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Wed May 7
6:00 pm
BalaclavaHungry For The D134Freak Show
BalaclavaMighty Hucking Power Rangers126Train Wreck
Jericho EI AM FASH713Disc Comfort
Jericho ESippin Sunshine108Hammer-heads
Kingcreststacks on stacks on stacks107SEAL
Memorial OAngryBirds 117Teamocil
Memorial OTastes Like Another89Couch Jockeys
Oak MeadowsBetty Cracker613zoi
Oak MeadowsThe Unknown1011Batteries Not Included
Trafalgar NWSlaughtermelon134East Side Empire
Trafalgar NWWyld Stallyns610Shimmy Shang
Winona CGot Flab?106Dim Sum Warriors
Winona CPOP POP131The Eagles
Winona SIt's Business Time89Frisbee Bearz
Winona SLocal Pint48Baywatchers
6:30 pmStrathcona ECEgg Then Chicken1312Victorious Secret
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ECircular Logic817Wok Don't Run
Andy Livingstone EICEMAN154Nerds huck you long time
Jericho WReTox1310Like a Simile
Jericho WSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go138SSB
Memorial SWFriends of Friends136Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Memorial SWFrisbee Union136Stacked
7:30 pmBalaclavaHungry For The D107Train Wreck
BalaclavaMighty Hucking Power Rangers132Freak Show
Jericho EI AM FASH137Hammer-heads
Jericho ESippin Sunshine613Disc Comfort
Kingcreststacks on stacks on stacks213Ruckus
Memorial OAngryBirds 513Couch Jockeys
Memorial OTastes Like Another105Teamocil
Oak MeadowsBetty Cracker138Batteries Not Included
Oak MeadowsThe Unknown1013zoi
Trafalgar NWSlaughtermelon95Shimmy Shang
Trafalgar NWWyld Stallyns134East Side Empire
Winona CGot Flab?124The Eagles
Winona CPOP POP133Dim Sum Warriors
Winona SIt's Business Time78Baywatchers
Winona SLocal Pint58Frisbee Bearz
8:30 pmJericho WReTox134SSB
Jericho WSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go134Like a Simile
Memorial SWFriends of Friends137Stacked
Memorial SWFrisbee Union134Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Wed May 14
6:00 pm
BalaclavaCouch Jockeys513Frisbee Union
BalaclavaTeamocil413Friends of Friends
Jericho EBaywatchers89Victorious Secret
Jericho EFrisbee BearzEgg Then Chicken
KingcrestLike a Simile136Hammer-heads
KingcrestSSB1013Disc Comfort
Memorial OBetty Cracker138URFT
Memorial OThe Unknown1513stacks on stacks on stacks
Oak MeadowsReTox135Sippin Sunshine
Oak MeadowsSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go132I AM FASH
Trafalgar NWStacked95Nerds huck you long time
Trafalgar NWXuing Xuang (Ruckus)ICEMAN
Winona CFreak Show712Wyld Stallyns
Winona CTrain Wreck610Slaughtermelon
Winona SEast Side Empire77Wok Don't Run
Winona SShimmy Shang711Circular Logic
6:30 pmStrathcona ECGot Flab?1214POP POP
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EAngryBirds 1214Tastes Like Another
Andy Livingstone EHungry For The D417Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Jericho WDim Sum Warriors132It's Business Time
Jericho WThe Eagles127Local Pint
Memorial SWBatteries Not Included1113SEAL
Memorial SWzoi1013Ruckus
7:30 pmBalaclavaCouch Jockeys1013Friends of Friends
BalaclavaTeamocil513Frisbee Union
Jericho EBaywatchers1310Egg Then Chicken
Jericho EFrisbee Bearz134Victorious Secret
KingcrestLike a Simile1113Disc Comfort
Memorial OBetty Cracker138stacks on stacks on stacks
Memorial OThe Unknown1310URFT
Oak MeadowsReTox133I AM FASH
