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Sat Sep 7
10:15 am
Columbia CBC Bimbos1817Arbutus Anubis
Memorial OHand of Chal1517Hangover Friendly
Memorial OWeeble1117Absolute Zeroes
Oak MeadowsRainCity Ultimate Club517Café Gloucester
Oak MeadowsSideways Shoe1515Sat in the Hat
Rupert SUmbrero817Marty
Trafalgar NWEast Nude Stallions717At Least My Disc Stays Up
Trafalgar NWSpirit Bears109That ‘70s Throw
Van Tech OvalAdolescent Variation Fighting ReptilesCancelledHuckabees
Van Tech OvalZoomies417Please Dont Dump Me
Winona NPotato Stompers128The Scrambled Legs
Sun Sep 8
10:15 am
Memorial OChampagne Brunch1017Tugboat
Memorial OFlick N Twisted1711Talk Nerdy To Me
Oak MeadowsNightHucks1711Flicking Drunk
Rupert SSpinister Motives817Unfits
Trafalgar NWDinkin flicka1311Flickachu
Winona NGame of Throws317Preshslice and the Gang
1:15 pmMemorial OWe the North174Swan Club 7
Oak MeadowsBubbles V21713Sunday Funday
Winona NDog Sport175To Be Announced
Sat Sep 14
10:15 am
Columbia CEast Nude Stallions317That ‘70s Throw
Memorial OCafé Gloucester1710Zoomies
Memorial OPlease Dont Dump Me1210Potato Stompers
Oak MeadowsBC BimbosCancelledMarty
Oak MeadowsUmbrero1317Arbutus Anubis
Rupert SThe Scrambled LegsForfeitedRainCity Ultimate Club
Trafalgar NWHand of Chal317Absolute Zeroes
Trafalgar NWWeeble1711Hangover Friendly
Van Tech OvalAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles1415Sat in the Hat
Van Tech OvalSideways Shoe417Huckabees
Winona NSpirit Bears89At Least My Disc Stays Up
Sun Sep 15
10:15 am
Memorial ODinkin flickaCancelledUnfits
Memorial OSpinister MotivesCancelledFlickachu
Oak MeadowsFlick N TwistedCancelledTugboat
Rupert SNightHucksCancelledPreshslice and the Gang
Trafalgar NWGame of ThrowsCancelledFlicking Drunk
Winona NChampagne BrunchCancelledTalk Nerdy To Me
1:15 pmKingcrestSunday FundayCancelledDog Sport
Oak MeadowsTo Be Announced CancelledWe the North
Winona NSwan Club 7CancelledBubbles V2
Sat Sep 21
10:15 am
Columbia CAbsolute Zeroes1411Hangover Friendly
Memorial OSat in the Hat617Huckabees
Memorial OSpirit Bears173East Nude Stallions
Oak MeadowsThat ‘70s Throw118At Least My Disc Stays Up
Oak MeadowsZoomies141The Scrambled Legs
Rupert SAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles1712Sideways Shoe
Trafalgar NWCafé Gloucester149Please Dont Dump Me
Trafalgar NWRainCity Ultimate Club173Potato Stompers
Van Tech OvalArbutus Anubis1715Marty
Van Tech OvalBC Bimbos176Umbrero
Winona NWeeble1714Hand of Chal
Sun Sep 22
10:15 am
Memorial OFlicking DrunkCancelledPreshslice and the Gang
Memorial ONightHucksCancelledGame of Throws
Oak MeadowsSpinister MotivesCancelledDinkin flicka
Rupert SFlick N TwistedCancelledChampagne Brunch
Trafalgar NWTalk Nerdy To MeCancelledTugboat
Winona NUnfitsCancelledFlickachu
1:15 pmKingcrestWe the NorthCancelledDog Sport
Memorial OSwan Club 7CancelledSunday Funday
Winona NBubbles V2CancelledTo Be Announced
Sat Sep 28
10:15 am
Memorial OArbutus Anubis1317Absolute Zeroes
Memorial OBC BimbosForfeitedMarty
Oak MeadowsHuckabees 1117Weeble
Oak MeadowsUmbrero1314Hangover Friendly
Rupert SEast Nude Stallions1712Zoomies
Rupert SPotato Stompers145The Scrambled Legs
Trafalgar NWAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles1411Spirit Bears
Trafalgar NWSat in the Hat617Hand of Chal
Van Tech OvalSideways ShoeRainCity Ultimate Club
Van Tech OvalThat ‘70s Throw1416Café Gloucester
Winona NAt Least My Disc Stays Up1712Please Dont Dump Me
Sun Sep 29
10:15 am
Memorial ODinkin flicka1417Unfits
Memorial OSpinister Motives1316Flickachu
