatz
Empire SOutta Disc World!713Unfits
Empire SSalt shakers613SSB
Jericho WBattlecats and Friends1213BEARHAWKS
Jericho WRawrXD313DTF - Down to Flick
Memorial SWPetri Discs 510Steven and the Stevens
Memorial SWThe Spinnakers812Flickachu
Trillium EFilet o Flick813Summer Beer League
Trillium ERain City213Finger on the Disc
Trillium WHangry Hangry Hippos107Uniquecorns
Trillium WThe Gino Odj-discs613Lego Inferno
Mon Jun 4
6:00 pm
BalaclavaHehe XD1210Trigger Happy
BalaclavaTsunami1011Honey Badgers and Poodles - Don't give a Flick
Jericho EDown to Zucc1311Egregious
Jericho EWeeble Las Vegas!1210Koopa Troopas
KingcrestThe Cleat Tauruses 613Doggie Style
KingcrestThe Frizzles135The Super Friends
Memorial OI Drink and I Throw Things313The Growlers
Memorial OLittle Giants74Bahalalala
Oak MeadowsChubby Pandas613Unbounce
Oak MeadowsThe Monday Beavers610FistFull of Dunwoody
Point GreyHammer Beats Rabbit810BBT Donut Cutters
Point GreyOutdoor Players811FLiC Fam
Rupert CFootballs Are Too Heavy97Wii (not) Fit?
Rupert CSkywalkers810Marty!
Winona CGot Milk?126Game of Throws
Winona CHuck E Cheese1210The Hucking Fooligans
Winona NAbsolute Chaos99Tofu Stack
Winona NJust a Fling613Mustard Seeds
Winona SG-raff A-ttack139#VictoriasSecret3.5+Friends
Winona SMastadon138Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
6:30 pmTrafalgar NWNight Hucks178Strangers
7:00 pmJericho WSlow Children Playing813Disconnect
Jericho WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion513Throwbocops
Memorial SWRain City Ultimate Club 1.0513Mister Chung's
Memorial SWTeam Can't Throw118The Monday Foxes
Trillium EDisappointed at Best813Venom
Trillium EFire Breathing Rubber Duckies710DestructO Disk
Trillium WMeatKids133GNU Ultimate
Trillium WNeon Disc-zaster!87Soup Du Jour
7:30 pmBalaclavaHehe XD79Honey Badgers and Poodles - Don't give a Flick
BalaclavaTsunami137Trigger Happy
Jericho EDown to Zucc1311Koopa Troopas
Jericho EWeeble Las Vegas!613Egregious
KingcrestThe Cleat Tauruses 413The Super Friends
KingcrestThe Frizzles116Doggie Style
Memorial OI Drink and I Throw Things108Bahalalala
Memorial OLittle Giants913The Growlers
Oak MeadowsChubby Pandas1310FistFull of Dunwoody
Oak MeadowsThe Monday Beavers111Unbounce
Point GreyHammer Beats Rabbit129FLiC Fam
Point GreyOutdoor Players1012BBT Donut Cutters
Rupert CFootballs Are Too Heavy136Marty!
Rupert CSkywalkers513Wii (not) Fit?
Winona CGot Milk?1310The Hucking Fooligans
Winona CHuck E Cheese109Game of Throws
Winona NAbsolute Chaos911Mustard Seeds
Winona NJust a Fling138Tofu Stack
Winona SG-raff A-ttack139Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Winona SMastadon1213#VictoriasSecret3.5+Friends
8:30 pmJericho WSlow Children Playing413Throwbocops
Jericho WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1013Disconnect
Memorial SWRain City Ultimate Club 1.01212The Monday Foxes
Memorial SWTeam Can't Throw99Mister Chung's
Trillium EDisappointed at Best1213DestructO Disk
Trillium EFire Breathing Rubber Duckies713Venom
Trillium WMeatKids133Soup Du Jour
Trillium WNeon Disc-zaster!137GNU Ultimate
Tue Jun 5
6:00 pm
BalaclavaBlack Lotus Ultimate (BLU)813Ultimate BBT Too
BalaclavaDiscThrow Inferno105Happy Rock Flat Ballerz
Jericho EFriends of Friends1113Big Black Backhands
Jericho EIdentity Crisis138H-Bar
Memorial ONEW ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION132Two guys in the end zone
Memorial OSuns Out, Guns Out74Princess Layout
Oak MeadowsChronically Injured Care Bears109Team Redundancy Team
Oak MeadowsRookie MonstersDefaultNorth Shore Blades
Rupert CCraicheads76The Marauders
Rupert CSwinton713Dark Side Of The Disc
Van Tech OvalIllegal Smile139Fire Ferrets
Van Tech OvalThe Greendale 7107Team Adequate
Winona NBIG DUMPLINGS105Pretty Kitties
Winona NGritty in Pink114Egg Salad Sandwich
6:30 pmKingcrestHuck It717Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
KingcrestSunny D's1017Finger Flicking Good
Trafalgar NWFr0g168Note DISClosures
7:00 pmMemorial SWFinest Fingers79Flick It To Ride
Memorial SWRain City Ultimate Club413Here for the Beer
Trillium E4 Gen213Gentle Warriors
Trillium EDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back109Plaid to the Bone
Trillium WCritters98Flickle Me Elmo
Trillium WHuckcredibles1314Discpicable Me
7:30 pmBalaclavaBlack Lotus Ultimate (BLU)1314Happy Rock Flat Ballerz
BalaclavaDiscThrow Inferno1113Ultimate BBT Too
Jericho EFriends of Friends913H-Bar
Jericho EIdentity Crisis139Big Black Backhands
Memorial OSuns Out, Guns Out132Two guys in the end zone
Oak MeadowsChronically Injured Care BearsDefaultNorth Shore Blades
Oak MeadowsRookie Monsters1012Team Redundancy Team
Rupert CCraicheads913Dark Side Of The Disc
Rupert CSwinton128The Marauders
Van Tech OvalIllegal Smile1011Team Adequate
Van Tech OvalThe Greendale 7138Fire Ferrets
Winona NBIG DUMPLINGS133Egg Salad Sandwich
Winona NGritty in Pink136Pretty Kitties
8:30 pmMemorial SWFinest Fingers58Here for the Beer
Memorial SWRain City Ultimate Club711Flick It To Ride
Trillium E4 Gen136Plaid to the Bone
Trillium EDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back713Gentle Warriors
Trillium WCritters1213Discpicable Me
Trillium WHuckcredibles139Flickle Me Elmo
Wed Jun 6
6:00 pm
Adanac NWHotpot Mafia613Washed Up High School Athletes
Adanac NWStackedAbsolute Zeroes
Jericho EDim Sum Warriors178Tosstitos
Jericho EHorse is the best animal1013Accidentally Poaching
Jericho EHuckin' East Van Canucks2117Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Jericho ENot Fast Just Furious2112Local Pint
KingcrestSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go813ReTox
Memorial OBurning Sensation!118Nastyass Honey Badgers
Memorial OPiper Palooza313Eat Disc
Rupert CFarquaad StarsquadForfeitedAzure D
Rupert CTremble136Butterfingers
6:30 pmBalaclavaLikastik177The Frisbee's Knees
BalaclavaRandom Fling1510The Thursday Heroes
Oak MeadowsBatteries Not Included1716Moose ick
Oak MeadowsDisc Comfort178Talk Nerdy To Me
Slocan CVictorious Secret1517Wok Don't Run.