Oak MeadowsSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go135Sippin Sunshine
Trafalgar NWStacked413ICEMAN
Trafalgar NWXuing Xuang (Ruckus)129Nerds huck you long time
Winona CFreak Show213Slaughtermelon
Winona CTrain Wreck1011Wyld Stallyns
Winona SEast Side Empire711Circular Logic
Winona SShimmy Shang105Wok Don't Run
8:30 pmJericho WDim Sum Warriors100Local Pint
Jericho WThe Eagles106It's Business Time
Memorial SWBatteries Not Included1013Ruckus
Memorial SWzoi1013SEAL
Wed May 21
6:00 pm
Jericho EFreak Show59Shimmy Shang
Jericho ETrain Wreck98East Side Empire
KingcrestDim Sum Warriors128Frisbee Bearz
KingcrestThe Eagles610Baywatchers
Memorial OReTox137Hammer-heads
Memorial OSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go1311Disc Comfort
Oak MeadowsGot Flab?135Egg Then Chicken
Oak MeadowsPOP POP105Victorious Secret
Winona CAngryBirds 1211ICEMAN
Winona CTastes Like Another611Nerds huck you long time
Winona SCouch Jockeys107Stacked
Winona STeamocil118Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
6:30 pmBalaclavaBatteries Not Included1711zoi
BalaclavaThe Unknown1712Betty Cracker
Strathcona ECIt's Business Time1713Local Pint
Trafalgar NWSEAL1015Ruckus
Trafalgar NWstacks on stacks on stacks913URFT
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EFriends of Friends1013Frisbee Union
Andy Livingstone EWyld Stallyns816Slaughtermelon
Jericho WHungry For The D136Circular Logic
Jericho WMighty Hucking Power Rangers128Wok Don't Run
Memorial SWLike a Simile132Sippin Sunshine
Memorial SWSSB1312I AM FASH
7:30 pmJericho EFreak Show119East Side Empire
Jericho ETrain Wreck109Shimmy Shang
KingcrestDim Sum Warriors107Baywatchers
KingcrestThe Eagles22Frisbee Bearz
Memorial OReTox132Disc Comfort
Memorial OSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce GoHammer-heads
Oak MeadowsGot Flab?136Victorious Secret
Oak MeadowsPOP POP136Egg Then Chicken
Winona CAngryBirds 138Nerds huck you long time
Winona CTastes Like Another413ICEMAN
Winona SCouch Jockeys136Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Winona STeamocil78Stacked
8:30 pmJericho WHungry For The D129Wok Don't Run
Jericho WMighty Hucking Power Rangers136Circular Logic
Memorial SWLike a Simile139I AM FASH
Memorial SWSSB138Sippin Sunshine
Wed May 28
6:00 pm
Jericho EFriends of Friends1112ICEMAN
Jericho EFrisbee Union135Nerds huck you long time
KingcrestSlaughtermelon124Wok Don't Run
KingcrestWyld Stallyns115Circular Logic
Memorial OGot Flab?126Frisbee Bearz
Memorial OPOP POP138Baywatchers
Oak MeadowsHungry For The D128Shimmy Shang
Oak MeadowsMighty Hucking Power Rangers132East Side Empire
Winona CBetty Cracker513Ruckus
Winona CThe Unknown913SEAL
Winona SBatteries Not Included1013stacks on stacks on stacks
Winona Szoi137URFT
6:30 pmBalaclavaLike a Simile178SSB
BalaclavaReToxSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Strathcona ECDim Sum Warriors139The Eagles
Trafalgar NWHammer-heads915Disc Comfort
Trafalgar NWSippin Sunshine817I AM FASH
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EFreak Show99Train Wreck
Andy Livingstone ETeamocil413Couch Jockeys
Jericho WAngryBirds 712Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Jericho WTastes Like Another513Stacked
Memorial SWIt's Business Time911Egg Then Chicken
