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Sat Sep 8
10:00 am
Columbia CNaughty Neighbors114Holy Huck
Columbia CThrowaway Team133Rain City Ultimate Club Fall-timate 2018
Columbia SRoshi134The Perogies
Memorial OSSB135Bok Choy Bangers
Memorial OThe Hucking Fooligans138Aller D
Rupert SDarren and Friends127Hand of Chal
Rupert SLike a Simile1310Umbrero
Winona NEast Nude Stallions139Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Winona NMarty!132Sideways Shoe
11:30 amColumbia CRoshi134Holy Huck
Columbia CThrowaway Team1310Naughty Neighbors
Columbia SRain City Ultimate Club Fall-timate 2018211The Perogies
Memorial OSSB136Aller D
Memorial OThe Hucking Fooligans134Bok Choy Bangers
Rupert SDarren and Friends127Umbrero
Rupert SLike a Simile138Hand of Chal
Winona NEast Nude Stallions413Sideways Shoe
Winona NMarty!131Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Sun Sep 9
10:00 am
Memorial OSpinister Motives313Talk Nerdy To Me
Memorial OThe No Throws711Tugboat
Rupert SAbsolute Zeroes132DISC-FUNCTIONAL
Rupert SDiscellaneous313Flick N Twisted
11:30 amMemorial OSpinister Motives313Tugboat
Memorial OThe No Throws1310Talk Nerdy To Me
Rupert SAbsolute Zeroes813Flick N Twisted
Rupert SDiscellaneous1012DISC-FUNCTIONAL
1:00 pmWinona CFlickachu711Bubble Hucks
Winona CFriz Nasty313Ligma Disc
Winona N23 on Tinder113Wyld Stallyns
2:30 pmWinona C23 on Tinder113Bubble Hucks
Winona CFriz Nasty613Flickachu
Winona NLigma Disc512Wyld Stallyns
Sat Sep 15
10:00 am
Columbia CRain City Ultimate Club Fall-timate 201858Holy Huck
Columbia CSideways Shoe132The Perogies
Columbia SThrowaway Team1415Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Killarney CMarty!134East Nude Stallions
Killarney CNaughty Neighbors313Roshi
Memorial ODarren and Friends118The Hucking Fooligans
Memorial OLike a Simile1311SSB
Rupert SHand of Chal1312Aller D
Rupert SUmbrero1011Bok Choy Bangers
11:30 amColumbia CSideways Shoe133Rain City Ultimate Club Fall-timate 2018
Columbia CThrowaway Team135Holy Huck
Columbia SThe Perogies213Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Killarney CMarty!134Roshi
Killarney CNaughty Neighbors119East Nude Stallions
Memorial ODarren and Friends513SSB
Memorial OLike a Simile135The Hucking Fooligans
Rupert SHand of Chal1311Bok Choy Bangers
Rupert SUmbrero78Aller D
Sun Sep 16
10:00 am
Killarney CDISC-FUNCTIONALCancelledTalk Nerdy To Me
Killarney CFlick N TwistedCancelledTugboat
KingcrestAbsolute ZeroesCancelledSpinister Motives
KingcrestDiscellaneousCancelledThe No Throws
11:30 amKillarney CDISC-FUNCTIONALCancelledTugboat
Killarney CFlick N TwistedCancelledTalk Nerdy To Me
KingcrestAbsolute ZeroesCancelledThe No Throws
KingcrestDiscellaneousCancelledSpinister Motives
1:00 pmWinona C23 on TinderCancelledFlickachu
Winona CLigma DiscCancelledBubble Hucks
Winona SFriz NastyCancelledWyld Stallyns
2:30 pmWinona C23 on TinderCancelledLigma Disc
Winona CFriz NastyCancelledBubble Hucks