Slocan SWNo. 9 Orange1713Frisbaes
Trafalgar NWGo the Disc-tance1213Humpty Dumpty
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ENew Disc Who Dis?1312zoi
Andy Livingstone EURFT136SQUlD
Jericho WAYCE1312Huckanda Forever!
Jericho WGoal Mountain2116Slow People Playing
Jericho WSauder Stratediscs617Butterfly Bandits
Jericho WUltimate BBT1213Psyhucks
Memorial SWDiscs I'd Like to Flick136Wyld Stallyns
Memorial SWJusDISC League89Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
7:30 pmAdanac NWHotpot Mafia138Absolute Zeroes
Adanac NWStacked813Washed Up High School Athletes
Jericho EDim Sum Warriors2119Local Pint
Jericho EHorse is the best animal1721Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Jericho EHuckin' East Van Canucks2112Accidentally Poaching
Jericho ENot Fast Just Furious215Tosstitos
KingcrestSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go1013Cuzins
Memorial OBurning Sensation!1310Eat Disc
Memorial OPiper Palooza138Nastyass Honey Badgers
Rupert CFarquaad StarsquadForfeitedButterfingers
Rupert CTremble1113Azure D
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ENew Disc Who Dis?138SQUlD
Andy Livingstone EURFT1011zoi
Jericho WAYCE139Slow People Playing
Jericho WGoal Mountain137Huckanda Forever!
Jericho WSauder Stratediscs717Psyhucks
Jericho WUltimate BBT136Butterfly Bandits
Memorial SWDiscs I'd Like to Flick613Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Memorial SWJusDISC League135Wyld Stallyns
Thu Jun 7
6:00 pm
BalaclavaFlickachu511Friz Nasty
BalaclavaJedi Force812Threwbacca
KingcrestMarvelous Meerkatz1210Slowpokes
KingcrestMixed VegetablesForfeitedFlick N Twisted
Memorial OHerniated Discs1011Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Memorial OSideways Shoe1013Try, Catch, Throw
Oak MeadowsEast Van Halen712Hangry Hangry Hippos
Oak MeadowsKuroko no Disk613Lego Inferno
Rupert CSweater Weather!1013Salt shakers
Rupert CUnfits69Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Winona C4 Winds911Roshi
Winona CSwingcredibles713Squirtle Squad
Winona NThe Gino Odj-discs810Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Winona NUniquecorns611Finger on the Disc
Winona SHand of Chal1210Pac-Man
Winona SOutta Disc World!613Countryboiis
6:30 pmSlocan CSend Disc Pics88Trust The Process
Slocan SWSteven and the Stevens86Petri Discs
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBaywatchers12590s Throwback
Andy Livingstone EDanger Zone135Ytterbium
Andy Livingstone WNight Cawks813Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
Andy Livingstone WTeamocil612I Don't Flick With You (IDFWY)
Empire NBattlecats and Friends139friendzone
Empire NBEARHAWKS134Disco Nuts
Empire SDTF - Down to Flick137Masters of the Universe
Empire SRawrXD712SSB
Jericho WDragon Sound97The Spinnakers
Jericho WHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu133Beta Blockers
Memorial SWDisc Infernos129Colonel Angus
Memorial SWRain City513Disc Monkeys
Trillium EAt Least My Disc Stays Up812Scoober Doober Doo
Trillium EChester Fields 2.0313Spinister Motives
Trillium WMisfats87Filet o Flick
Trillium WWrists of Fury128Summer Beer League
7:30 pmBalaclavaFlickachu913Threwbacca
BalaclavaJedi Force116Friz Nasty
KingcrestMarvelous Meerkatz1311Flick N Twisted
KingcrestMixed VegetablesForfeitedSlowpokes
Memorial OHerniated Discs107Try, Catch, Throw
Memorial OSideways Shoe913Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Oak MeadowsEast Van Halen1011Lego Inferno
Oak MeadowsKuroko no Disk813Hangry Hangry Hippos
Rupert CSweater Weather!1310Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Rupert CUnfitsSalt shakers
Winona C4 Winds313Squirtle Squad
Winona CSwingcredibles913Roshi
Winona NThe Gino Odj-discs108Finger on the Disc
Winona NUniquecorns89Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Winona SHand of Chal1310Countryboiis
Winona SOutta Disc World!139Pac-Man
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EBaywatchers812Ytterbium
Andy Livingstone EDanger Zone13690s Throwback
Andy Livingstone WNight Cawks513I Don't Flick With You (IDFWY)
Andy Livingstone WTeamocil813Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
Empire NBattlecats and Friends135Disco Nuts
Empire NBEARHAWKS136friendzone
Empire SDTF - Down to Flick1013SSB
Empire SRawrXD135Masters of the Universe
Jericho WDragon Sound1012Beta Blockers
Jericho WHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu135The Spinnakers
Memorial SWDisc Infernos1110Disc Monkeys
Memorial SWRain City1010Colonel Angus
Trillium EAt Least My Disc Stays Up513Spinister Motives
Trillium EChester Fields 2.0712Scoober Doober Doo
Trillium WMisfats813Summer Beer League
Trillium WWrists of Fury513Filet o Flick
Mon Jun 11
6:00 pm
BalaclavaDisappointed at Best1113Neon Disc-zaster!