Memorial SWLocal Pint213Victorious Secret
7:30 pmJericho EFriends of Friends135Nerds huck you long time
Jericho EFrisbee Union1013ICEMAN
KingcrestSlaughtermelon74Circular Logic
KingcrestWyld Stallyns512Wok Don't Run
Memorial OGot Flab?75Baywatchers
Memorial OPOP POP133Frisbee Bearz
Oak MeadowsHungry For The D114East Side Empire
Oak MeadowsMighty Hucking Power Rangers94Shimmy Shang
Winona CBetty Cracker99SEAL
Winona CThe Unknown810Ruckus
Winona SBatteries Not Included69URFT
Winona Szoi1210stacks on stacks on stacks
8:30 pmJericho WAngryBirds 1112Stacked
Jericho WTastes Like Another813Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Memorial SWIt's Business Time513Victorious Secret
Memorial SWLocal Pint48Egg Then Chicken
Wed Jun 4
6:00 pm
Adanac NWThe Unknown1310Frisbee Union
Adanac NWURFT910Batteries Not Included
BalaclavaEast Side Empire913Baywatchers
BalaclavaFreak Show613Dim Sum Warriors
KingcrestTastes Like Another131Slaughtermelon
KingcrestXuing Xuang (Ruckus)119AngryBirds
Memorial ONerds huck you long time134Wyld Stallyns
Memorial OTeamocil810Hungry For The D
Oak MeadowsFriends of Friends1310Stacked
Oak Meadowsstacks on stacks on stacks137Couch Jockeys
Trafalgar NWEgg Then Chicken75The Eagles
Trafalgar NWFrisbee Bearz35Victorious Secret
Winona CReTox136Like a Simile
Winona CSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go913Disc Comfort
Winona SI AM FASH1310zoi
Winona SSSB1210Ruckus
6:30 pmStrathcona ECPOP POP1112Got Flab?
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EICEMAN1517Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Andy Livingstone EIt's Business Time517Local Pint
Jericho WHammer-heads139SEAL
Jericho WSippin Sunshine137Betty Cracker
Memorial SWShimmy Shang810Wok Don't Run
Memorial SWTrain Wreck68Circular Logic
7:30 pmAdanac NWThe Unknown1214Batteries Not Included
Adanac NWURFT1311Frisbee Union
BalaclavaEast Side Empire512Dim Sum Warriors
BalaclavaFreak Show1012Baywatchers
KingcrestTastes Like Another86AngryBirds
KingcrestXuing Xuang (Ruckus)136Slaughtermelon
Memorial ONerds huck you long time1113Hungry For The D
Memorial OTeamocil136Wyld Stallyns
Oak MeadowsFriends of Friends129Couch Jockeys
Oak Meadowsstacks on stacks on stacks134Stacked
Trafalgar NWEgg Then Chicken513Victorious Secret
Trafalgar NWFrisbee Bearz83The Eagles
Winona CReTox139Disc Comfort
Winona CSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go1310Like a Simile
Winona SI AM FASH137Ruckus
Winona SSSB133zoi
8:30 pmJericho WHammer-heads1310Betty Cracker
Jericho WSippin Sunshine136SEAL
Memorial SWShimmy Shang131Circular Logic
Memorial SWTrain Wreck713Wok Don't Run
Wed Jun 11
6:00 pm
Adanac NWThe Eagles74Local Pint
Adanac NWVictorious Secret86It's Business Time
BalaclavaHungry For The D1010Shimmy Shang
BalaclavaWyld Stallyns85Train Wreck
Jericho EDisc ComfortRuckus
Jericho ELike a Simile135zoi
KingcrestBatteries Not Included913ICEMAN
KingcrestFrisbee Union1312Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Memorial OFriends of Friends108Tastes Like Another
Memorial Ostacks on stacks on stacks1412Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Oak MeadowsBetty Cracker813URFT
Oak MeadowsSEAL1310The Unknown
Rupert CBaywatchers133Egg Then Chicken
Rupert CDim Sum Warriors55Frisbee Bearz
Trafalgar NWCircular Logic513Got Flab?
