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Mon Sep 12
8:15 pm
Empire NERR’DAYCancelledNap Life
Empire NHuck If You Want Me!CancelledBasura Gang
Empire NRuby & FriendsCancelledTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion
Empire NSignificant OttersCancelledgian and friends
Empire SBees!CancelledNo D(isc) No Life
Empire SDogs in SpaceCancelledThe Perogies
Empire SFall Fireball League CancelledOne Hat Wonders
Empire SYacht Rock Brewing Athletics CancelledMildly Threatening
Jericho Wgreat clipzCancelledLeVibes
Jericho WMidnight MondayCancelledPayday
Jericho WSportsCancelledMacaroni with the chicken strips
Jericho WTea TimeCancelledMastadon Fall
Memorial SWCold CutsCancelledDiscin' Around
Memorial SWDisc MonkeysCancelledDragon Sound
Memorial SWDisconnectCancelledDarts YVR
Memorial SWHammer Beats RabbitCancelledSpirit Foul
Trillium EDUMP truckersCancelledTsunami
Trillium EFreshly LaunderedCancelledPanic with the disc(o)
Trillium EFrisbrosCancelledFlight Club
Trillium ENational Ajerbak Shuffleball TeamCancelled92% Chance of Rain
Trillium W#SportssCancelledFull Send Cat
Trillium WFlickin' Freezin'Monday Hat Team Competitive
Trillium WHangry FlickersPlaid to the Bone
Trillium WW SMASHCancelledFlamingos at Bingo
9:10 pmEmpire NERR’DAYCancelledgian and friends
Empire NHuck If You Want Me!CancelledTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion
Empire NRuby & FriendsCancelledBasura Gang
Empire NSignificant OttersCancelledNap Life
Empire SBees!CancelledMildly Threatening
Empire SDogs in SpaceCancelledOne Hat Wonders
Empire SFall Fireball League The Perogies
Empire SYacht Rock Brewing Athletics CancelledNo D(isc) No Life
Jericho Wgreat clipzCancelledMastadon Fall
Jericho WMidnight MondayCancelledMacaroni with the chicken strips
Jericho WSportsCancelledPayday
Jericho WTea TimeCancelledLeVibes
Memorial SWCold CutsCancelledDragon Sound
Memorial SWDisc MonkeysCancelledDiscin' Around
Memorial SWDisconnectCancelledSpirit Foul
Memorial SWHammer Beats RabbitCancelledDarts YVR
Trillium EDUMP truckersCancelledFlight Club
Trillium EFreshly LaunderedCancelled92% Chance of Rain
Trillium EFrisbrosCancelledTsunami
Trillium ENational Ajerbak Shuffleball TeamCancelledPanic with the disc(o)
Trillium W#SportssCancelledFlamingos at Bingo
Trillium WFlickin' Freezin'Plaid to the Bone
Trillium WHangry FlickersMonday Hat Team Competitive
Trillium WW SMASHCancelledFull Send Cat
Thu Sep 15
8:15 pm
Empire N#sports2021Absolute Zeroes
Empire NFlakey Flickers617Weenie Huck Jr.
Empire NThe Hucking Fooligans1220Team Adequate
Empire NThrow Goats1017Swish & Flick
Empire SFriz Nasty186Dim Summers
Empire SHuck It2110Discstruction
Empire SNot in the Face721Gen Z(oom)
Empire SThe Trilby's 89Duckies
Jericho WDiscount Flyers 2114Hogs Against the Machine
Jericho WFY-Young2116FY-Younger
Jericho WLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2114The Frizzles
Jericho WSubway1516West Coast Penguins
Memorial SWFire Ferrets2116Hotpot
Memorial SWFriends of Henry151190's Throwback
Memorial SWSideways Shoe1616Try, Catch, Throw
Memorial SWUltimate TurtleForfeitedHopcon
Trillium EHat Trick Stars1614Disc Appointment
Trillium EPreshslice and the Gang1511Piper Palooza
Trillium ESpinister Motives414Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Trillium EThe Gino Odj-discs129Friends of David
Trillium WDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back213Discturbed
Trillium WThe Ultimates1419The Marauders
Trillium WTina's Thursday Team - Be Better 1814NightHucks_
Trillium Wzoi2113Hand of Chal
9:10 pmEmpire N#sports218Team Adequate
Empire NFlakey Flickers1314Swish & Flick
Empire NThe Hucking Fooligans1521Absolute Zeroes
Empire NThrow Goats1221Weenie Huck Jr.
Empire SFriz Nasty147Discstruction
Empire SHuck It219Dim Summers
Empire SNot in the Face2110Duckies
Empire SThe Trilby's 921Gen Z(oom)
Jericho WDiscount Flyers 1421FY-Younger
Jericho WFY-Young2114Hogs Against the Machine
Jericho WLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2113West Coast Penguins
Jericho WSubway1216The Frizzles
Memorial SWFire FerretsForfeitedHopcon
Memorial SWFriends of Henry159Try, Catch, Throw
Memorial SWSideways Shoe16790's Throwback
Memorial SWUltimate Turtle1320Hotpot
Trillium EHat Trick Stars157Friends of David
Trillium EPreshslice and the Gang1618Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Trillium ESpinister Motives1117Piper Palooza
Trillium EThe Gino Odj-discs2019Disc Appointment
Trillium WDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back215Hand of Chal
Trillium WThe Ultimates1319NightHucks_
Trillium WTina's Thursday Team - Be Better 1112The Marauders
Trillium Wzoi2117Discturbed
Mon Sep 19
8:15 pm
Empire NDarts YVR1514Dragon Sound
Empire NDisconnect1910Disc Monkeys
Empire NHammer Beats Rabbit1521Cold Cuts
Empire NSpirit Foul 1213Discin' Around
Empire Sgreat clipz2021Midnight Monday
Empire SLeVibesCancelledPayday
Empire SMastadon FallCancelledMacaroni with the chicken strips
Empire STea Time1421Sports
Jericho WFlickin' Freezin'1621W SMASH
Jericho WHangry Flickers2117#Sportss
Jericho WMonday Hat Team Competitive221Flamingos at Bingo
Jericho WPlaid to the Bone721Full Send Cat
Memorial SW92% Chance of Rain217Flight Club
Memorial SWFreshly Laundered1815DUMP truckers
Memorial SWNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team421Frisbros
Memorial SWPanic with the disc(o)2016Tsunami
Trillium EDogs in Space186Bees!
Trillium EFall Fireball League 214Yacht Rock Brewing Athletics
Trillium EOne Hat Wonders212Mildly Threatening
Trillium EThe Perogies158No D(isc) No Life
Trillium WERR’DAY77Huck If You Want Me!
Trillium Wgian and friends1517Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Trillium WNap Life1021Basura Gang
Trillium WSignificant Otters1221Ruby & Friends
9:10 pmEmpire NDarts YVR721Discin' Around
Empire NDisconnect1716Cold Cuts
Empire NHammer Beats Rabbit1016Disc Monkeys
Empire NSpirit Foul 118Dragon Sound
Empire Sgreat clipzCancelledSports
Empire SLeVibes2117Macaroni with the chicken strips
Empire SMastadon Fall2021Payday
Empire STea TimeCancelledMidnight Monday
Jericho WFlickin' Freezin'1718#Sportss
Jericho WHangry Flickers1620W SMASH
Jericho WMonday Hat Team Competitive221Full Send Cat
Jericho WPlaid to the Bone821Flamingos at Bingo
Memorial SW92% Chance of Rain1616Tsunami
Memorial SWFreshly Laundered921Frisbros
Memorial SWNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team1518DUMP truckers
Memorial SWPanic with the disc(o)215Flight Club
Trillium EDogs in Space2011Yacht Rock Brewing Athletics
Trillium EFall Fireball League 212Bees!