BalaclavaFire Breathing Rubber Duckies513MeatKids
Jericho EThe Cleat Tauruses 1013Footballs Are Too Heavy
Jericho EThe Frizzles138Skywalkers
KingcrestG-raff A-ttack1213Got Milk?
KingcrestMastadon1312Huck E Cheese
Memorial OMustard Seeds1212FistFull of Dunwoody
Memorial OTofu Stack96Unbounce
Oak MeadowsHoney Badgers and Poodles - Don't give a Flick118FLiC Fam
Oak MeadowsTrigger Happy611BBT Donut Cutters
Point GreyDestructO Disk713GNU Ultimate
Point GreyVenom1312Soup Du Jour
Rupert C#VictoriasSecret3.5+Friends139Game of Throws
Rupert CLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers138The Hucking Fooligans
Winona CMister Chung's1010Bahalalala
Winona CThe Monday Foxes133The Growlers
Winona NHehe XD97Hammer Beats Rabbit
Winona NTsunami135Outdoor Players
Winona SRain City Ultimate Club 1.057Little Giants
Winona STeam Can't Throw76I Drink and I Throw Things
6:30 pmTrafalgar NWDown to Zucc1215Weeble Las Vegas!
7:00 pmJericho WDoggie Style137Wii (not) Fit?
Jericho WThe Super Friends128Marty!
Memorial SWAbsolute Chaos710Chubby Pandas
Memorial SWJust a Fling135The Monday Beavers
Trillium EEgregious137Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Trillium EKoopa Troopas813Slow Children Playing
Trillium WDisconnect128Strangers
Trillium WThrowbocops812Night Hucks
7:30 pmBalaclavaDisappointed at Best513MeatKids
BalaclavaFire Breathing Rubber Duckies913Neon Disc-zaster!
Jericho EThe Cleat Tauruses 1312Skywalkers
Jericho EThe Frizzles131Footballs Are Too Heavy
KingcrestG-raff A-ttack136Huck E Cheese
KingcrestMastadon1112Got Milk?
Memorial OMustard Seeds68Unbounce
Memorial OTofu Stack109FistFull of Dunwoody
Oak MeadowsHoney Badgers and Poodles - Don't give a Flick811BBT Donut Cutters
Oak MeadowsTrigger Happy913FLiC Fam
Point GreyDestructO Disk1312Soup Du Jour
Point GreyVenom130GNU Ultimate
Rupert C#VictoriasSecret3.5+Friends136The Hucking Fooligans
Rupert CLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers126Game of Throws
Winona CMister Chung's105The Growlers
Winona CThe Monday Foxes1113Bahalalala
Winona NHehe XD136Outdoor Players
Winona NTsunami1310Hammer Beats Rabbit
Winona SRain City Ultimate Club 1.0612I Drink and I Throw Things
Winona STeam Can't Throw125Little Giants
8:30 pmJericho WDoggie Style1312Marty!
Jericho WThe Super Friends137Wii (not) Fit?
Memorial SWAbsolute Chaos137The Monday Beavers
Memorial SWJust a Fling710Chubby Pandas
Trillium EEgregious139Slow Children Playing
Trillium EKoopa Troopas136Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Trillium WDisconnect117Night Hucks
Trillium WThrowbocops1013Strangers
Tue Jun 12
6:00 pm
BalaclavaGentle Warriors134Flickle Me Elmo
BalaclavaPlaid to the Bone139Discpicable Me
Jericho E4 Gen513Critters
Jericho EDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1012Huckcredibles
KingcrestHappy Rock Flat Ballerz107Huck It
KingcrestUltimate BBT Too135Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Memorial OEgg Salad Sandwich813Sunny D's
Memorial OPretty Kitties106Finger Flicking Good
Winona CPrincess LayoutForfeitedFr0g
Winona CTwo guys in the end zone76Note DISClosures
Winona NBig Black Backhands138Black Lotus Ultimate (BLU)
Winona NH-Bar108DiscThrow Inferno
Winona SHere for the Beer29Suns Out, Guns Out
6:30 pmTrafalgar NWRookie Monsters1614Chronically Injured Care Bears
Van Tech OvalIdentity Crisis1714Friends of Friends
Van Tech OvalRain City Ultimate Club1017Finest Fingers
7:00 pmMemorial SWNorth Shore BladesGritty in Pink
Memorial SWTeam Redundancy Team612BIG DUMPLINGS
Trillium ECraicheads138The Greendale 7
Trillium ESwinton109Illegal Smile
Trillium WDark Side Of The Disc1312Fire Ferrets
Trillium WThe Marauders139Team Adequate
7:30 pmBalaclavaGentle Warriors106Discpicable Me
BalaclavaPlaid to the Bone139Flickle Me Elmo
Jericho E4 Gen713Huckcredibles
Jericho EDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back913Critters
KingcrestHappy Rock Flat Ballerz135Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
KingcrestUltimate BBT Too128Huck It
Memorial OEgg Salad Sandwich711Finger Flicking Good
Memorial OPretty Kitties1311Sunny D's
Winona CPrincess Layout138Note DISClosures
Winona CTwo guys in the end zoneForfeitedFr0g
Winona NBig Black Backhands136DiscThrow Inferno
Winona NH-Bar133Black Lotus Ultimate (BLU)
Winona SFlick It To Ride134Suns Out, Guns Out
8:30 pmMemorial SWNorth Shore BladesBIG DUMPLINGS
Memorial SWTeam Redundancy Team117Gritty in Pink
Trillium ECraicheads99Illegal Smile
Trillium ESwinton134The Greendale 7
Trillium WDark Side Of The Disc131Team Adequate
Trillium WThe Marauders1311Fire Ferrets
Wed Jun 13
6:00 pm
Adanac NWCuzins138Butterfingers
Adanac NWReTox139Azure D
BalaclavaHuckanda Forever!912No. 9 Orange
BalaclavaSlow People Playing29Frisbaes
Empire NAccidentally Poaching 36Ultimate BBT
Empire NHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!102Sauder Stratediscs
Empire SButterfly Bandits64Humpty Dumpty
Empire SPsyhucks89Go the Disc-tance
Jericho EThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!139Burning Sensation!