Trafalgar NWWok Don't Run613POP POP
6:30 pmStrathcona ECTeamocil1211Nerds huck you long time
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EFreak Show1612East Side Empire
Andy Livingstone ESippin Sunshine1713Hammer-heads
Jericho WReTox137I AM FASH
Jericho WSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go136SSB
Memorial SWCouch Jockeys138AngryBirds
Memorial SWStacked138Slaughtermelon
7:30 pmAdanac NWThe Eagles67It's Business Time
Adanac NWVictorious Secret84Local Pint
BalaclavaHungry For The D1310Train Wreck
BalaclavaWyld Stallyns813Shimmy Shang
Jericho EDisc Comfort137zoi
Jericho ELike a SimileRuckus
KingcrestBatteries Not Included139Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
KingcrestFrisbee UnionCancelledICEMAN
Memorial OFriends of Friends1514Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Memorial Ostacks on stacks on stacks139Tastes Like Another
Oak MeadowsBetty Cracker1113The Unknown
Oak MeadowsSEALCancelledURFT
Rupert CBaywatchers1010Frisbee Bearz
Rupert CDim Sum Warriors133Egg Then Chicken
Trafalgar NWCircular Logic512POP POP
Trafalgar NWWok Don't Run913Got Flab?
8:30 pmJericho WReTox136SSB
Jericho WSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go134I AM FASH
Memorial SWCouch Jockeys134Slaughtermelon
Memorial SWStacked913AngryBirds
Wed Jun 18
6:00 pm
Adanac NWHungry For The D88Wok Don't Run
Adanac NWWyld Stallyns811Circular Logic
Balaclavastacks on stacks on stacks155Friends of Friends
BalaclavaXuing Xuang (Ruckus)413Tastes Like Another
Jericho EBaywatchers134The Eagles
Jericho EDim Sum Warriors58Victorious Secret
KingcrestDisc Comfort118SSB
KingcrestLike a Simile135I AM FASH
Memorial OHammer-headsForfeitedMighty Hucking Power Rangers
Memorial OSippin Sunshine139ICEMAN
Oak MeadowsReTox135zoi
Oak MeadowsSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce GoRuckus
Rupert CNerds huck you long time68Got Flab?
Rupert CTeamocil105POP POP
6:30 pmStrathcona ECShimmy Shang513Train Wreck
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EFrisbee Bearz1311Egg Then Chicken
Andy Livingstone EURFT1214The Unknown
Jericho WEast Side Empire76Local Pint
Jericho WFreak Show98It's Business Time
Memorial SWBetty Cracker138Batteries Not Included
Memorial SWSEAL1110Frisbee Union
7:30 pmAdanac NWHungry For The D134Circular Logic
Adanac NWWyld Stallyns813Wok Don't Run
BalaclavaAngryBirds 131Slaughtermelon
BalaclavaCouch Jockeys136Stacked
Jericho EBaywatchers119Victorious Secret
Jericho EDim Sum Warriors128The Eagles
KingcrestDisc Comfort136I AM FASH
KingcrestLike a Simile913SSB
Memorial OHammer-headsDefaultICEMAN
Memorial OSippin Sunshine137Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Oak MeadowsReToxRuckus
Oak MeadowsSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go135zoi
Rupert CNerds huck you long time511POP POP
Rupert CTeamocil86Got Flab?
8:30 pmJericho WEast Side Empire134It's Business Time
Jericho WFreak Show510Local Pint
Memorial SWBetty Cracker813Frisbee Union
Memorial SWSEAL1310Batteries Not Included
Wed Jun 25
6:00 pm
BalaclavaHammer-heads76Frisbee Union
BalaclavaSippin Sunshine137Batteries Not Included
Jericho EShimmy Shang312POP POP
Jericho ETrain Wreck413Got Flab?