Trillium EOne Hat Wonders1313No D(isc) No Life
Trillium EThe Perogies2112Mildly Threatening
Trillium WERR’DAY2119Ruby & Friends
Trillium Wgian and friends321Basura Gang
Trillium WNap Life2114Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Trillium WSignificant Otters1621Huck If You Want Me!
Thu Sep 22
8:15 pm
Empire N90's Throwback613Hopcon
Empire NFriends of Henry1714Ultimate Turtle
Empire NSideways Shoe1318Fire Ferrets
Empire NTry, Catch, Throw616Hotpot
Empire SDiscount Flyers 217Subway
Empire SFY-Young2021Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Empire SFY-Younger215The Frizzles
Empire SHogs Against the Machine1211West Coast Penguins
Jericho WNightHucks_1612Discturbed
Jericho WThe Marauders2114Hand of Chal
Jericho WThe Ultimates1620zoi
Jericho WTina's Thursday Team - Be Better 1221Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Memorial SWPiper Palooza1611Disc Appointment
Memorial SWPreshslice and the Gang1613Hat Trick Stars
Memorial SWScoober-Dooby-Doo1619Friends of David
Memorial SWSpinister Motives1419The Gino Odj-discs
Trillium EDim Summers1016Duckies
Trillium EDiscstruction421Gen Z(oom)
Trillium EFriz Nasty177The Trilby's
Trillium EHuck It2115Not in the Face
Trillium W#sports215Flakey Flickers
Trillium WAbsolute Zeroes1918Weenie Huck Jr.
Trillium WTeam Adequate1613Swish & Flick
Trillium WThe Hucking Fooligans1619Throw Goats
9:10 pmEmpire N90's Throwback1021Hotpot
Empire NFriends of Henry1121Fire Ferrets
Empire NSideways Shoe2113Ultimate Turtle
Empire NTry, Catch, Throw921Hopcon
Empire SDiscount Flyers 2118Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Empire SFY-Young219Subway
Empire SFY-Younger219West Coast Penguins
Empire SHogs Against the Machine219The Frizzles
Jericho WNightHucks_1411Hand of Chal
Jericho WThe Marauders1713Discturbed
Jericho WThe Ultimates1021Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Jericho WTina's Thursday Team - Be Better 2112zoi
Memorial SWPiper Palooza2116Friends of David
Memorial SWPreshslice and the Gang2013The Gino Odj-discs
Memorial SWScoober-Dooby-Doo1619Disc Appointment
Memorial SWSpinister Motives1616Hat Trick Stars
Trillium EDim Summers621Gen Z(oom)
Trillium EDiscstruction1121Duckies
Trillium EFriz Nasty1513Not in the Face
Trillium EHuck It174The Trilby's
Trillium W#sports2115Throw Goats
Trillium WAbsolute Zeroes2119Swish & Flick
Trillium WTeam Adequate1421Weenie Huck Jr.
Trillium WThe Hucking Fooligans1117Flakey Flickers
Mon Sep 26
8:15 pm
Empire N92% Chance of Rain921Frisbros
Empire NFreshly Laundered521Tsunami
Empire NNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team159Flight Club
Empire NPanic with the disc(o)2115DUMP truckers
Empire SFlickin' Freezin'2114Flamingos at Bingo
Empire SHangry Flickers1421Full Send Cat
Empire SMonday Hat Team Competitive1121W SMASH
Empire SPlaid to the Bone2019#Sportss
Jericho WERR’DAY1418Basura Gang
Jericho Wgian and friends1817Ruby & Friends
Jericho WNap Life1420Huck If You Want Me!
Jericho WSignificant Otters2111Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Memorial SWDogs in Space913No D(isc) No Life
Memorial SWFall Fireball League 176Mildly Threatening
Memorial SWOne Hat Wonders212Yacht Rock Brewing Athletics
Memorial SWThe Perogies215Bees!
Trillium Egreat clipz2115Payday
Trillium ELeVibes1121Midnight Monday
Trillium EMastadon Fall1421Sports
Trillium ETea Time2112Macaroni with the chicken strips
Trillium WDarts YVR2116Disc Monkeys
Trillium WDisconnect205Dragon Sound
Trillium WHammer Beats Rabbit2019Discin' Around
Trillium WSpirit Foul 1518Cold Cuts
9:10 pmEmpire N92% Chance of Rain821DUMP truckers
Empire NFreshly Laundered155Flight Club
Empire NNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team1217Tsunami
Empire NPanic with the disc(o)1521Frisbros
Empire SFlickin' Freezin'1321Full Send Cat
Empire SHangry Flickers1721Flamingos at Bingo
Empire SMonday Hat Team Competitive321#Sportss
Empire SPlaid to the Bone1516W SMASH
Jericho WERR’DAY218Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Jericho Wgian and friends1321Huck If You Want Me!
Jericho WNap Life1021Ruby & Friends
Jericho WSignificant Otters1121Basura Gang
Memorial SWDogs in Space155Mildly Threatening
Memorial SWFall Fireball League 1421No D(isc) No Life
Memorial SWOne Hat Wonders218Bees!
Memorial SWThe Perogies158Yacht Rock Brewing Athletics
Trillium Egreat clipz1815Macaroni with the chicken strips
Trillium ELeVibes2117Sports
Trillium EMastadon Fall1722Midnight Monday
Trillium ETea Time217Payday
Trillium WDarts YVR1821Cold Cuts
Trillium WDisconnect2012Discin' Around
Trillium WHammer Beats Rabbit218Dragon Sound
Trillium WSpirit Foul 1021Disc Monkeys
Thu Sep 29
8:15 pm
Empire NPiper Palooza1520Hat Trick Stars
Empire NPreshslice and the Gang1611Disc Appointment
Empire NScoober-Dooby-Doo2115The Gino Odj-discs
Empire NSpinister Motives1814Friends of David
Empire SNightHucks_1117Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Empire SThe Marauders2115zoi
Empire SThe Ultimates1711Hand of Chal
Empire STina's Thursday Team - Be Better 2116Discturbed
Jericho W#sports1221Weenie Huck Jr.
Jericho WAbsolute ZeroesForfeitedFlakey Flickers
Jericho WTeam Adequate1619Throw Goats
Jericho WThe Hucking Fooligans2115Swish & Flick
Memorial SWDim Summers916The Trilby's
Memorial SWDiscstruction821Not in the Face
Memorial SWFriz Nasty1212Duckies
Memorial SWHuck It1816Gen Z(oom)
Trillium EDiscount Flyers 2119West Coast Penguins
Trillium EFY-Young2116The Frizzles
Trillium EFY-Younger1519Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Trillium EHogs Against the Machine1816Subway
Trillium W90's Throwback1112Ultimate Turtle
Trillium WFriends of Henry1311Hopcon
Trillium WSideways Shoe1221Hotpot
Trillium WTry, Catch, Throw1221Fire Ferrets
9:10 pmEmpire NPiper Palooza2113The Gino Odj-discs
Empire NPreshslice and the Gang215Friends of David
Empire NScoober-Dooby-Doo1717Hat Trick Stars
Empire NSpinister Motives1414Disc Appointment
Empire SNightHucks_1811zoi
Empire SThe Marauders1017Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Empire SThe Ultimates2114Discturbed
Empire STina's Thursday Team - Be Better 2115Hand of Chal
Jericho W#sports219Swish & Flick
Jericho WAbsolute Zeroes2016Throw Goats
Jericho WTeam AdequateDefaultFlakey Flickers
Jericho WThe Hucking Fooligans1821Weenie Huck Jr.