Oak MeadowsFlick N Twisted1517Tugboat
Rupert SNightHucks179Preshslice and the Gang
Trafalgar NWGame of Throws1214Flicking Drunk
Winona NChampagne Brunch176Talk Nerdy To Me
1:15 pmKingcrestSwan Club 71214To Be Announced
Memorial OBubbles V21617Dog Sport
Oak MeadowsWe the North1510Sunday Funday
Sat Oct 5
10:15 am
Memorial OEast Nude Stallions178The Scrambled Legs
Memorial OPotato Stompers1611Zoomies
Oak MeadowsArbutus Anubis817Marty
Oak MeadowsBC Bimbos1617Absolute Zeroes
Rupert SAt Least My Disc Stays Up1913RainCity Ultimate Club
Rupert SSideways Shoe1516Please Dont Dump Me
Trafalgar NWHuckabees 1413Hangover Friendly
Trafalgar NWUmbrero1116Weeble
Van Tech OvalHand of Chal1711Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Winona NCafé GloucesterDefaultSat in the Hat
Winona NSpirit Bears617That ‘70s Throw
Sun Oct 6
10:15 am
KingcrestTalk Nerdy To Me917Preshslice and the Gang
Rupert SGame of Throws1010Flickachu
Rupert STugboat1513Champagne Brunch
Trafalgar NWDinkin flicka1516Spinister Motives
Trafalgar NWFlick N Twisted1417NightHucks
Winona NFlicking Drunk176Unfits
1:15 pmMemorial OSunday Funday176To Be Announced
Oak MeadowsSwan Club 71317Dog Sport
Winona NWe the North1714Bubbles V2
Sat Oct 12
10:15 am
Memorial OAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles1611Café Gloucester
Memorial OSideways Shoe1612At Least My Disc Stays Up
Oak MeadowsRainCity Ultimate Club1211Please Dont Dump Me
Oak MeadowsZoomies175The Scrambled Legs
Rupert SHand of Chal1710Spirit Bears
Rupert SSat in the Hat1710That ‘70s Throw
Trafalgar NWBC Bimbos179Arbutus Anubis
Trafalgar NWMarty1713Absolute Zeroes
Van Tech OvalHuckabees 1712Umbrero
Van Tech OvalWeeble1317Hangover Friendly
Winona NEast Nude Stallions1411Potato Stompers
Sat Oct 19
10:15 am
Memorial OHangover Friendly 1713Hand of Chal
Memorial OHuckabees (O101)Weeble
Oak MeadowsCafé Gloucester1311That ‘70s Throw
Oak MeadowsUmbrero (P101)Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Rupert SPotato Stompers166The Scrambled Legs
Rupert SRainCity Ultimate Club (Q101)Zoomies
Trafalgar NWAt Least My Disc Stays Up104Sideways Shoe
Trafalgar NWSat in the Hat125East Nude Stallions
Trafalgar NWSpirit Bears87Please Dont Dump Me
Van Tech OvalAbsolute Zeroes1417BC Bimbos
Van Tech OvalMarty (M101)Arbutus Anubis
11:15 amTrafalgar NWEast Nude Stallions810Please Dont Dump Me
Trafalgar NWSat in the Hat85Sideways Shoe
Trafalgar NWSpirit Bears (A202)At Least My Disc Stays Up
Sun Oct 20
10:15 am
Memorial ODinkin flickaFlickachu
Memorial OGame of ThrowsSpinister Motives
Rupert STalk Nerdy To MeUnfits
Trafalgar NWFlicking DrunkPreshslice and the Gang
Winona NChampagne BrunchCancelledFlick N Twisted
1:15 pmKingcrestSunday FundayDog Sport
Memorial OSwan Club 7Bubbles V2
Oak MeadowsTo Be Announced We the North
Sat Oct 26
10:15 am
Memorial OL: M101 (M104)Absolute Zeroes
Memorial OMarty (M103)BC Bimbos
Rupert SEast Nude Stallions (A303)L: A202
Rupert SSideways Shoe (A302)Please Dont Dump Me
Trafalgar NWL: P101 (P104)That ‘70s Throw
Trafalgar NWUmbrero (P103)Café Gloucester
Van Tech OvalL: Q101 (Q104)The Scrambled Legs
Van Tech OvalRainCity Ultimate Club (Q103)Potato Stompers
Winona NSat in the Hat (A301)W: A202
Sun Oct 27
10:15 am
KingcrestGame of ThrowsDinkin flicka
Memorial OChampagne BrunchNightHucks
Memorial OPreshslice and the GangUnfits
Memorial OTalk Nerdy To MeFlicking Drunk
Memorial OTugboatFlick N Twisted
Winona NFlickachuSpinister Motives
1:15 pmKingcrestWe the NorthDog Sport
Memorial OSwan Club 7Sunday Funday
Winona NBubbles V2To Be Announced