Killarney CCouch Jockeys134Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Killarney CStacked109Tastes Like Another
KingcrestEgg Then Chicken611Local Pint
KingcrestFrisbee Bearz118It's Business Time
Memorial OSSB712I AM FASH
Memorial OSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go1012ReTox
Oak MeadowsEast Side Empire1214The Eagles
Oak MeadowsFreak Show813Victorious Secret
Rupert CFriends of Friends94Slaughtermelon
Rupert Cstacks on stacks on stacks313AngryBirds
Trafalgar NWThe Unknown911Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
6:30 pmStrathcona ECHungry For The D1714Wyld Stallyns
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBetty Cracker179SEAL
Andy Livingstone EDim Sum Warriors1615Baywatchers
Jericho WNerds huck you long timeCircular Logic
Jericho WTeamocil69Wok Don't Run
7:30 pmBalaclavaHammer-heads1312Batteries Not Included
BalaclavaSippin Sunshine139Frisbee Union
Jericho EShimmy Shang413Got Flab?
Jericho ETrain Wreck810POP POP
Killarney CCouch Jockeys136Tastes Like Another
Killarney CStacked713Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
KingcrestEgg Then Chicken139It's Business Time
KingcrestFrisbee Bearz126Local Pint
Memorial ODisc Comfort517Like a Simile
Memorial ORuckuszoi
Oak MeadowsEast Side Empire1516Victorious Secret
Oak MeadowsFreak Show910The Eagles
Rupert CFriends of Friends1113AngryBirds
Rupert Cstacks on stacks on stacks137Slaughtermelon
Trafalgar NWThe Unknown713ICEMAN
Trafalgar NWURFT613Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
8:30 pmJericho WNerds huck you long time88Wok Don't Run
Jericho WTeamocilCircular Logic
Wed Jul 2
6:00 pm
BalaclavaDim Sum Warriors87Frisbee Bearz
BalaclavaTrain Wreck108Baywatchers
Jericho ETastes Like Another108Got Flab?
Jericho EXuing Xuang (Ruckus)912Stacked
Killarney CMighty Hucking Power Rangers813ICEMAN
Killarney Czoi118Hammer-heads
KingcrestSEAL108Batteries Not Included
KingcrestThe Unknown413URFT
Memorial OPOP POP127Teamocil
Memorial OSlaughtermelon913Hungry For The D
Rupert CReTox137Disc Comfort
Rupert CSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go1311Like a Simile
Trafalgar NWLocal Pint56Freak Show
Trafalgar NWThe Eagles24Egg Then Chicken
6:30 pmMusqueam EEast Side Empire159It's Business Time
Musqueam EWyld Stallyns1314Victorious Secret
Oak MeadowsFrisbee Union1013stacks on stacks on stacks
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EI AM FASH1012Sippin Sunshine
Andy Livingstone ESSB813Ruckus
Jericho WBetty Cracker1113Couch Jockeys
Jericho WFriends of Friends1211AngryBirds
Memorial SWShimmy Shang48Nerds huck you long time
Memorial SWWok Don't RunCircular Logic
7:30 pmBalaclavaDim Sum Warriors69Baywatchers
BalaclavaTrain Wreck107Frisbee Bearz
Jericho ETastes Like Another89Stacked
Jericho EXuing Xuang (Ruckus)117Got Flab?