Memorial SWDim Summers1021Not in the Face
Memorial SWDiscstruction1911The Trilby's
Memorial SWFriz Nasty1621Gen Z(oom)
Memorial SWHuck It166Duckies
Trillium EDiscount Flyers 2116The Frizzles
Trillium EFY-Young2116West Coast Penguins
Trillium EFY-Younger215Subway
Trillium EHogs Against the Machine1121Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Trillium W90's Throwback1121Fire Ferrets
Trillium WFriends of Henry1321Hotpot
Trillium WSideways Shoe1311Hopcon
Trillium WTry, Catch, Throw159Ultimate Turtle
Mon Oct 3
8:15 pm
Empire NFall Fireball League 1616Dogs in Space
Empire NMildly Threatening917No D(isc) No Life
Empire NOne Hat Wonders1321The Perogies
Empire NYacht Rock Brewing Athletics 198Bees!
Empire SBasura Gang213Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Empire SERR’DAY1921Significant Otters
Empire SHuck If You Want Me!1321Ruby & Friends
Empire SNap Life1021gian and friends
Jericho WDarts YVR217Spirit Foul
Jericho WDisc Monkeys1416Cold Cuts
Jericho WDisconnect217Hammer Beats Rabbit
Jericho WDragon Sound814Discin' Around
Memorial SWgreat clipz2116Tea Time
Memorial SWLeVibes2111Mastadon Fall
Memorial SWMidnight Monday2114Sports
Memorial SWPayday1511Macaroni with the chicken strips
Trillium EFlamingos at Bingo1421Full Send Cat
Trillium EFlickin' Freezin'2114Hangry Flickers
Trillium EMonday Hat Team Competitive1021Plaid to the Bone
Trillium EW SMASH1321#Sportss
Trillium W92% Chance of Rain921Panic with the disc(o)
Trillium WFlight Club718Tsunami
Trillium WFrisbros2110DUMP truckers
Trillium WNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team1421Freshly Laundered
9:10 pmEmpire NBees!621No D(isc) No Life
Empire NDogs in Space1220The Perogies
Empire NFall Fireball League 1511One Hat Wonders
Empire NYacht Rock Brewing Athletics 1315Mildly Threatening
Empire SERR’DAY2110Nap Life
Empire SHuck If You Want Me!821Basura Gang
Empire SRuby & Friends215Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Empire SSignificant Otters2113gian and friends
Jericho WCold Cuts1717Discin' Around
Jericho WDisc Monkeys1410Dragon Sound
Jericho WDisconnect1821Darts YVR
Jericho WHammer Beats Rabbit1617Spirit Foul
Memorial SWgreat clipz2021LeVibes
Memorial SWMidnight Monday2116Payday
Memorial SWSports2118Macaroni with the chicken strips
Memorial SWTea Time2112Mastadon Fall
Trillium E#Sportss1221Full Send Cat
Trillium EFlickin' Freezin'214Monday Hat Team Competitive
Trillium EHangry Flickers2120Plaid to the Bone
Trillium EW SMASH1721Flamingos at Bingo
Trillium WDUMP truckers1517Tsunami
Trillium WFreshly Laundered821Panic with the disc(o)
Trillium WFrisbros216Flight Club
Trillium WNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team122192% Chance of Rain
Thu Oct 6
8:15 pm
Empire NDiscstruction715Dim Summers
Empire NGen Z(oom)146Duckies
Empire NHuck It2110Friz Nasty
Empire NNot in the Face1714The Trilby's
Empire S#sports2116The Hucking Fooligans
Empire SAbsolute Zeroes1715Team Adequate
Empire SFlakey Flickers1416Throw Goats
Empire SWeenie Huck Jr.1712Swish & Flick
Jericho WFire Ferrets1311Ultimate Turtle
Jericho WHotpot2113Hopcon
Jericho WSideways Shoe1613Friends of Henry
Jericho WTry, Catch, Throw71690's Throwback
Memorial SWDiscount Flyers 1421FY-Young
Memorial SWHogs Against the Machine1221FY-Younger
Memorial SWSubway1821Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Memorial SWWest Coast Penguins 2016The Frizzles
Trillium EDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back2117zoi
Trillium EDiscturbed1715Hand of Chal
Trillium ENightHucks_1414The Marauders
Trillium ETina's Thursday Team - Be Better 1812The Ultimates
Trillium WDisc Appointment129Friends of David
Trillium WHat Trick Stars1411The Gino Odj-discs
Trillium WPiper Palooza1714Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Trillium WPreshslice and the Gang1812Spinister Motives
9:10 pmEmpire NFriz Nasty217Dim Summers
Empire NHuck It215Discstruction
Empire NNot in the Face1620Gen Z(oom)
Empire NThe Trilby's 1417Duckies
Empire S#sports1715Absolute Zeroes
Empire SFlakey FlickersDefaultWeenie Huck Jr.
Empire SThe Hucking Fooligans1418Team Adequate
Empire SThrow Goats2115Swish & Flick
Jericho WFire Ferrets1021Hotpot
Jericho WFriends of Henry131290's Throwback
Jericho WSideways Shoe1514Try, Catch, Throw
Jericho WUltimate Turtle818Hopcon
Memorial SWDiscount Flyers 2115Hogs Against the Machine
Memorial SWFY-Young1421FY-Younger
Memorial SWLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2113The Frizzles
Memorial SWSubway2112West Coast Penguins
Trillium EDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back215Discturbed
Trillium EThe Ultimates1921The Marauders
Trillium ETina's Thursday Team - Be Better 1316NightHucks_
Trillium Ezoi2021Hand of Chal
Trillium WHat Trick Stars1813Disc Appointment
Trillium WPreshslice and the Gang1113Piper Palooza
Trillium WSpinister Motives821Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Trillium WThe Gino Odj-discs1714Friends of David
Mon Oct 10
8:15 pm
Empire NLeVibes1021Sports
Empire NMidnight Mondaygreat clipz
Empire NPayday1715Flamingos at Bingo
Empire NTea Time821Full Send Cat
Empire SDisc Monkeys911Frisbros
Empire SHammer Beats Rabbit1220Panic with the disc(o)
Empire SNap Life811Darts YVR
Empire STechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1416Discin' Around
Jericho WDragon Sound111192% Chance of Rain
Jericho WDUMP truckersForfeitedFall Fireball League
Jericho WSpirit Foul ForfeitedTsunami
Jericho WThe Perogies217One Hat Wonders
Memorial SW#Sportss1411Basura Gang
Memorial SWHangry Flickers217Ruby & Friends
Memorial SWMacaroni with the chicken strips1721W SMASH
Memorial SWMastadon Fall821Flickin' Freezin'
Trillium Egian and friends1110Cold Cuts
Trillium EMonday Hat Team Competitive713ERR’DAY
Trillium EPlaid to the BoneCancelledHuck If You Want Me!
Trillium ESignificant Otters115Disconnect
Trillium WDogs in Space154Yacht Rock Brewing Athletics
Trillium WFreshly LaunderedForfeitedFlight Club
Trillium WMildly ThreateningForfeitedBees!