Winona SFlickachuCancelledWyld Stallyns
Sat Sep 22
10:00 am
Columbia CAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles1012Roshi
Columbia CEast Nude Stallions139Rain City Ultimate Club Fall-timate 2018
Columbia SHoly Huck513Sideways Shoe
Memorial OHand of Chal713The Hucking Fooligans
Memorial OUmbrero713SSB
Oak MeadowsDarren and Friends1312Aller D
Oak MeadowsLike a SimileForfeitedBok Choy Bangers
Winona NMarty!CancelledThrowaway Team
Winona NThe PerogiesCancelledNaughty Neighbors
11:30 amColumbia CAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles131Rain City Ultimate Club Fall-timate 2018
Columbia CEast Nude Stallions138Holy Huck
Columbia SRoshi134Sideways Shoe
Memorial OHand of Chal713SSB
Memorial OUmbrero1113The Hucking Fooligans
Oak MeadowsDarren and FriendsForfeitedBok Choy Bangers
Oak MeadowsLike a Simile137Aller D
Winona NMarty!CancelledNaughty Neighbors
Winona NThe PerogiesCancelledThrowaway Team
Sun Sep 23
10:00 am
Memorial ODISC-FUNCTIONAL117Spinister Motives
Memorial OFlick N Twisted135The No Throws
Oak MeadowsAbsolute Zeroes139Talk Nerdy To Me
Oak MeadowsDiscellaneous313Tugboat
11:30 amMemorial ODISC-FUNCTIONAL138The No Throws
Memorial OFlick N Twisted135Spinister Motives
Oak MeadowsAbsolute Zeroes1113Tugboat
Oak MeadowsDiscellaneousForfeitedTalk Nerdy To Me
1:00 pmWinona CFlickachu96Ligma Disc
Winona CFriz Nasty7223 on Tinder
Winona SBubble Hucks131Wyld Stallyns
2:30 pmWinona CFlickachu1113Bubble Hucks
Winona CFriz Nasty512Ligma Disc
Winona S23 on Tinder133Wyld Stallyns
Sat Sep 29
10:00 am
Memorial OAller D1310Hand of Chal
Memorial OLike a Simile1312Marty!
Rupert SSSB138Roshi
Rupert SThe Hucking Fooligans513Darren and Friends
Trafalgar NWHoly Huck811Rain City Ultimate Club Fall-timate 2018
Trafalgar NWNaughty Neighbors72The Perogies
Winona NSideways Shoe139East Nude Stallions
Winona NThrowaway Team413Umbrero
Winona SBok Choy Bangers133Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
11:30 amMemorial OAller D513Marty!
Memorial OLike a Simile137Hand of Chal
Rupert SSSB1213Darren and Friends
Rupert SThe Hucking Fooligans713Roshi
Trafalgar NWHoly Huck713The Perogies
Trafalgar NWNaughty Neighbors138Rain City Ultimate Club Fall-timate 2018
Winona NBok Choy Bangers135East Nude Stallions
Winona NThrowaway Team137Sideways Shoe
Winona SUmbrero135Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Sun Sep 30
10:00 am
KingcrestSpinister MotivesCancelledTalk Nerdy To Me
KingcrestThe No ThrowsCancelledTugboat
Trafalgar NWAbsolute Zeroes124DISC-FUNCTIONAL
Trafalgar NWDiscellaneous113Flick N Twisted
11:30 amKingcrestSpinister MotivesCancelledTugboat
KingcrestThe No ThrowsCancelledTalk Nerdy To Me
Trafalgar NWAbsolute Zeroes1213Flick N Twisted
Trafalgar NWDiscellaneous513DISC-FUNCTIONAL
1:00 pmWinona C23 on Tinder612Flickachu
Winona CLigma DiscCancelledBubble Hucks
Winona CLigma DiscCancelledBubble Hucks
Winona NFriz NastyCancelledWyld Stallyns