Killarney CMighty Hucking Power Rangers86Hammer-heads
Killarney Czoi1213ICEMAN
KingcrestThe Unknown137Batteries Not Included
Memorial OPOP POP139Hungry For The D
Memorial OSlaughtermelon1210Teamocil
Rupert CReTox107Like a Simile
Rupert CSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go132Disc Comfort
Trafalgar NWLocal Pint77Egg Then Chicken
Trafalgar NWThe Eagles98Freak Show
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EI AM FASH911Ruckus
Andy Livingstone ESSB136Sippin Sunshine
Jericho WBetty Cracker610AngryBirds
Jericho WFriends of Friends59Couch Jockeys
Memorial SWShimmy ShangCircular Logic
Memorial SWWok Don't Run910Nerds huck you long time
Wed Jul 9
6:00 pm
BalaclavaHungry For The D96Wok Don't Run
BalaclavaTeamocil131Shimmy Shang
Jericho EBatteries Not Included1210Frisbee Union
Jericho EURFT108stacks on stacks on stacks
Killarney CReTox138SSB
Killarney CSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go133I AM FASH
KingcrestDisc ComfortRuckus
KingcrestLike a Simile139Sippin Sunshine
Rupert CBaywatchers88Local Pint
Rupert CFrisbee Bearz96The Eagles
Trafalgar NWCircular LogicWyld Stallyns
Trafalgar NWNerds huck you long time107Victorious Secret
6:30 pmMemorial OBetty Cracker1715Friends of Friends
Memorial OCouch Jockeys1317AngryBirds
Musqueam ESlaughtermelon817POP POP
Musqueam ETrain Wreck136Dim Sum Warriors
Oak Meadowszoi136Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EEgg Then Chicken135It's Business Time
Andy Livingstone EFreak Show1012East Side Empire
Jericho WHammer-heads136SEAL
Jericho WICEMAN108The Unknown
Memorial SWStacked1317Got Flab?
Memorial SWXuing Xuang (Ruckus)1710Tastes Like Another
7:30 pmBalaclavaHungry For The D107Shimmy Shang
BalaclavaTeamocil138Wok Don't Run
Jericho EBatteries Not Included1314stacks on stacks on stacks
Jericho EURFT108Frisbee Union
Killarney CReTox1310I AM FASH
Killarney CSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go1311SSB
KingcrestDisc Comfort134Sippin Sunshine
KingcrestLike a SimileRuckus
Rupert CBaywatchers105The Eagles
Rupert CFrisbee Bearz67Local Pint
Trafalgar NWCircular LogicVictorious Secret
Trafalgar NWNerds huck you long time134Wyld Stallyns
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EEgg Then Chicken1213East Side Empire
Andy Livingstone EFreak Show96It's Business Time
Jericho WHammer-heads139The Unknown
Wed Jul 16
6:00 pm
BalaclavaBetty Cracker1013Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
BalaclavaFriends of Friends1310Tastes Like Another
Killarney CDim Sum Warriors97It's Business Time
Killarney CTrain Wreck138East Side Empire
KingcrestBaywatchers106Freak Show
KingcrestFrisbee Bearz134Egg Then Chicken
Memorial OMighty Hucking Power Rangers1213stacks on stacks on stacks
Memorial Ozoi137Frisbee Union
Rupert CPOP POP114Victorious Secret
Rupert CSlaughtermelon116Wyld Stallyns
Trafalgar NWAngryBirds 133Got Flab?
Trafalgar NWCouch Jockeys135Stacked
6:30 pmJericho ERuckus177Sippin Sunshine
Jericho ESSB137I AM FASH
Musqueam ESEAL1417The Unknown
Musqueam EWok Don't Run1310Shimmy Shang
Winona NLocal Pint1313The Eagles
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EHungry For The DCircular Logic
Andy Livingstone ETeamocil811Nerds huck you long time
Jericho WDisc Comfort1214Like a Simile
Jericho WReTox1311Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Memorial SWHammer-heads137Batteries Not Included
7:30 pmBalaclavaBetty Cracker1311Tastes Like Another
BalaclavaFriends of Friends115Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Killarney CDim Sum Warriors134East Side Empire
Killarney CTrain Wreck138It's Business Time
KingcrestBaywatchers136Egg Then Chicken
KingcrestFrisbee Bearz126Freak Show
Memorial OMighty Hucking Power Rangers1311Frisbee Union
Memorial Ozoi1013stacks on stacks on stacks
Rupert CPOP POP136Wyld Stallyns
Rupert CSlaughtermelon129Victorious Secret
Trafalgar NWAngryBirds 134Stacked
Trafalgar NWCouch Jockeys127Got Flab?