Trillium WNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team157No D(isc) No Life
9:10 pmEmpire NLeVibesgreat clipz
Empire NMidnight Monday2119Sports
Empire NPayday1421Full Send Cat
Empire NTea Time1818Flamingos at Bingo
Empire SDisc Monkeys414Panic with the disc(o)
Empire SHammer Beats Rabbit1216Frisbros
Empire SNap Life2017Discin' Around
Empire STechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1514Darts YVR
Jericho WDragon Sound109Tsunami
Jericho WDUMP truckersForfeitedOne Hat Wonders
Jericho WSpirit Foul Forfeited92% Chance of Rain
Jericho WThe PerogiesForfeitedFall Fireball League
Memorial SW#Sportss1416Ruby & Friends
Memorial SWHangry Flickers2113Basura Gang
Memorial SWMacaroni with the chicken strips1521Flickin' Freezin'
Memorial SWMastadon Fall1214W SMASH
Trillium Egian and friends814Disconnect
Trillium EMonday Hat Team CompetitiveForfeitedHuck If You Want Me!
Trillium EPlaid to the Bone196ERR’DAY
Trillium ESignificant Otters134Cold Cuts
Trillium WDogs in SpaceForfeitedBees!
Trillium WFreshly LaunderedForfeitedNo D(isc) No Life
Trillium WMildly Threatening77Yacht Rock Brewing Athletics
Trillium WNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team164Flight Club
Thu Oct 13
8:15 pm
Empire NFY-Young1821Discount Flyers
Empire NHogs Against the Machine1121Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Empire NLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1621FY-Younger
Empire NWest Coast Penguins 2112The Marauders
Empire SFlakey Flickers168Friends of Henry
Empire SHopcon179Piper Palooza
Empire SThe Hucking Fooligans1614Sideways Shoe
Empire SUltimate Turtle914Preshslice and the Gang
Jericho W90's Throwback1915Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Jericho WDisc Appointment1414Gen Z(oom)
Jericho WThe Gino Odj-discs2011Huck It
Jericho WTry, Catch, Throw521Hat Trick Stars
Memorial SWSubway1718Tina's Thursday Team - Be Better
Memorial SWThe Frizzles1321NightHucks_
Memorial SWThe Ultimates2114#sports
Memorial SWzoi1221Weenie Huck Jr.
Trillium EDiscturbed2115Team Adequate
Trillium EHand of Chal1718Absolute Zeroes
Trillium ESwish & Flick1411Fire Ferrets
Trillium EThrow Goats1721Hotpot
Trillium WFriends of David216Duckies
Trillium WNot in the Face2110Dim Summers
Trillium WSpinister Motives915Friz Nasty
Trillium WThe Trilby's 1114Discstruction
9:10 pmEmpire NFY-Young1721FY-Younger
Empire NHogs Against the Machine1821The Marauders
Empire NLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1321Discount Flyers
Empire NWest Coast Penguins 2120Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Empire SFlakey Flickers2117Sideways Shoe
Empire SHopcon1313Preshslice and the Gang
Empire SThe Hucking Fooligans2111Friends of Henry
Empire SUltimate Turtle1116Piper Palooza
Jericho W90's Throwback1017Hat Trick Stars
Jericho WDisc Appointment1415Huck It
Jericho WThe Gino Odj-discs1111Gen Z(oom)
Jericho WTry, Catch, Throw78Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Memorial SWSubway1417NightHucks_
Memorial SWThe Frizzles2020Tina's Thursday Team - Be Better
Memorial SWThe Ultimates1521Weenie Huck Jr.
Memorial SWzoi2111#sports
Trillium EDiscturbed721Absolute Zeroes
Trillium EHand of Chal2113Team Adequate
Trillium ESwish & Flick1415Hotpot
Trillium EThrow Goats1715Fire Ferrets
Trillium WFriends of David1317Friz Nasty
Trillium WNot in the Face1621Discstruction
Trillium WSpinister Motives167Duckies
Trillium WThe Trilby's 1812Dim Summers
Mon Oct 17
8:15 pm
Empire NFlickin' Freezin'2111Ruby & Friends
Empire NMacaroni with the chicken strips1416#Sportss
Empire NMastadon Fall1521Hangry Flickers
Empire NW SMASH1818Basura Gang
Empire S92% Chance of Rain2110One Hat Wonders
Empire SDragon Sound1021The Perogies
Empire SSpirit Foul 1418DUMP truckers
Empire STsunami2113Fall Fireball League
Jericho WFlight Club1312Yacht Rock Brewing Athletics
Jericho WFreshly Laundered1911Dogs in Space
Jericho WNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team174Mildly Threatening
Jericho WNo D(isc) No Life213Bees!
Memorial SWERR’DAY2120Cold Cuts
Memorial SWHuck If You Want Me!1721Disconnect
Memorial SWMonday Hat Team Competitive1114gian and friends
Memorial SWPlaid to the Bone2010Significant Otters
Trillium EDarts YVR219Frisbros
Trillium EDiscin' Around1421Panic with the disc(o)
Trillium ENap Life1717Disc Monkeys
Trillium ETechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1521Hammer Beats Rabbit
Trillium Wgreat clipzFull Send Cat
Trillium WLeVibes2119Payday
Trillium WMidnight Monday2119Tea Time
Trillium WSports2118Flamingos at Bingo
9:10 pmEmpire NFlickin' Freezin'2011Basura Gang
Empire NMacaroni with the chicken strips219Hangry Flickers
Empire NMastadon Fall2116#Sportss
Empire NW SMASH2112Ruby & Friends
Empire S92% Chance of Rain216Fall Fireball League
Empire SDragon Sound1819DUMP truckers
Empire SSpirit Foul 921The Perogies
Empire STsunami2112One Hat Wonders
Jericho WFlight Club185Bees!
Jericho WFreshly Laundered215Mildly Threatening
Jericho WNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team1614Dogs in Space
Jericho WNo D(isc) No Life215Yacht Rock Brewing Athletics
Memorial SWERR’DAY2115Disconnect
Memorial SWHuck If You Want Me!2112Cold Cuts
Memorial SWMonday Hat Team Competitive1417Significant Otters
Memorial SWPlaid to the Bone2111gian and friends
Trillium EDarts YVR2014Panic with the disc(o)
Trillium EDiscin' Around1118Frisbros
Trillium ENap Life2015Hammer Beats Rabbit
Trillium ETechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1219Disc Monkeys
Trillium Wgreat clipzFlamingos at Bingo
Trillium WLeVibes2119Tea Time
Trillium WMidnight Monday2118Payday
Trillium WSports2116Full Send Cat
Thu Oct 20
8:15 pm
Empire NNightHucks_1817Weenie Huck Jr.
Empire NSubway1421The Ultimates
Empire NThe Frizzles2115zoi
Empire NTina's Thursday Team - Be Better 1315#sports
Empire S90's Throwback1218Disc Appointment
Empire SHat Trick Stars1513Huck It
Empire SScoober-Dooby-Doo1117Gen Z(oom)
Empire STry, Catch, Throw2113The Gino Odj-discs
Jericho WDuckies1614Discstruction
Jericho WFriends of David1714The Trilby's
Jericho WFriz Nasty217Dim Summers
Jericho WSpinister Motives1712Not in the Face
Memorial SWAbsolute Zeroes2112Hotpot
Memorial SWDiscturbed1816Swish & Flick
Memorial SWHand of Chal1621Throw Goats
Memorial SWTeam Adequate1921Fire Ferrets
Trillium EFlakey Flickers158Ultimate Turtle
Trillium EFriends of Henry168Preshslice and the Gang
Trillium ESideways Shoe1515Piper Palooza
Trillium EThe Hucking Fooligans821Hopcon
Trillium WDiscount Flyers 2113The Marauders
Trillium WFY-Young2112West Coast Penguins
Trillium WFY-Younger2015Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Trillium WLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1816Hogs Against the Machine
9:10 pmEmpire NNightHucks_1516#sports
Empire NSubway1721zoi
Empire NThe Frizzles2112The Ultimates
Empire NTina's Thursday Team - Be Better 2117Weenie Huck Jr.