Jericho EWyld Stallyns413Piper Palooza
Memorial OSQUlD1213Washed Up High School Athletes
Memorial Ozoi139Absolute Zeroes
Oak MeadowsLocal Pint513AYCE
Oak MeadowsTosstitos513Goal Mountain
6:30 pmKingcrestLikastik1711Random Fling
KingcrestThe Thursday Heroes1713The Frisbee's Knees
Rupert CDisc Comfort1713Batteries Not Included
Rupert CMoose ick176Talk Nerdy To Me
Slocan CJusDISC League179Discs I'd Like to Flick
Slocan SWNot Fast Just Furious1711Dim Sum Warriors
Trafalgar NWHorse is the best animal1017Huckin' East Van Canucks
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EFullmetal139Tremble
Andy Livingstone ESuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go135Farquaad Starsquad
Jericho WEat Disc125Wok Don't Run.
Jericho WNastyass Honey Badgers510Victorious Secret
Memorial SWNew Disc Who Dis?913Stacked
Memorial SWURFT1112Hotpot Mafia
7:30 pmAdanac NWCuzins1113Azure D
Adanac NWReTox138Butterfingers
BalaclavaHuckanda Forever!510Frisbaes
BalaclavaSlow People Playing610No. 9 Orange
Empire NAccidentally Poaching 610Sauder Stratediscs
Empire NHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!115Ultimate BBT
Empire SButterfly Bandits610Go the Disc-tance
Empire SPsyhucks71Humpty Dumpty
Jericho EThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!133Piper Palooza
Jericho EWyld Stallyns113Burning Sensation!
Memorial OSQUlD413Absolute Zeroes
Memorial Ozoi137Washed Up High School Athletes
Oak MeadowsLocal Pint138Goal Mountain
Oak MeadowsTosstitos513AYCE
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EFullmetal137Farquaad Starsquad
Andy Livingstone ESuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go138Tremble
Jericho WEat Disc913Victorious Secret
Jericho WNastyass Honey Badgers713Wok Don't Run.
Memorial SWNew Disc Who Dis?1312Hotpot Mafia
Memorial SWURFT126Stacked
Thu Jun 14
6:00 pm
BalaclavaRocky Mountain Bear Huckers135Send Disc Pics
BalaclavaTry, Catch, Throw138Trust The Process
KingcrestBattlecats and Friends133RawrXD
KingcrestBEARHAWKS95DTF - Down to Flick
Memorial OHangry Hangry Hippos106Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Memorial OLego Inferno108Finger on the Disc
Oak MeadowsAt Least My Disc Stays Up813Wrists of Fury
Oak MeadowsChester Fields 2.078Misfats
Rupert CDisco Nuts912Masters of the Universe
Rupert Cfriendzone613SSB
Winona CFlick N Twisted97Salt shakers
Winona CSlowpokes813Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Winona NScoober Doober Doo1310Summer Beer League
Winona NSpinister Motives138Filet o Flick
Winona SMarvelous Meerkatz136Unfits
Winona SMixed Vegetables613Sweater Weather!
6:30 pmSlocan CRain City1317Disc Infernos
Slocan SWDragon Sound1217Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EHand of Chal8134 Winds
Andy Livingstone EOutta Disc World!713Swingcredibles
Andy Livingstone WCountryboiis1311Squirtle Squad
Andy Livingstone WPac-Man513Roshi
Empire NBeta Blockers 55Jedi Force
Empire NThe Spinnakers511Flickachu
Empire SFriz Nasty610Steven and the Stevens
Empire SThrewbacca810Petri Discs
Jericho WColonel Angus612Sideways Shoe
Jericho WDisc Monkeys135Herniated Discs
Memorial SWEast Van Halen1013The Gino Odj-discs
Memorial SWKuroko no Disk1011Uniquecorns
Trillium EBaywatchers1210Teamocil
Trillium EDanger Zone136Night Cawks
Trillium W90s Throwback136I Don't Flick With You (IDFWY)
Trillium WYtterbium1311Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
7:30 pmBalaclavaRocky Mountain Bear Huckers136Trust The Process
BalaclavaTry, Catch, Throw135Send Disc Pics
KingcrestBattlecats and FriendsForfeitedDTF - Down to Flick
Memorial OHangry Hangry Hippos139Finger on the Disc
Memorial OLego Inferno1010Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Oak MeadowsAt Least My Disc Stays Up712Misfats
Oak MeadowsChester Fields 2.01310Wrists of Fury
Rupert CDisco Nuts413SSB
Rupert Cfriendzone1213Masters of the Universe
Winona CFlick N Twisted813Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Winona CSlowpokes00Salt shakers
Winona NScoober Doober Doo1211Filet o Flick
Winona NSpinister Motives1311Summer Beer League
Winona SMarvelous Meerkatz1311Sweater Weather!
Winona SMixed Vegetables613Unfits
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EHand of Chal1310Swingcredibles
Andy Livingstone EOutta Disc World!7134 Winds
Andy Livingstone WCountryboiis713Roshi
Andy Livingstone WPac-Man813Squirtle Squad
Empire NBeta Blockers 69Flickachu
Empire NThe Spinnakers48Jedi Force
Empire SFriz Nasty811Petri Discs
Empire SThrewbacca69Steven and the Stevens
Jericho WColonel Angus128Herniated Discs
Jericho WDisc Monkeys102Sideways Shoe
Memorial SWEast Van Halen1012Uniquecorns
Memorial SWKuroko no Disk136The Gino Odj-discs
Trillium EBaywatchers138Night Cawks
Trillium EDanger Zone133Teamocil
Trillium W90s Throwback132Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
Trillium WYtterbium513I Don't Flick With You (IDFWY)
Mon Jun 18
6:00 pm
BalaclavaDown to Zucc113Night Hucks
BalaclavaWeeble Las Vegas!129Strangers
Jericho E#VictoriasSecret3.5+Friends1310Got Milk?