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EHungry For The D105Nerds huck you long time
Andy Livingstone ETeamocilCircular Logic
Memorial SWHammer-headsForfeitedURFT
Memorial SWICEMAN1310Batteries Not Included
Wed Jul 23
6:00 pm
BalaclavaMighty Hucking Power Rangers713URFT
Balaclavazoi139Batteries Not Included
Killarney CPOP POP710Nerds huck you long time
Killarney CSlaughtermelonCircular Logic
KingcrestShimmy Shang413Victorious Secret
KingcrestWok Don't Run137Wyld Stallyns
Memorial OReToxForfeitedRuckus
Memorial OSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go134Sippin Sunshine
Musqueam ELocal PintDefaultEast Side Empire
Musqueam EThe Eagles1010It's Business Time
Rupert CBetty Cracker96Stacked
Rupert CFriends of Friends106Got Flab?
Trafalgar NWSEAL1312Frisbee Union
Trafalgar NWThe Unknown1013stacks on stacks on stacks
6:30 pmJericho EHungry For The DCancelledTeamocil
Oak MeadowsHammer-heads1310ICEMAN
Winona NBaywatchers1310Frisbee Bearz
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EAngryBirds 912Tastes Like Another
Andy Livingstone ECouch Jockeys108Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Jericho WDim Sum Warriors79Egg Then Chicken
Jericho WTrain Wreck133Freak Show
Memorial SWDisc Comfort139SSB
Memorial SWLike a Simile138I AM FASH
7:30 pmBalaclavaMighty Hucking Power Rangers27Batteries Not Included
Killarney CPOP POPCircular Logic
Killarney CSlaughtermelon56Nerds huck you long time
KingcrestShimmy Shang85Wyld Stallyns
KingcrestWok Don't Run18Victorious Secret
Memorial OReTox130Sippin Sunshine
Memorial OSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce GoForfeitedRuckus
Musqueam ELocal Pint104It's Business Time
Musqueam EThe EaglesDefaultEast Side Empire
Rupert CBetty CrackerCancelledGot Flab?
Rupert CFriends of FriendsCancelledStacked
Trafalgar NWSEAL611stacks on stacks on stacks
Trafalgar NWThe Unknown134Frisbee Union
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EAngryBirds 95Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Andy Livingstone ECouch Jockeys136Tastes Like Another
Jericho WDim Sum Warriors93Freak Show
Jericho WTrain Wreck134Egg Then Chicken
Memorial SWDisc Comfort114I AM FASH
Memorial SWLike a Simile1311SSB
Wed Jul 30
6:00 pm
Memorial ODim Sum Warriors135The Eagles
Memorial OTrain Wreck136Local Pint
Musqueam EHungry For The D137Wyld Stallyns
Musqueam ETeamocil126Victorious Secret
Rupert CMighty Hucking Power Rangers1314The Unknown
Rupert Czoi1513SEAL
6:30 pmBalaclavaDisc Comfort159Ruckus
BalaclavaReTox159I AM FASH
Jericho ECircular LogicForfeitedNerds huck you long time
Killarney CBetty Cracker1217Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Killarney CCouch Jockeys1712Got Flab?