Empire S90's Throwback2021The Gino Odj-discs
Empire SHat Trick Stars1314Gen Z(oom)
Empire SScoober-Dooby-Doo1415Huck It
Empire STry, Catch, Throw1517Disc Appointment
Jericho WDuckies208Dim Summers
Jericho WFriends of David2111Not in the Face
Jericho WFriz Nasty2112Discstruction
Jericho WSpinister Motives217The Trilby's
Memorial SWAbsolute Zeroes2118Fire Ferrets
Memorial SWDiscturbed1118Throw Goats
Memorial SWHand of Chal2018Swish & Flick
Memorial SWTeam Adequate1920Hotpot
Trillium EFlakey Flickers1717Hopcon
Trillium EFriends of Henry2115Piper Palooza
Trillium ESideways Shoe1617Preshslice and the Gang
Trillium EThe Hucking Fooligans1910Ultimate Turtle
Trillium WDiscount Flyers 2112Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Trillium WFY-Young2114Hogs Against the Machine
Trillium WFY-Younger216The Marauders
Trillium WLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2112West Coast Penguins
Mon Oct 24
8:15 pm
Empire NERR’DAY214gian and friends
Empire NHuck If You Want Me!611Significant Otters
Empire NMonday Hat Team Competitive1012Cold Cuts
Empire NPlaid to the Bone1015Disconnect
Empire SFlight ClubForfeitedDogs in Space
Empire SFreshly LaunderedForfeitedYacht Rock Brewing Athletics
Empire SNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team215Bees!
Empire SNo D(isc) No Life213Mildly Threatening
Jericho Wgreat clipzForfeitedTea Time
Jericho WLeVibes1514Flamingos at Bingo
Jericho WMidnight Monday118Full Send Cat
Jericho WSports2110Payday
Memorial SWDarts YVR1812Disc Monkeys
Memorial SWDiscin' Around1412Hammer Beats Rabbit
Memorial SWNap Life1518Frisbros
Memorial SWTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1021Panic with the disc(o)
Trillium E92% Chance of Rain179The Perogies
Trillium EDragon Sound711One Hat Wonders
Trillium ESpirit Foul 118Fall Fireball League
Trillium ETsunami1611DUMP truckers
Trillium WFlickin' Freezin'217Hangry Flickers
Trillium WMacaroni with the chicken strips118Basura Gang
Trillium WMastadon Fall2111Ruby & Friends
Trillium WW SMASH1210#Sportss
9:10 pmEmpire NERR’DAY139Significant Otters
Empire NHuck If You Want Me!214gian and friends
Empire NMonday Hat Team Competitive817Disconnect
Empire NPlaid to the Bone218Cold Cuts
Empire SFlight Club911Mildly Threatening
Empire SFreshly Laundered213Bees!
Empire SNational Ajerbak Shuffleball TeamForfeitedYacht Rock Brewing Athletics
Empire SNo D(isc) No LifeDefaultDogs in Space
Jericho Wgreat clipzDefaultPayday
Jericho WLeVibes1415Full Send Cat
Jericho WMidnight Monday2114Flamingos at Bingo
Jericho WSports1516Tea Time
Memorial SWDarts YVR219Hammer Beats Rabbit
Memorial SWDiscin' Around712Disc Monkeys
Memorial SWNap Life1017Panic with the disc(o)
Memorial SWTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion421Frisbros
Trillium E92% Chance of Rain920DUMP truckers
Trillium EDragon Sound610Fall Fireball League
Trillium ESpirit Foul 84One Hat Wonders
Trillium ETsunami157The Perogies
Trillium WFlickin' Freezin'1312#Sportss
Trillium WMacaroni with the chicken strips1520Ruby & Friends
Trillium WMastadon Fall1615Basura Gang
Trillium WW SMASH1514Hangry Flickers
Thu Oct 27
8:15 pm
Empire NAbsolute Zeroes1014Throw Goats
Empire NDiscturbed2114Fire Ferrets
Empire NHand of Chal1216Hotpot
Empire NTeam Adequate1315Swish & Flick
Empire SDuckies1113The Trilby's
Empire SFriends of David218Discstruction
Empire SFriz Nasty1513Not in the Face
Empire SSpinister Motives155Dim Summers
Jericho WDiscount Flyers 2111West Coast Penguins
Jericho WFY-YoungCancelledThe Marauders
Jericho WFY-Younger2115Hogs Against the Machine
Jericho WLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1714Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Memorial SWFlakey Flickers218Preshslice and the Gang
Memorial SWFriends of Henry134Ultimate Turtle
Memorial SWSideways Shoe216Hopcon
Memorial SWThe Hucking Fooligans1412Piper Palooza
Trillium E90's Throwback714Gen Z(oom)
Trillium EHat Trick Stars1514The Gino Odj-discs
Trillium EScoober-Dooby-Doo2110Disc Appointment
Trillium ETry, Catch, Throw917Huck It
Trillium WNightHucks_1419zoi
Trillium WSubway2110#sports
Trillium WThe Frizzles918Weenie Huck Jr.
Trillium WTina's Thursday Team - Be Better 216The Ultimates
9:10 pmEmpire NAbsolute Zeroes2115Swish & Flick
Empire NDiscturbed1615Hotpot
Empire NHand of Chal1914Fire Ferrets
Empire NTeam Adequate1512Throw Goats
Empire SDuckies317Not in the Face
Empire SFriends of David217Dim Summers
Empire SFriz Nasty1713The Trilby's
Empire SSpinister Motives1415Discstruction
Jericho WDiscount Flyers 1311Hogs Against the Machine
Jericho WFY-YoungCancelledDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Jericho WFY-Younger1321West Coast Penguins
Jericho WLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2114The Marauders
Memorial SWFlakey Flickers2113Piper Palooza
Memorial SWFriends of Henry1414Hopcon
Memorial SWSideways Shoe189Ultimate Turtle
Memorial SWThe Hucking Fooligans2110Preshslice and the Gang
Trillium E90's Throwback1015Huck It
Trillium EHat Trick Stars1313Disc Appointment
Trillium EScoober-Dooby-Doo1713The Gino Odj-discs
Trillium ETry, Catch, Throw816Gen Z(oom)
Trillium WNightHucks_219The Ultimates
Trillium WSubway2112Weenie Huck Jr.
Trillium WThe Frizzles129#sports
Trillium WTina's Thursday Team - Be Better 2115zoi
Mon Oct 31
8:15 pm
Empire NDarts YVR218Discin' Around
Empire NDisc MonkeysForfeitedHammer Beats Rabbit
Empire NFrisbros1814Panic with the disc(o)
Empire NNap Life1612Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Empire SFull Send Cat2115Flamingos at Bingo
Empire Sgreat clipzSports
Empire SMidnight Monday2113LeVibes
Empire STea Time2110Payday
Jericho W#Sportss2116Hangry Flickers
Jericho WBasura GangCancelledRuby & Friends
Jericho WMacaroni with the chicken strips1821Mastadon Fall
Jericho WW SMASH2115Flickin' Freezin'
Memorial SWDUMP truckers1914The Perogies
Memorial SWFall Fireball League ForfeitedOne Hat Wonders
Memorial SWSpirit Foul 218Dragon Sound
Memorial SWTsunami161392% Chance of Rain
Trillium EDogs in Space1711Mildly Threatening
Trillium EFlight Club921No D(isc) No Life
Trillium EFreshly LaunderedForfeitedNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Trillium EYacht Rock Brewing Athletics ForfeitedBees!