2:30 pmWinona C23 on TinderCancelledLigma Disc
Winona C23 on Tinder1113Ligma Disc
Winona CFriz NastyCancelledBubble Hucks
Winona NFlickachuCancelledWyld Stallyns
Sat Oct 6
10:00 am
Killarney CNaughty Neighbors124Holy Huck
Killarney CSideways Shoe612Bok Choy Bangers
Oak MeadowsAller D913The Hucking Fooligans
Oak MeadowsLike a Simile1211SSB
Trafalgar NWHand of Chal1112Darren and Friends
Trafalgar NWMarty!137Roshi
Winona NThe Perogies413Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Winona NUmbrero132East Nude Stallions
Winona SThrowaway Team136Rain City Ultimate Club Fall-timate 2018
11:30 amKillarney CNaughty Neighbors513Bok Choy Bangers
Killarney CSideways Shoe126Holy Huck
Oak MeadowsAller D313SSB
Oak MeadowsLike a Simile1311The Hucking Fooligans
Trafalgar NWHand of Chal139Roshi
Trafalgar NWMarty!1210Darren and Friends
Winona NThe Perogies813Umbrero
Winona NThrowaway Team137East Nude Stallions
Winona SAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles135Rain City Ultimate Club Fall-timate 2018
Sat Oct 13
10:00 am
Killarney CAller D813Darren and Friends
Killarney CLike a Simile138Roshi
Memorial OAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles215Sideways Shoe
Memorial ONaughty Neighbors1212Throwaway Team
Oak MeadowsHand of Chal513The Hucking Fooligans
Oak MeadowsMarty!109SSB
Winona NHoly Huck213Umbrero
Winona NRain City Ultimate Club Fall-timate 2018Bok Choy Bangers
Winona SEast Nude Stallions813The Perogies
11:30 amKillarney CAller DForfeitedRoshi
Killarney CLike a Simile1314Darren and Friends
Memorial OAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles137Throwaway Team
Memorial ONaughty Neighbors2117Sideways Shoe
Oak MeadowsHand of Chal413SSB
Oak MeadowsMarty!135The Hucking Fooligans
Winona NHoly Huck1113East Nude Stallions
Winona NRain City Ultimate Club Fall-timate 2018Umbrero
Winona SBok Choy Bangers96The Perogies
Sun Oct 14
10:00 am
Killarney CDISC-FUNCTIONAL813Talk Nerdy To Me
Killarney CFlick N Twisted119Tugboat
Rupert SAbsolute Zeroes131Spinister Motives
Rupert SDiscellaneous013The No Throws
11:30 amKillarney CDISC-FUNCTIONAL713Tugboat
Killarney CFlick N Twisted138Talk Nerdy To Me
Rupert SAbsolute ZeroesThe No Throws
Rupert SDiscellaneous313Spinister Motives
1:00 pmWinona C23 on Tinder013Bubble Hucks
Winona CFriz Nasty49Flickachu
Winona NLigma Disc109Wyld Stallyns
2:30 pmWinona CFlickachu84Ligma Disc
Winona CFriz Nasty11823 on Tinder
Winona NBubble Hucks125Wyld Stallyns
Sat Oct 20
10:00 am
Memorial ODarren and Friends613SSB
Memorial OLike a Simile1210Marty!
Oak MeadowsAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles133Holy Huck
Oak MeadowsThe Perogies1012Sideways Shoe
Rupert SNaughty Neighbors137East Nude Stallions
Rupert SThrowaway Team134Rain City Ultimate Club Fall-timate 2018
Winona NRoshi813Umbrero
Winona NThe Hucking Fooligans613Bok Choy Bangers
Winona SHand of Chal139Aller D
11:30 amMemorial ODarren and Friends913Marty!