Jericho ELittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1310Huck E Cheese
Killarney CDisappointed at Best138Soup Du Jour
Killarney CFire Breathing Rubber DuckiesGNU Ultimate
KingcrestRain City Ultimate Club 1.079Bahalalala
KingcrestTeam Can't Throw76The Growlers
Memorial OHoney Badgers and Poodles - Don't give a Flick87Outdoor Players
Memorial OTrigger Happy134Hammer Beats Rabbit
Point GreyEgregious137Throwbocops
Point GreyKoopa Troopas106Disconnect
Rupert CMister Chung's122Little Giants
Rupert CThe Monday Foxes106I Drink and I Throw Things
Winona CMustard Seeds1110The Monday Beavers
Winona CTofu Stack88Chubby Pandas
Winona NDestructO Disk713MeatKids
Winona NVenom135Neon Disc-zaster!
Winona SAbsolute Chaos510Unbounce
Winona SJust a Fling96FistFull of Dunwoody
6:30 pmTrafalgar NWTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1710Slow Children Playing
7:00 pmJericho WG-raff A-ttack135Game of Throws
Jericho WMastadon137The Hucking Fooligans
Memorial SWHehe XD712BBT Donut Cutters
Memorial SWTsunami1213FLiC Fam
Trillium EThe Cleat Tauruses 126Wii (not) Fit?
Trillium EThe Frizzles114Marty!
Trillium WDoggie Style139Footballs Are Too Heavy
Trillium WThe Super Friends1011Skywalkers
7:30 pmBalaclavaDown to Zucc1210Strangers
BalaclavaWeeble Las Vegas!138Night Hucks
Jericho E#VictoriasSecret3.5+Friends136Huck E Cheese
Jericho ELittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1310Got Milk?
Killarney CDisappointed at Best1013GNU Ultimate
Killarney CFire Breathing Rubber Duckies1310Soup Du Jour
KingcrestRain City Ultimate Club 1.0113The Growlers
KingcrestTeam Can't Throw137Bahalalala
Memorial OHoney Badgers and Poodles - Don't give a Flick137Hammer Beats Rabbit
Memorial OTrigger Happy136Outdoor Players
Point GreyEgregious713Disconnect
Point GreyKoopa Troopas129Throwbocops
Rupert CMister Chung's137I Drink and I Throw Things
Rupert CThe Monday Foxes132Little Giants
Winona CMustard Seeds133Chubby Pandas
Winona CTofu Stack1110The Monday Beavers
Winona NDestructO Disk1213Neon Disc-zaster!
Winona NVenom813MeatKids
Winona SAbsolute Chaos98FistFull of Dunwoody
Winona SJust a Fling313Unbounce
8:30 pmJericho WG-raff A-ttack128The Hucking Fooligans
Jericho WMastadon136Game of Throws
Memorial SWHehe XD613FLiC Fam
Memorial SWTsunami107BBT Donut Cutters
Trillium EThe Cleat Tauruses 135Marty!
Trillium EThe Frizzles1211Wii (not) Fit?
Trillium WDoggie Style136Skywalkers
Trillium WThe Super Friends1311Footballs Are Too Heavy
Tue Jun 19
6:00 pm
BalaclavaDark Side Of The Disc135Illegal Smile
BalaclavaThe Marauders108The Greendale 7
Jericho ECraicheads136Team Adequate
Jericho ESwinton135Fire Ferrets
KingcrestGentle Warriors1112Critters
KingcrestPlaid to the Bone1013Huckcredibles
Memorial OBig Black Backhands136Ultimate BBT Too
Memorial OH-BarHappy Rock Flat Ballerz
Winona CNorth Shore BladesEgg Salad Sandwich
Winona CTeam Redundancy Team612Pretty Kitties
Winona N4 Gen913Flickle Me Elmo
Winona NDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1213Discpicable Me
Winona SChronically Injured Care Bears710Finger Flicking Good
Winona SRookie Monsters1011Sunny D's
6:30 pmKillarney CGritty in PinkBIG DUMPLINGS
Trafalgar NWDiscThrow Inferno1215Black Lotus Ultimate (BLU)
7:00 pmMemorial SWFriends of Friends139Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Memorial SWIdentity Crisis136Huck It
Trillium EFinest Fingers115Note DISClosures
Trillium ERain City Ultimate Club106Fr0g
Trillium WFlick It To Ride134Two guys in the end zone
Trillium WHere for the Beer117Princess Layout
7:30 pmBalaclavaDark Side Of The Disc134The Greendale 7
BalaclavaThe Marauders138Illegal Smile
Jericho ECraicheadsFire Ferrets
Jericho ESwinton139Team Adequate
KingcrestGentle Warriors1312Huckcredibles
KingcrestPlaid to the Bone713Critters
Memorial OBig Black Backhands1213Happy Rock Flat Ballerz
Memorial OH-Bar117Ultimate BBT Too
Winona CNorth Shore BladesPretty Kitties
Winona CTeam Redundancy Team612Egg Salad Sandwich
Winona N4 Gen713Discpicable Me
Winona NDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back133Flickle Me Elmo
Winona SChronically Injured Care Bears108Sunny D's
Winona SRookie Monsters1311Finger Flicking Good
8:30 pmMemorial SWFriends of Friends136Huck It
Memorial SWIdentity Crisis137Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Trillium EFinest Fingers133Fr0g
Trillium ERain City Ultimate Club1010Note DISClosures
Trillium WFlick It To Ride135Princess Layout
Trillium WHere for the Beer125Two guys in the end zone
Wed Jun 20
6:00 pm
Empire NDiscs I'd Like to Flick79Wok Don't Run.
Empire NJusDISC League1010Victorious Secret
Empire SThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!DefaultNastyass Honey Badgers
Empire SWyld Stallyns713Eat Disc
Jericho ENew Disc Who Dis?87Absolute Zeroes
Jericho EURFTDefaultWashed Up High School Athletes
KingcrestDim Sum Warriors812Frisbaes
KingcrestNot Fast Just Furious118No. 9 Orange
Memorial OCuzins1310Tremble
Memorial OReTox137Farquaad Starsquad
Oak MeadowsAccidentally Poaching 114Psyhucks
Oak MeadowsHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!96Butterfly Bandits
Rupert CLocal Pint138Huckanda Forever!