Trillium WDisconnect2110Cold Cuts
Trillium WHuck If You Want Me!1512ERR’DAY
Trillium WPlaid to the Bone2012Monday Hat Team Competitive
Trillium WSignificant Otters2011gian and friends
9:10 pmEmpire NDisc Monkeys615Frisbros
Empire NHammer Beats RabbitForfeitedPanic with the disc(o)
Empire NNap Life1421Darts YVR
Empire NTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1215Discin' Around
Empire SLeVibes2021Sports
Empire SMidnight Mondaygreat clipz
Empire SPayday2118Flamingos at Bingo
Empire STea Time1615Full Send Cat
Jericho W#SportssForfeitedBasura Gang
Jericho WHangry FlickersForfeitedRuby & Friends
Jericho WMacaroni with the chicken strips1615W SMASH
Jericho WMastadon Fall1921Flickin' Freezin'
Memorial SWDragon Sound91892% Chance of Rain
Memorial SWDUMP truckersDefaultFall Fireball League
Memorial SWSpirit Foul 1318Tsunami
Memorial SWThe Perogies2015One Hat Wonders
Trillium EDogs in SpaceForfeitedYacht Rock Brewing Athletics
Trillium EFreshly Laundered2111Flight Club
Trillium EMildly Threatening2112Bees!
Trillium ENational Ajerbak Shuffleball TeamForfeitedNo D(isc) No Life
Trillium Wgian and friends2118Cold Cuts
Trillium WMonday Hat Team Competitive521ERR’DAY
Trillium WPlaid to the Bone1620Huck If You Want Me!
Trillium WSignificant Otters1617Disconnect
Thu Nov 3
8:15 pm
Empire NHopcon168Ultimate Turtle
Empire NPiper Palooza1210Preshslice and the Gang
Empire NSideways Shoe911Friends of Henry
Empire NThe Hucking Fooligans1218Flakey Flickers
Empire SDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back2020The Marauders
Empire SFY-Younger215Discount Flyers
Empire SHogs Against the Machine1614West Coast Penguins
Empire SLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1925FY-Young
Jericho WNightHucks_511Tina's Thursday Team - Be Better
Jericho WThe Frizzles1220Subway
Jericho WWeenie Huck Jr.1211#sports
Jericho Wzoi1614The Ultimates
Memorial SWHat Trick Stars714Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Memorial SWHuck It139Gen Z(oom)
Memorial SWThe Gino Odj-discs1319Disc Appointment
Memorial SWTry, Catch, Throw131590's Throwback
Trillium EDim Summers520Discstruction
Trillium EFriz Nasty165Duckies
Trillium ENot in the Face1917The Trilby's
Trillium ESpinister Motives1012Friends of David
Trillium WAbsolute Zeroes1413Team Adequate
Trillium WHand of Chal1718Discturbed
Trillium WHotpot817Fire Ferrets
Trillium WThrow Goats2114Swish & Flick
9:10 pmEmpire NFlakey Flickers215Friends of Henry
Empire NHopcon717Piper Palooza
Empire NThe Hucking Fooligans1313Sideways Shoe
Empire NUltimate Turtle911Preshslice and the Gang
Empire SFY-Young215Discount Flyers
Empire SHogs Against the Machine1310Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Empire SLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1925FY-Younger
Empire SWest Coast Penguins 122The Marauders
Jericho WSubway1712Tina's Thursday Team - Be Better
Jericho WThe Frizzles716NightHucks_
Jericho WThe Ultimates316#sports
Jericho Wzoi1112Weenie Huck Jr.
Memorial SW90's Throwback1321Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Memorial SWDisc Appointment912Gen Z(oom)
Memorial SWThe Gino Odj-discs1221Huck It
Memorial SWTry, Catch, Throw319Hat Trick Stars
Trillium EFriends of David124Duckies
Trillium ENot in the Face214Dim Summers
Trillium ESpinister Motives619Friz Nasty
Trillium EThe Trilby's 1318Discstruction
Trillium WDiscturbed219Team Adequate
Trillium WHand of Chal1215Absolute Zeroes
Trillium WSwish & Flick159Fire Ferrets
Trillium WThrow Goats147Hotpot
Mon Nov 7
8:15 pm
Empire NHammer Beats Rabbit1419The Perogies
Empire NNo D(isc) No Life179Freshly Laundered
Empire NSpirit Foul 1913National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Empire NTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1421DUMP truckers
Empire S#Sportss218ERR’DAY
Empire Sgreat clipz1510Hangry Flickers
Empire SMacaroni with the chicken strips1720Plaid to the Bone
Empire SW SMASH812Mastadon Fall
Jericho WBasura Gang1612Significant Otters
Jericho WDarts YVR2118Panic with the disc(o)
Jericho WHuck If You Want Me!1813Frisbros
Jericho WRuby & Friends2117Disconnect
Memorial SWDragon Sound158Dogs in Space
Memorial SWFlight Club1114Bees!
Memorial SWMildly Threatening116Yacht Rock Brewing Athletics
Memorial SWOne Hat Wonders2115Fall Fireball League
Trillium ELeVibes1921Flickin' Freezin'
Trillium EMidnight Monday1618Full Send Cat
Trillium EPayday1221Flamingos at Bingo
Trillium ESports2115Tea Time
Trillium WCold Cuts1213Nap Life
Trillium WDisc Monkeys1018Tsunami
Trillium WDiscin' Around151492% Chance of Rain
Trillium Wgian and friends1713Monday Hat Team Competitive
9:10 pmEmpire NHammer Beats Rabbit1119DUMP truckers
Empire NNo D(isc) No Life1214National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Empire NSpirit Foul 1611Freshly Laundered
Empire NTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1021The Perogies
Empire S#Sportss1915Plaid to the Bone
Empire Sgreat clipz1815Mastadon Fall
Empire SMacaroni with the chicken strips1611ERR’DAY
Empire SW SMASH1512Hangry Flickers
Jericho WBasura Gang1510Disconnect
Jericho WDarts YVR2118Frisbros
Jericho WHuck If You Want Me!2017Panic with the disc(o)
Jericho WRuby & Friends1113Significant Otters
Memorial SWDragon Sound2112Fall Fireball League
Memorial SWFlight Club159Yacht Rock Brewing Athletics
Memorial SWMildly Threatening114Bees!
Memorial SWOne Hat Wonders1414Dogs in Space
Trillium ELeVibes1117Flamingos at Bingo
Trillium EMidnight Monday2117Tea Time
Trillium EPayday1011Flickin' Freezin'
Trillium ESports2115Full Send Cat
Trillium WCold Cuts1011Monday Hat Team Competitive
Trillium WDisc Monkeys12892% Chance of Rain
Trillium WDiscin' Around617Tsunami
Trillium Wgian and friends1216Nap Life
Thu Nov 10
8:15 pm
Empire NDisc Appointment2111Friz Nasty
Empire NHuck It621Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Empire NThe Gino Odj-discs2010Friends of David
Empire NUltimate Turtle713Gen Z(oom)
Empire SNightHucks_1815zoi
Empire SSubway2015#sports
Empire SThe Frizzles2019Absolute Zeroes
Empire SThe Marauders1712Weenie Huck Jr.