Memorial OLike a Simile1312SSB
Oak MeadowsAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles138Sideways Shoe
Oak MeadowsHoly Huck18The Perogies
Rupert SRain City Ultimate Club Fall-timate 2018138East Nude Stallions
Rupert SThrowaway Team1513Naughty Neighbors
Winona NBok Choy Bangers98Aller D
Winona NUmbrero138Hand of Chal
Winona SThe Hucking Fooligans913Roshi
Sun Oct 21
10:00 am
Memorial ODISC-FUNCTIONAL512Spinister Motives
Memorial OFlick N Twisted1110The No Throws
Oak MeadowsAbsolute Zeroes99Talk Nerdy To Me
Oak MeadowsDiscellaneous113Tugboat
11:30 amMemorial ODISC-FUNCTIONAL313The No Throws
Memorial OFlick N Twisted139Spinister Motives
Oak MeadowsAbsolute Zeroes513Tugboat
Oak MeadowsDiscellaneous613Talk Nerdy To Me
1:00 pmWinona C23 on Tinder213Flickachu
Winona CLigma Disc213Bubble Hucks
Winona NFriz Nasty313Wyld Stallyns
2:30 pmWinona C23 on Tinder313Ligma Disc
Winona CFriz Nasty613Bubble Hucks
Winona NFlickachu138Wyld Stallyns
Sat Oct 27
10:00 am
Killarney CHoly Huck1710East Nude Stallions
Killarney CThe Perogies (M123)Rain City Ultimate Club Fall-timate 2018
Memorial OHand of Chal1713The Hucking Fooligans
Oak MeadowsLike a SimileDefaultDarren and Friends
Oak MeadowsMarty!137SSB
Trafalgar NWAller DForfeitedRoshi
Trafalgar NWBok Choy Bangers1713Umbrero
Winona NAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles1517Throwaway Team
Winona NSideways Shoe1710Naughty Neighbors
11:30 amOak MeadowsDarren and FriendsDefaultSSB
Oak MeadowsLike a Simile1311Marty!
Sun Oct 28
10:00 am
Memorial OAbsolute Zeroes109DISC-FUNCTIONAL
Memorial ODiscellaneous413Flick N Twisted
Trafalgar NWSpinister Motives78Talk Nerdy To Me
Trafalgar NWThe No Throws98Tugboat
11:30 amMemorial OAbsolute Zeroes713Flick N Twisted
Memorial ODiscellaneous713DISC-FUNCTIONAL
Trafalgar NWSpinister Motives513Tugboat
Trafalgar NWThe No Throws30Talk Nerdy To Me
1:00 pmWinona CFlickachu1110Bubble Hucks
Winona CFriz NastyCancelledLigma Disc
Winona N23 on Tinder213Wyld Stallyns
2:30 pmWinona C23 on Tinder513Bubble Hucks
Winona CFriz NastyForfeitedFlickachu
Winona NLigma DiscDefaultWyld Stallyns
Sun Nov 4
10:00 am
Memorial OAbsolute Zeroes115The No Throws
Memorial OFlick N Twisted134Discellaneous
Winona NTalk Nerdy To MeForfeitedSpinister Motives
11:30 amMemorial ODiscellaneous113The No Throws
Memorial OFlick N Twisted1112Absolute Zeroes
Winona NSpinister MotivesForfeitedDISC-FUNCTIONAL
Winona NTalk Nerdy To Me410Tugboat
1:00 pmWinona CFlickachu104Friz Nasty
Winona CLigma Disc104Wyld Stallyns
Winona NBubble Hucks11423 on Tinder
2:30 pmWinona C23 on Tinder1011Friz Nasty
Winona CFlickachu133Ligma Disc
Winona NBubble Hucks134Wyld Stallyns
Sat Nov 10
10:00 am
Killarney CThe PerogiesHoly Huck
Killarney CThrowaway TeamSideways Shoe
Memorial OAdolescent Variation Fighting ReptilesNaughty Neighbors
Memorial OMarty!00Umbrero
11:30 amKillarney CThe PerogiesSideways Shoe
Killarney CThrowaway TeamHoly Huck
Memorial OAdolescent Variation Fighting ReptilesUmbrero
Memorial OMarty!Naughty Neighbors
Sun Nov 11
10:00 am
Trafalgar NWDiscellaneous413DISC-FUNCTIONAL
Trafalgar NWThe No Throws811Tugboat
11:30 amTrafalgar NWDiscellaneous713Tugboat
Trafalgar NWThe No Throws138DISC-FUNCTIONAL
1:00 pmKillarney C23 on Tinder (A303)Ligma Disc
Oak MeadowsBubble Hucks1715Flickachu
Oak MeadowsWyld Stallyns (A302)Friz Nasty
Sun Nov 18
10:00 am
Oak MeadowsAbsolute Zeroes617Tugboat
Oak MeadowsFlick N Twisted1715Talk Nerdy To Me
Winona NDiscellaneous (M124)Spinister Motives
Winona NThe No Throws157DISC-FUNCTIONAL
1:00 pmOak MeadowsFriz NastyWyld Stallyns