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Sun Feb 2
10:00 am
Winona CGet HuckyHucking Dead
Winona CSultanas of Swing138Fifty Shades of Family Day
Winona S47 Thrownin613Clown Wars
Winona SI Flickenstein613American Hustlers
11:30 amWinona CGet Hucky413Fifty Shades of Family Day
Winona CSultanas of SwingHucking Dead
Winona S47 Thrownin513American Hustlers
Winona SI Flickenstein813Clown Wars
Sun Feb 16
10:00 am
Columbia C47 Thrownin57Hucking Dead
Columbia CI Flickenstein45Fifty Shades of Family Day
Winona SAmerican Hustlers122Sultanas of Swing
Winona SClown Wars1211Get Hucky
11:30 amColumbia C47 Thrownin910Fifty Shades of Family Day
Columbia CI Flickenstein67Hucking Dead
Winona SAmerican Hustlers109Get Hucky
Winona SClown Wars910Sultanas of Swing
Sun Feb 23
10:00 am
Oak MeadowsAmerican HustlersCancelledFifty Shades of Family Day
Oak MeadowsClown WarsCancelledHucking Dead
Winona N47 ThrowninCancelledGet Hucky
Winona NI FlickensteinCancelledSultanas of Swing
11:30 amOak MeadowsAmerican HustlersCancelledHucking Dead
Oak MeadowsClown WarsCancelledFifty Shades of Family Day
Winona N47 ThrowninCancelledSultanas of Swing
Winona NI FlickensteinCancelledGet Hucky
Sun Mar 2
10:00 am
Winona CAmerican HustlersCancelledClown Wars
Winona CI FlickensteinCancelled47 Thrownin
Winona SFifty Shades of Family DayCancelledHucking Dead
Winona SSultanas of SwingCancelledGet Hucky
11:30 amWinona CAmerican HustlersCancelled47 Thrownin
Winona CI FlickensteinCancelledClown Wars
Winona SFifty Shades of Family DayCancelledGet Hucky
Winona SSultanas of SwingCancelledHucking Dead
Sun Mar 9
10:00 am
Columbia CAmerican Hustlers913Fifty Shades of Family Day
Columbia CI FlickensteinDefaultSultanas of Swing
Winona S47 Thrownin1013Get Hucky
Winona SClown WarsCancelledHucking Dead
11:30 amColumbia CAmerican Hustlers126Sultanas of Swing
Columbia CI Flickenstein37Fifty Shades of Family Day
Winona S47 Thrownin1013Hucking Dead
Winona SClown Wars1310Get Hucky
Sun Mar 16
10:00 am
Oak Meadows47 Thrownin136Sultanas of Swing
Oak MeadowsClown Wars97Fifty Shades of Family Day
Winona NAmerican HustlersHucking Dead
Winona NI FlickensteinDefaultGet Hucky
11:30 amOak Meadows47 ThrowninCancelledFifty Shades of Family Day
Oak MeadowsClown Wars25Sultanas of Swing
Winona NAmerican HustlersGet Hucky
Winona NI FlickensteinDefaultHucking Dead
Sun Mar 23
10:00 am
Winona CAmerican Hustlers11947 Thrownin
Winona CSultanas of Swing1112Get Hucky
Winona NClown Wars79Hucking Dead
Winona NFifty Shades of Family Day74I Flickenstein
11:30 amWinona CGet Hucky812American Hustlers
Winona CSultanas of Swing11947 Thrownin
Winona NFifty Shades of Family Day (S111)Hucking Dead
Winona NI Flickenstein105Clown Wars
Sun Mar 30
10:00 am
Oak MeadowsClown Wars12547 Thrownin
Oak MeadowsI Flickenstein913Sultanas of Swing
Winona SW: S111 (S121)American Hustlers
Winona SHucking Dead (S122)Get Hucky
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