Jericho WDiscturbed1913Hotpot
Jericho WHand of Chal218Fire Ferrets
Jericho WSwish & Flick911Flakey Flickers
Jericho WThe Ultimates1315Throw Goats
Memorial SW90's Throwback2120Discstruction
Memorial SWNot in the Face215Duckies
Memorial SWThe Trilby's 216Dim Summers
Memorial SWTry, Catch, Throw1015Spinister Motives
Trillium EDiscount Flyers 2119West Coast Penguins
Trillium EFY-Younger1916FY-Young
Trillium EHogs Against the Machine1516Tina's Thursday Team - Be Better
Trillium ELittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1218Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Trillium WPiper Palooza1310Sideways Shoe
Trillium WPreshslice and the Gang1017Hat Trick Stars
Trillium WTeam Adequate1216Friends of Henry
Trillium WThe Hucking Fooligans139Hopcon
9:10 pmEmpire NDisc Appointment215Friends of David
Empire NHuck It1319Gen Z(oom)
Empire NThe Gino Odj-discs1719Friz Nasty
Empire NUltimate TurtleScoober-Dooby-Doo
Empire SNightHucks_155Weenie Huck Jr.
Empire SSubway2115Absolute Zeroes
Empire SThe Frizzles1316#sports
Empire SThe Marauders1221zoi
Jericho WDiscturbed1417Throw Goats
Jericho WHand of Chal1321Flakey Flickers
Jericho WSwish & Flick1710Fire Ferrets
Jericho WThe Ultimates1713Hotpot
Memorial SW90's Throwback1414Spinister Motives
Memorial SWNot in the Face219Dim Summers
Memorial SWThe Trilby's 214Duckies
Memorial SWTry, Catch, Throw1519Discstruction
Trillium EDiscount Flyers 2119FY-Young
Trillium EFY-Younger2116West Coast Penguins
Trillium EHogs Against the Machine1416Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Trillium ELittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2120Tina's Thursday Team - Be Better
Trillium WPiper Palooza815Hat Trick Stars
Trillium WPreshslice and the Gang1516Sideways Shoe
Trillium WTeam Adequate188Hopcon
Trillium WThe Hucking Fooligans1518Friends of Henry
Mon Nov 14
8:15 pm
Empire NDogs in SpaceForfeitedYacht Rock Brewing Athletics
Empire NDragon Sound217Mildly Threatening
Empire NFall Fireball League 218Bees!
Empire NOne Hat Wonders165Flight Club
Empire SBasura Gang1421Darts YVR
Empire SDisconnect1516Frisbros
Empire SRuby & Friends921Huck If You Want Me!
Empire SSignificant Otters2116Panic with the disc(o)
Jericho WCold Cuts1914Discin' Around
Jericho Wgian and friends1113Disc Monkeys
Jericho WMonday Hat Team Competitive1714Tsunami
Jericho WNap Life211192% Chance of Rain
Memorial SWFull Send Cat199Flamingos at Bingo
Memorial SWMidnight Monday1821Payday
Memorial SWSports1821LeVibes
Memorial SWTea Time1621Flickin' Freezin'
Trillium Egreat clipz2114#Sportss
Trillium EHangry Flickers1813ERR’DAY
Trillium EMastadon Fall1814Plaid to the Bone
Trillium EW SMASH1121Macaroni with the chicken strips
Trillium WDUMP truckers2112National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Trillium WHammer Beats Rabbit219No D(isc) No Life
Trillium WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1021Spirit Foul
Trillium WThe Perogies1914Freshly Laundered
9:10 pmEmpire NDogs in Space216Bees!
Empire NDragon Sound216Flight Club
Empire NFall Fireball League 216Yacht Rock Brewing Athletics
Empire NOne Hat Wonders216Mildly Threatening
Empire SBasura Gang1221Huck If You Want Me!
Empire SDisconnect1516Panic with the disc(o)
Empire SRuby & Friends2115Darts YVR
Empire SSignificant OttersFrisbros
Jericho WCold Cuts1513Disc Monkeys
Jericho Wgian and friends1721Discin' Around
Jericho WMonday Hat Team Competitive15992% Chance of Rain
Jericho WNap Life2112Tsunami
Memorial SWFull Send Cat2116Flickin' Freezin'
Memorial SWMidnight Monday1921LeVibes
Memorial SWSports2113Payday
Memorial SWTea Time2013Flamingos at Bingo
Trillium Egreat clipz1314Macaroni with the chicken strips
Trillium EHangry Flickers2110Plaid to the Bone
Trillium EMastadon Fall2119ERR’DAY
Trillium EW SMASH1721#Sportss
Trillium WDUMP truckers2010Freshly Laundered
Trillium WHammer Beats Rabbit2114Spirit Foul
Trillium WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1816No D(isc) No Life
Trillium WThe Perogies1615National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Thu Nov 17
8:15 pm
Empire N90's Throwback1711Not in the Face
Empire NDiscstruction109Duckies
Empire NSpinister Motives177Dim Summers
Empire NTry, Catch, Throw2113The Trilby's
Empire SDiscturbed1615Swish & Flick
Empire SHotpot1321Flakey Flickers
Empire SThe Ultimates1521Hand of Chal
Empire SThrow Goats1914Fire Ferrets
Jericho WFriends of Henry1518Sideways Shoe
Jericho WHopcon521Hat Trick Stars
Jericho WTeam Adequate1216Piper Palooza
Jericho WThe Hucking FooligansForfeitedPreshslice and the Gang
Memorial SWDiscount Flyers 2114Hogs Against the Machine
Memorial SWFY-Young1618Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Memorial SWFY-Younger2112Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Memorial SWWest Coast Penguins 2113Tina's Thursday Team - Be Better
Trillium ENightHucks_1611The Frizzles
Trillium EThe Marauders1518Subway
Trillium EWeenie Huck Jr.1614#sports
Trillium Ezoi1917Absolute Zeroes
Trillium WGen Z(oom)1511Friz Nasty
Trillium WHuck It1921The Gino Odj-discs
Trillium WScoober-Dooby-Doo217Friends of David
Trillium WUltimate Turtle1510Disc Appointment
9:10 pmEmpire N90's Throwback1912The Trilby's
Empire NDiscstruction157Dim Summers
Empire NSpinister Motives137Duckies
Empire NTry, Catch, Throw2111Not in the Face
Empire SDiscturbed1515Hand of Chal
Empire SHotpot1813Fire Ferrets
Empire SThe Ultimates2110Swish & Flick
Empire SThrow Goats1713Flakey Flickers
Jericho WFriends of Henry1416Hat Trick Stars
Jericho WHopcon611Sideways Shoe
Jericho WTeam AdequateForfeitedPreshslice and the Gang
Jericho WThe Hucking Fooligans1813Piper Palooza
Memorial SWDiscount Flyers 1721Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Memorial SWFY-Young1915Tina's Thursday Team - Be Better
Memorial SWFY-Younger2112Hogs Against the Machine
Memorial SWWest Coast Penguins 1718Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Trillium ENightHucks_1521Subway
Trillium EThe Marauders2117The Frizzles
Trillium EWeenie Huck Jr.1819Absolute Zeroes
Trillium Ezoi1411#sports
Trillium WGen Z(oom)219Friends of David
Trillium WHuck It1112Disc Appointment
Trillium WScoober-Dooby-Doo216Friz Nasty
Trillium WUltimate Turtle2117The Gino Odj-discs
Mon Nov 21
8:15 pm
Empire NFlamingos at Bingo2119LeVibes
Empire NFlickin' Freezin'1121Midnight Monday
Empire NFull Send Cat2113Tea Time
Empire NSports2110Payday
Empire SCold Cuts1113Disc Monkeys
Empire SDisconnect2112DUMP truckers
Empire SMonday Hat Team CompetitiveForfeitedgian and friends
Empire STsunami714Discin' Around
Jericho W92% Chance of Rain2015One Hat Wonders
Jericho WHammer Beats Rabbit1315No D(isc) No Life
Jericho WSpirit Foul 1716National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Jericho WThe Perogies214Dragon Sound
Memorial SW#Sportss2110Plaid to the Bone
Memorial SWgreat clipz2118Huck If You Want Me!