Rupert CTosstitos96Slow People Playing
6:30 pmBalaclavaBatteries Not Included1713Likastik
BalaclavaDisc Comfort1714Moose ick
Killarney CRandom Fling168The Frisbee's Knees
Killarney CTalk Nerdy To Me175The Thursday Heroes
Slocan CBurning Sensation!1716Piper Palooza
Slocan SWAYCE1710Goal Mountain
Trafalgar NWUltimate BBT1013Sauder Stratediscs
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EHorse is the best animal1110Go the Disc-tance
Andy Livingstone EHuckin' East Van Canucks104Humpty Dumpty
Jericho WSQUlD138Hotpot Mafia
Jericho Wzoi136Stacked
Memorial SWFullmetal139Butterfingers
Memorial SWSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go1312Azure D
7:30 pmEmpire NDiscs I'd Like to Flick1212Victorious Secret
Empire NJusDISC League127Wok Don't Run.
Empire SThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!613Eat Disc
Empire SWyld Stallyns132Nastyass Honey Badgers
Jericho ENew Disc Who Dis?1311Washed Up High School Athletes
Jericho EURFT138Absolute Zeroes
KingcrestDim Sum Warriors1110No. 9 Orange
KingcrestNot Fast Just Furious114Frisbaes
Memorial OCuzins1311Farquaad Starsquad
Memorial OReTox137Tremble
Oak MeadowsAccidentally Poaching 135Butterfly Bandits
Oak MeadowsHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!812Psyhucks
Rupert CLocal Pint139Slow People Playing
Rupert CTosstitos108Huckanda Forever!
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EHorse is the best animal132Humpty Dumpty
Andy Livingstone EHuckin' East Van Canucks813Go the Disc-tance
Jericho WSQUlD1212Stacked
Jericho Wzoi1311Hotpot Mafia
Memorial SWFullmetal138Azure D
Memorial SWSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go135Butterfingers
Thu Jun 21
6:00 pm
BalaclavaHangry Hangry Hippos87The Gino Odj-discs
BalaclavaLego InfernoUniquecorns
Killarney CBaywatchers811I Don't Flick With You (IDFWY)
Killarney CDanger Zone84Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
KingcrestDragon Sound130Steven and the Stevens
KingcrestHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu67Petri Discs
Memorial OScoober Doober Doo813Wrists of Fury
Memorial OSpinister Motives1112Misfats
Rupert CBeta Blockers 115Threwbacca
Rupert CThe Spinnakers1010Friz Nasty
Winona CDisco Nuts89DTF - Down to Flick
Winona Cfriendzone1210RawrXD
Winona N90s Throwback103Teamocil
Winona NYtterbium813Night Cawks
Winona SBattlecats and Friends913SSB
Winona SBEARHAWKS133Masters of the Universe
6:30 pmSlocan CHerniated Discs1615Sideways Shoe
Slocan SWFlickachu129Jedi Force
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EMarvelous MeerkatzForfeitedMighty Hucking Power Rangers
Andy Livingstone EMixed Vegetables910Salt shakers
Andy Livingstone WFlick N Twisted1111Sweater Weather!
Andy Livingstone WSlowpokes1311Unfits
Empire NDisc Infernos125Trust The Process
Empire NRain City135Send Disc Pics
Empire SColonel Angus108Try, Catch, Throw
Empire SDisc Monkeys97Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Jericho WEast Van Halen813Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Jericho WKuroko no Disk84Finger on the Disc
Memorial SWAt Least My Disc Stays Up913Summer Beer League
Memorial SWChester Fields 2.0313Filet o Flick
Trillium EHand of Chal413Roshi
Trillium EOutta Disc World!613Squirtle Squad
Trillium WCountryboiis1111Swingcredibles
Trillium WPac-Man964 Winds
7:30 pmBalaclavaHangry Hangry Hippos87Uniquecorns
BalaclavaLego Inferno134The Gino Odj-discs
Killarney CBaywatchers910Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
Killarney CDanger Zone127I Don't Flick With You (IDFWY)
KingcrestDragon Sound132Petri Discs
KingcrestHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu130Steven and the Stevens
Memorial OScoober Doober Doo89Misfats
Memorial OSpinister Motives1312Wrists of Fury
Rupert CBeta Blockers 711Friz Nasty
Rupert CThe Spinnakers88Threwbacca
Winona CDisco Nuts1011RawrXD
Winona Cfriendzone1013DTF - Down to Flick
Winona N90s Throwback139Night Cawks
Winona NYtterbium138Teamocil
Winona SBattlecats and Friends136Masters of the Universe
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EMarvelous MeerkatzForfeitedSalt shakers
Andy Livingstone EMixed Vegetables913Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Andy Livingstone WFlick N Twisted1010Unfits
Andy Livingstone WSlowpokes1012Sweater Weather!
Empire NDisc Infernos109Send Disc Pics
Empire NRain City79Trust The Process
Empire SColonel Angus136Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Empire SDisc Monkeys1110Try, Catch, Throw
Jericho WEast Van Halen612Finger on the Disc
Jericho WKuroko no Disk1113Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Memorial SWAt Least My Disc Stays Up413Filet o Flick
Memorial SWChester Fields 2.0813Summer Beer League
Trillium EHand of Chal811Squirtle Squad
Trillium EOutta Disc World!912Roshi
Trillium WCountryboiis694 Winds
Trillium WPac-Man910Swingcredibles
Mon Jun 25
6:00 pm
BalaclavaThe Frizzles132The Cleat Tauruses
BalaclavaThe Super Friends1012Doggie Style
Jericho EMister Chung's911The Monday Foxes
Jericho ERain City Ultimate Club 1.059Team Can't Throw
Killarney CDown to ZuccThrowbocops
Killarney CWeeble Las Vegas!813Disconnect
KingcrestJust a Fling49Absolute Chaos
KingcrestMustard Seeds118Tofu Stack
Memorial OGNU Ultimate413Soup Du Jour
Memorial OMeatKids137Neon Disc-zaster!
Point GreyMarty!139Wii (not) Fit?