KingcrestAngryBirds 1714Tastes Like Another
KingcrestFriends of Friends179Stacked
Oak MeadowsBatteries Not Included1417URFT
Trafalgar NWLike a Simile1710SSB
Trafalgar NWSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go175Sippin Sunshine
Winona NFreak Show176Egg Then Chicken
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EHammer-headsFrisbee Union
Andy Livingstone EICEMAN813stacks on stacks on stacks
Jericho WPOP POP115Shimmy Shang
Jericho WSlaughtermelon119Wok Don't Run
Memorial SWBaywatchers137East Side Empire
Memorial SWFrisbee Bearz105It's Business Time
7:30 pmMemorial ODim Sum Warriors84Local Pint
Memorial OTrain Wreck134The Eagles
Musqueam EHungry For The D139Victorious Secret
Musqueam ETeamocil133Wyld Stallyns
Rupert CMighty Hucking Power Rangers911SEAL
Rupert Czoi810The Unknown
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EHammer-heads613stacks on stacks on stacks
Andy Livingstone EICEMANFrisbee Union
Jericho WPOP POP117Wok Don't Run
Jericho WSlaughtermelon112Shimmy Shang
Memorial SWBaywatchers95It's Business Time
Memorial SWFrisbee Bearz126East Side Empire
Wed Aug 6
6:00 pm
BalaclavaEast Side Empire127It's Business Time
BalaclavaFreak Show89The Eagles
Killarney CBatteries Not Included69Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Killarney CSEAL1210Frisbee Union
Memorial OShimmy Shang811Wyld Stallyns
Memorial OWok Don't Run513Train Wreck
6:30 pmKingcreststacks on stacks on stacks1712Hammer-heads
Kingcrestzoi1517The Unknown
Rupert CLike a Simile717Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Rupert CReTox157Disc Comfort
Trafalgar NWBaywatchers178Egg Then Chicken
Trafalgar NWFrisbee Bearz174Local Pint
Winona CCouch Jockeys1715Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Winona CFriends of Friends1710AngryBirds
Winona SGot Flab?ForfeitedBetty Cracker
Winona SStackedForfeitedTastes Like Another
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EI AM FASH1115Ruckus
Andy Livingstone ESSB178Sippin Sunshine
Memorial SWHungry For The D155Teamocil
Memorial SWSlaughtermelon1618Victorious Secret
7:30 pmBalaclavaCircular Logic910The Eagles
BalaclavaDim Sum Warriors139East Side Empire
Killarney CICEMAN1310SEAL
Killarney CURFT139Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Memorial ONerds huck you long time96Train Wreck
Memorial OPOP POP136Wyld Stallyns
Wed Aug 13
6:00 pm
BalaclavaNerds huck you long time (W422)Victorious Secret
BalaclavaPOP POP1113Hungry For The D
Rupert CDim Sum Warriors913Baywatchers
Rupert CThe Eagles (W521)Frisbee Bearz
Trafalgar NWShimmy Shang (W425)Teamocil
Trafalgar NWWok Don't Run (W426)Slaughtermelon
Winona CICEMAN313stacks on stacks on stacks
Winona CURFT00The Unknown
Winona SBatteries Not Included613zoi
Winona SFrisbee Union (W226)Hammer-heads
6:30 pmKillarney CDisc Comfort (W122)Like a Simile
Killarney CReTox (W121)Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
KingcrestI AM FASH (W124)Sippin Sunshine
KingcrestRuckus (W123)SSB
Memorial OCouch Jockeys (W321)Friends of Friends
Memorial OXuing Xuang (Ruckus)1711AngryBirds
Oak MeadowsMighty Hucking Power Rangers (W229)SEAL
Winona NCircular Logic (W529)East Side Empire
Winona NWyld Stallyns717Train Wreck
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EFreak Show (W525)Local Pint
Andy Livingstone EIt's Business Time813Egg Then Chicken
Memorial SWBetty CrackerForfeitedTastes Like Another
Memorial SWGot Flab?1517Stacked
7:30 pmBalaclavaHungry For The D (W423)W: W422
BalaclavaPOP POP (W424)L: W422
Rupert CW: W521DefaultBaywatchers
Rupert CL: W521ForfeitedDim Sum Warriors
Trafalgar NWW: W425 (W427)W: W426
Trafalgar NWL: W425 (W428)Slaughtermelon
Winona CW: W221 (W223)stacks on stacks on stacks
Winona CL: W221 (W224)ICEMAN
Winona SBatteries Not Included (W228)L: W226
Winona Szoi (W227)W: W226
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EL: W525 (W528)It's Business Time
Andy Livingstone ELocal Pint (W527)Egg Then Chicken
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