Memorial SWHangry Flickers1821Mastadon Fall
Memorial SWMacaroni with the chicken strips1615W SMASH
Trillium EBasura Gang1312Frisbros
Trillium EDarts YVR1419Ruby & Friends
Trillium EERR’DAY218Nap Life
Trillium ESignificant Otters1815Panic with the disc(o)
Trillium WDogs in Space212Flight Club
Trillium WFall Fireball League 2111Mildly Threatening
Trillium WFreshly Laundered206Yacht Rock Brewing Athletics
Trillium WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion219Bees!
9:10 pmEmpire NFlickin' Freezin'1421Tea Time
Empire NMidnight Monday2114Full Send Cat
Empire NPayday2119LeVibes
Empire NSports1917Flamingos at Bingo
Empire SDisconnect216Disc Monkeys
Empire SDUMP truckers921Cold Cuts
Empire Sgian and friendsForfeitedTsunami
Empire SMonday Hat Team Competitive1014Discin' Around
Jericho W92% Chance of Rain921No D(isc) No Life
Jericho WNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team1114Dragon Sound
Jericho WOne Hat Wonders1121Hammer Beats Rabbit
Jericho WSpirit Foul 1421The Perogies
Memorial SWgreat clipz2220Mastadon Fall
Memorial SWHuck If You Want Me!1221Hangry Flickers
Memorial SWMacaroni with the chicken strips149#Sportss
Memorial SWW SMASH2015Plaid to the Bone
Trillium EERR’DAY1415Basura Gang
Trillium ENap Life2112Frisbros
Trillium EPanic with the disc(o)1213Darts YVR
Trillium ESignificant Otters1916Ruby & Friends
Trillium WBees!1317Flight Club
Trillium WFall Fireball League 921Freshly Laundered
Trillium WMildly Threatening1613Yacht Rock Brewing Athletics
Trillium WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1419Dogs in Space
Thu Nov 24
8:15 pm
Empire NDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back2111Tina's Thursday Team - Be Better
Empire NDiscount Flyers 2115FY-Young
Empire NFY-Younger2115Subway
Empire NLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2119West Coast Penguins
Empire SFire Ferrets1415Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Empire SPiper Palooza1716Team Adequate
Empire SSideways Shoe199Friends of Henry
Empire SThe Hucking Fooligans216Gen Z(oom)
Jericho WDisc Appointment1813Spinister Motives
Jericho WHopcon21990's Throwback
Jericho WPreshslice and the Gang155The Trilby's
Jericho WUltimate Turtle2117The Gino Odj-discs
Memorial SWHogs Against the Machine2113The Frizzles
Memorial SWNightHucks_1612#sports
Memorial SWThe Marauders1913Absolute Zeroes
Memorial SWzoi1621Weenie Huck Jr.
Trillium EDiscturbed1516Hotpot
Trillium EFlakey FlickersForfeitedSwish & Flick
Trillium EHand of Chal1321The Ultimates
Trillium EThrow Goats1415Hat Trick Stars
Trillium WDiscstruction1213Not in the Face
Trillium WFriends of David (F104)Dim Summers
Trillium WFriz Nasty813Duckies
Trillium WHuck It1613Try, Catch, Throw
9:10 pmEmpire NDiscount Flyers 2110Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Empire NFY-Young2113Tina's Thursday Team - Be Better
Empire NFY-Younger2115Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Empire NSubway1716West Coast Penguins
Empire SFire Ferrets2117Team Adequate
Empire SFriends of Henry146Gen Z(oom)
Empire SScoober-Dooby-Doo1512Piper Palooza
Empire SSideways Shoe1415The Hucking Fooligans
Jericho WDisc Appointment1216Hopcon
Jericho WPreshslice and the Gang1715Ultimate Turtle
Jericho WSpinister Motives102190's Throwback
Jericho WThe Trilby's 1117The Gino Odj-discs
Memorial SW#sports2116zoi
Memorial SWHogs Against the Machine2111The Marauders
Memorial SWNightHucks_1516Weenie Huck Jr.
Memorial SWThe Frizzles1814Absolute Zeroes
Trillium EDiscturbed1615Swish & Flick
Trillium EHat Trick Stars (C105)The Ultimates
Trillium EHotpot1317Flakey Flickers
Trillium EThrow Goats2111Hand of Chal
Trillium WDuckies149Not in the Face
Trillium WFriz Nasty1312Discstruction
Trillium WHuck It218Friends of David
Trillium WTry, Catch, Throw (F108)L: F104
Mon Nov 28
8:15 pm
Empire Ngreat clipz (B109)Macaroni with the chicken strips
Empire NHangry Flickers2111W SMASH
Empire NHuck If You Want Me! (B112)Plaid to the Bone
Empire NMastadon Fall2116#Sportss
Empire S92% Chance of Rain821Spirit Foul
Empire SHammer Beats Rabbit2116Dragon Sound
Empire SNo D(isc) No Life (E109)The Perogies
Empire SOne Hat Wonders2021National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Jericho WBees!1321Yacht Rock Brewing Athletics
Jericho WDogs in Space1921Freshly Laundered
Jericho WFlight Club (F111)Mildly Threatening
Jericho WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1821Fall Fireball League
Memorial SWBasura Gang1714Significant Otters
Memorial SWERR’DAY2119Ruby & Friends
Memorial SWFrisbros (C112)Panic with the disc(o)
Memorial SWNap Life1021Darts YVR
Trillium ECold Cuts (D111)W: D104
Trillium EDisc Monkeys1410Monday Hat Team Competitive
Trillium EDisconnect2116Discin' Around
Trillium EDUMP truckers (D112)gian and friends
Trillium WFlamingos at Bingo2527Full Send Cat
Trillium WLeVibes216Flickin' Freezin'
Trillium WPayday (A111)Tea Time
Trillium WSports (A109)Midnight Monday
Thu Dec 1
8:15 pm
Empire NAbsolute Zeroes (B112)zoi
Empire NHogs Against the Machine (B109)Weenie Huck Jr.
Empire NThe Frizzles (B111)#sports
Empire NThe Marauders00NightHucks_
Empire SPreshslice and the Gang (E109)Hopcon
Empire SThe Gino Odj-discs (E111)90's Throwback
Empire SThe Trilby's (E112)Spinister Motives
Empire SUltimate Turtle (E110)Disc Appointment
Jericho WDiscstruction (F112)L: F108
Jericho WDuckies (F109)Huck It
Jericho WFriz Nasty (F111)Try, Catch, Throw
Jericho WNot in the Face (F110)Friends of David
Memorial SWW: C105 (C109)Flakey Flickers
Memorial SWL: C105 (C110)Hotpot
Memorial SWHand of Chal (C112)Swish & Flick
Memorial SWThrow Goats (C111)Discturbed
Trillium EFire Ferrets (D111)Friends of Henry
Trillium EPiper Palooza (D110)Sideways Shoe
Trillium EScoober-Dooby-Doo (D109)The Hucking Fooligans
Trillium ETeam Adequate (D112)Gen Z(oom)
Trillium WFY-Younger (A109)Discount Flyers
Trillium WLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers (A110)Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Trillium WSubway (A111)FY-Young
Trillium WWest Coast Penguins (A112)Tina's Thursday Team - Be Better