Point GreySkywalkers713Footballs Are Too Heavy
Rupert CFistFull of Dunwoody58Unbounce
Rupert CThe Monday Beavers103Chubby Pandas
Winona CBBT Donut Cutters135FLiC Fam
Winona CHammer Beats Rabbit132Outdoor Players
Winona NSlow Children Playing1110Strangers
Winona NTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion910Night Hucks
Winona SHehe XD811Tsunami
Winona STrigger Happy99Honey Badgers and Poodles - Don't give a Flick
6:30 pmTrafalgar NWEgregious178Koopa Troopas
7:00 pmJericho WBahalalala117The Growlers
Jericho WLittle Giants67I Drink and I Throw Things
Memorial SWDestructO Disk511Venom
Memorial SWFire Breathing Rubber Duckies86Disappointed at Best
Trillium E#VictoriasSecret3.5+Friends1211Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Trillium EG-raff A-ttack1110Mastadon
Trillium WGame of Throws98The Hucking Fooligans
Trillium WGot Milk?1213Huck E Cheese
7:30 pmBalaclavaThe Frizzles116Doggie Style
BalaclavaThe Super Friends913The Cleat Tauruses
Jericho EMister Chung's810Team Can't Throw
Jericho ERain City Ultimate Club 1.0913The Monday Foxes
Killarney CDown to Zucc713Disconnect
Killarney CWeeble Las Vegas!1213Throwbocops
KingcrestJust a Fling77Tofu Stack
KingcrestMustard Seeds127Absolute Chaos
Memorial OGNU Ultimate1113Neon Disc-zaster!
Memorial OMeatKids1310Soup Du Jour
Point GreyMarty!139Footballs Are Too Heavy
Point GreySkywalkers1013Wii (not) Fit?
Rupert CFistFull of Dunwoody66Chubby Pandas
Rupert CThe Monday Beavers413Unbounce
Winona CBBT Donut Cutters135Outdoor Players
Winona CHammer Beats Rabbit913FLiC Fam
Winona NSlow Children Playing313Night Hucks
Winona NTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion107Strangers
Winona SHehe XD712Honey Badgers and Poodles - Don't give a Flick
Winona STrigger Happy1113Tsunami
8:30 pmJericho WBahalalala1311I Drink and I Throw Things
Jericho WLittle Giants711The Growlers
Memorial SWDestructO Disk1112Disappointed at Best
Memorial SWFire Breathing Rubber Duckies413Venom
Trillium E#VictoriasSecret3.5+Friends138Mastadon
Trillium EG-raff A-ttack1210Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Trillium WGame of Throws138Huck E Cheese
Trillium WGot Milk?1310The Hucking Fooligans
Tue Jun 26
6:00 pm
BalaclavaSuns Out, Guns Out103Fr0g
Jericho EFinest Fingers127Two guys in the end zone
Jericho ERain City Ultimate Club911Princess Layout
KingcrestFire Ferrets88Team Adequate
KingcrestIllegal Smile128The Greendale 7
Memorial ODiscpicable Me611Flickle Me Elmo
Memorial OHuckcredibles109Critters
Winona CBlack Lotus Ultimate (BLU)1011Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Winona CDiscThrow Inferno126Huck It
Winona NDark Side Of The Disc1210The Marauders
Winona NSwinton138Craicheads
Winona SFriends of Friends910Ultimate BBT Too
Winona SIdentity Crisis134Happy Rock Flat Ballerz
6:30 pmKillarney CH-Bar1013Big Black Backhands
Killarney CNorth Shore BladesTeam Redundancy Team
Trafalgar NWHere for the Beer415Flick It To Ride
7:00 pmMemorial SWDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1384 Gen
Memorial SWPlaid to the Bone513Gentle Warriors
Trillium EChronically Injured Care Bears810Pretty Kitties
Trillium ERookie Monsters117Egg Salad Sandwich
Trillium WBIG DUMPLINGSFinger Flicking Good
Trillium WGritty in Pink713Sunny D's
BalaclavaSuns Out, Guns Out134Note DISClosures
Jericho EFinest Fingers127Princess Layout
Jericho ERain City Ultimate Club132Two guys in the end zone
KingcrestFire Ferrets99The Greendale 7
KingcrestIllegal Smile1311Team Adequate
Memorial ODiscpicable Me1113Critters
Memorial OHuckcredibles139Flickle Me Elmo
Winona CBlack Lotus Ultimate (BLU)135Huck It
Winona CDiscThrow InfernoAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Winona NDark Side Of The Disc613Craicheads
Winona NSwinton134The Marauders
Winona SFriends of Friends136Happy Rock Flat Ballerz
Winona SIdentity Crisis1310Ultimate BBT Too
8:30 pmMemorial SWDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back139Gentle Warriors
Memorial SWPlaid to the Bone12144 Gen
Trillium EChronically Injured Care Bears108Egg Salad Sandwich
Trillium ERookie Monsters119Pretty Kitties
Trillium WBIG DUMPLINGSSunny D's
Trillium WGritty in Pink119Finger Flicking Good
Wed Jun 27
6:00 pm
BalaclavaHorse is the best animal84Psyhucks
BalaclavaHuckin' East Van Canucks137Butterfly Bandits
Empire NNew Disc Who Dis?URFT
Empire Nzoi1011SQUlD
Empire SAbsolute Zeroes713Washed Up High School Athletes
Empire SStacked106Hotpot Mafia
Jericho EReTox137Cuzins
Jericho ESuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go139Fullmetal
KingcrestDiscs I'd Like to FlickDefaultEat Disc
KingcrestJusDISC League2111Nastyass Honey Badgers
Memorial OAYCE710No. 9 Orange
Memorial OGoal Mountain79Frisbaes
Musqueam ESauder Stratediscs114Humpty Dumpty
Musqueam EUltimate BBT106Go the Disc-tance
6:30 pmKillarney CBatteries Not Included1711Moose ick
Killarney CDisc Comfort179Likastik
KingcrestRandom Fling1722The Thursday Heroes
KingcrestTalk Nerdy To Me1711The Frisbee's Knees
Slocan CThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!1716Wyld Stallyns
Slocan SWLocal Pint1719Tosstitos
Trafalgar NWAccidentally Poaching 417Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBurning Sensation!311Victorious Secret
Andy Livingstone EPiper Palooza137Wok Don't Run.
Jericho WAzure D135Butterfingers
Jericho WFarquaad Starsquad138Tremble
Memorial SWDim Sum Warriors133Slow People Playing
Memorial SWNot Fast Just Furious132Huckanda Forever!
7:30 pmBalaclavaHorse is the best animal136Butterfly Bandits
BalaclavaHuckin' East Van Canucks1013Psyhucks
Empire NNew Disc Who Dis?SQUlD
Empire Nzoi1112URFT
Empire SAbsolute Zeroes96Hotpot Mafia
Empire SStacked1010Washed Up High School Athletes
Jericho EReTox1311Fullmetal
Jericho ESuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go138Cuzins
KingcrestDiscs I'd Like to FlickDefaultNastyass Honey Badgers
KingcrestJusDISC League2016Eat Disc
Memorial OAYCEFrisbaes
Memorial OGoal Mountain912No. 9 Orange
Musqueam ESauder Stratediscs89Go the Disc-tance
Musqueam EUltimate BBT124Humpty Dumpty
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EBurning Sensation!1311Wok Don't Run.
Andy Livingstone EPiper Palooza89Victorious Secret
Jericho WAzure D139Tremble
Jericho WFarquaad Starsquad613Butterfingers
Memorial SWDim Sum Warriors136Huckanda Forever!
Memorial SWNot Fast Just Furious136Slow People Playing
Thu Jun 28
6:00 pm
BalaclavaSummer Beer League 136Filet o Flick
BalaclavaWrists of Fury712Misfats
Killarney CCountryboiis119Pac-Man
Killarney COutta Disc World!613Hand of Chal
KingcrestDisc Infernos132Try, Catch, Throw
KingcrestRain City128Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Memorial OApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)68I Don't Flick With You (IDFWY)
Memorial ONight Cawks1112Teamocil
Rupert CHerniated Discs134Send Disc Pics
Rupert CSideways Shoe128Trust The Process
Winona CFlickachu122Steven and the Stevens
Winona CJedi Force124Petri Discs
Winona NSquirtle Squad713Roshi
Winona NSwingcredibles10134 Winds
Winona SDragon Sound132Friz Nasty
Winona SHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu134Threwbacca
6:30 pmSlocan CDisc Monkeys817Colonel Angus
Slocan SWThe Spinnakers910Beta Blockers
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBEARHAWKS118Battlecats and Friends
Andy Livingstone EDisco Nuts713friendzone
Andy Livingstone WDTF - Down to Flick126RawrXD
Andy Livingstone WMasters of the Universe813SSB
Empire NKuroko no Disk136East Van Halen
Empire NLego Inferno98Hangry Hangry Hippos
Empire SFinger on the Disc411Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Empire SUniquecornsThe Gino Odj-discs
Jericho WAt Least My Disc Stays UpChester Fields 2.0
Jericho WScoober Doober Doo97Spinister Motives
Memorial SWDanger Zone136Baywatchers
Memorial SWYtterbium90s Throwback
Trillium EFlick N Twisted713Slowpokes
Trillium EMixed Vegetables1213Marvelous Meerkatz
Trillium WSalt shakersForfeitedMighty Hucking Power Rangers
Trillium WSweater Weather!132Unfits
7:30 pmBalaclavaSummer Beer League 137Misfats
BalaclavaWrists of Fury713Filet o Flick
Killarney CCountryboiis1011Hand of Chal
Killarney COutta Disc World!513Pac-Man
KingcrestDisc Infernos136Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
KingcrestRain City132Try, Catch, Throw
Memorial OApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)119Teamocil
Memorial ONight Cawks1213I Don't Flick With You (IDFWY)
Rupert CHerniated Discs126Trust The Process
Rupert CSideways Shoe137Send Disc Pics
Winona CFlickachu104Petri Discs
Winona CJedi Force117Steven and the Stevens
Winona NSquirtle Squad11134 Winds
Winona NSwingcredibles139Roshi
Winona SDragon Sound133Threwbacca
Winona SHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu133Friz Nasty
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EBEARHAWKS1311friendzone
Andy Livingstone EDisco Nuts413Battlecats and Friends
Andy Livingstone WDTF - Down to Flick1310SSB
Andy Livingstone WMasters of the Universe136RawrXD
Empire NKuroko no Disk128Hangry Hangry Hippos
Empire NLego Inferno116East Van Halen
Empire SFinger on the Disc710The Gino Odj-discs
Empire SUniquecorns713Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Jericho WAt Least My Disc Stays Up713Spinister Motives
Jericho WScoober Doober Doo126Chester Fields 2.0
Memorial SWDanger Zone13890s Throwback
Memorial SWYtterbium136Baywatchers
Trillium EFlick N Twisted613Marvelous Meerkatz
Trillium EMixed Vegetables137Slowpokes
Trillium WSweater Weather!813Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Mon Jul 2
6:00 pm
Balaclava#VictoriasSecret3.5+FriendsCancelledGot Milk?
BalaclavaG-raff A-ttackCancelledLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers
Jericho EHammer Beats Rabbit105Tofu Stack
Jericho EOutdoor PlayersDefaultChubby Pandas
Killarney CGame of Throws109The Super Friends
Killarney CThe Hucking FooligansForfeitedFootballs Are Too Heavy
KingcrestSlow Children Playing913Strangers
KingcrestTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion710Honey Badgers and Poodles - Don't give a Flick
Memorial OFire Breathing Rubber Duckies1210Disappointed at Best
Memorial OGNU Ultimate713Disconnect
Point GreyHuck E Cheese126Doggie Style
Point GreyMastadonForfeitedThe Frizzles
Rupert CFLiC Fam138Trigger Happy
Rupert CTsunami105Hehe XD
Winona CKoopa Troopas109BBT Donut Cutters
Winona CNight HucksForfeitedThrowbocops
Winona NMeatKids132Neon Disc-zaster!
Winona NThe Cleat Tauruses 136Venom
Winona SEgregiousCancelledWeeble Las Vegas!
Winona SSoup Du JourCancelled