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Mon Sep 29
7:00 pm
Van Tech TurfSports!218cheesegraters
Van Tech TurfTeam LEGO 1021Space Bar
Van Tech TurfTHE OCHO21166 on 5
8:00 pmJericho WKilgore Trout218LOUD
Jericho WMag71721MPACT
Jericho WNiners132111 z's
Memorial SWAwesome Badgers!!218Legal Everywhere
Memorial SWBlue Crush1621Disco Volante!
Memorial SWFlava Flavs1121Rhymes With Mellow
Trillium EDouble Trouble!1121Fantastic Four
Trillium EHigh Five921Lollipop Guild
Trillium ELike a G61813Five Alive
Trillium ESuper Duper #1516Epic Trilogy
Trillium W9-Nine-Nein187Waht The Huck
Trillium WFourteen FourfunNP
Trillium WMonday the 13th177Fifteen Shades of Red
Trillium WPower of 101514Dirty, Dirty Dozen
Van Tech Turfcheesegraters21156 on 5
Van Tech TurfSports!2220Team LEGO
Van Tech TurfTHE OCHO1621Space Bar
9:00 pmJericho WKilgore Trout202111 z's
Jericho WMag71316Niners
Jericho WMPACT1216LOUD
Memorial SWBlue Crush1311Legal Everywhere
Memorial SWFlava Flavs514Awesome Badgers!!
Memorial SWRhymes With Mellow1313Disco Volante!
Trillium EDouble Trouble!1121Epic Trilogy
Trillium EHigh Five2011Five Alive
Trillium ELike a G61414Lollipop Guild
Trillium ESuper Duper #11121Fantastic Four
Trillium W9-Nine-Nein1821Dirty, Dirty Dozen
Trillium WFourteen Fourfun2117Fifteen Shades of Red
Trillium WMonday the 13th821NP
Trillium WPower of 101916Waht The Huck
Thu Oct 2
8:00 pm
Memorial SWAlmost Sweet1521D.D.T.
Memorial SWDinosaurs1721Just Dicking Around
Memorial SWNorth West2221Legal in Alberta
Trillium E#tbt2119Short Circuit
Trillium EDeuce2113Arrested Development
Trillium EUnicorns United2110Where's the bar?
Trillium WCloud 92116This is Spinal Tap
Trillium WSpasms215Game of Thrownz
Trillium WTroe's Throw-ees21181, 2, 3... 10
9:00 pmMemorial SWDinosaurs2119Almost Sweet
Memorial SWJust Dicking Around1113Legal in Alberta
Memorial SWNorth West1015D.D.T.
Trillium EDeuce2111Short Circuit
Trillium EUnicorns United1819#tbt
Trillium EWhere's the bar?1317Arrested Development
Trillium W1, 2, 3... 102110Game of Thrownz
Trillium WSpasms1514This is Spinal Tap
Trillium WTroe's Throw-ees1521Cloud 9
Mon Oct 6
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone E9-Nine-Nein2021Monday the 13th
Andy Livingstone EDirty, Dirty Dozen1021NP
Andy Livingstone EPower of 101513Fourteen Fourfun
Andy Livingstone EWaht The Huck611Fifteen Shades of Red
Van Tech TurfBlue Crush2119Awesome Badgers!!
Van Tech TurfFlava Flavs1715Disco Volante!
Van Tech TurfRhymes With Mellow2113Legal Everywhere
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone E9-Nine-Nein2118Fourteen Fourfun
Andy Livingstone EDirty, Dirty Dozen2112Fifteen Shades of Red
Andy Livingstone EPower of 101421Monday the 13th
Andy Livingstone EWaht The Huck1221NP
Jericho Wcheesegraters621Space Bar
Jericho WSports!2186 on 5
Jericho WTHE OCHO2118Team LEGO
Trillium EKilgore Trout2113Niners
Trillium EMag71617LOUD
Trillium EMPACT222111 z's
Trillium WDouble Trouble!2112Like a G6
Trillium WEpic Trilogy2014Lollipop Guild
Trillium WFantastic Four2112Five Alive
Trillium WSuper Duper #11921High Five
Van Tech TurfAwesome Badgers!!2115Disco Volante!
Van Tech TurfBlue Crush1918Rhymes With Mellow
Van Tech TurfFlava Flavs1918Legal Everywhere
9:00 pmJericho WSports!1321Space Bar
Jericho WTeam LEGO 21126 on 5
Jericho WTHE OCHO2120cheesegraters
Trillium EKilgore Trout2119MPACT
Trillium EMag752111 z's
Trillium ENiners1621LOUD
Trillium WDouble Trouble!1217High Five
Trillium WEpic Trilogy218Five Alive
Trillium WFantastic Four2116Lollipop Guild
Trillium WSuper Duper #12111Like a G6
Thu Oct 9
8:00 pm
Jericho WDinosaurs1621Legal in Alberta
Jericho WJust Dicking Around2118D.D.T.
Jericho WNorth West2117Almost Sweet
Memorial SW1, 2, 3... 102321This is Spinal Tap
Memorial SWSpasms2117Cloud 9
Memorial SWTroe's Throw-ees2018Game of Thrownz
Trillium WDeuce1821#tbt
Trillium WUnicorns United218Arrested Development
Trillium WWhere's the bar?921Short Circuit
9:00 pmJericho WAlmost Sweet1610Legal in Alberta
Jericho WDinosaurs1215D.D.T.
Jericho WNorth West1013Just Dicking Around
Memorial SWCloud 92111Game of Thrownz
Memorial SWSpasms12191, 2, 3... 10
Memorial SWTroe's Throw-ees1621This is Spinal Tap
Trillium W#tbt219Arrested Development
Trillium WDeuce2112Where's the bar?
Trillium WUnicorns United1720Short Circuit
Thu Oct 16
8:00 pm
Jericho WCloud 921161, 2, 3... 10
Jericho WThis is Spinal Tap214Game of Thrownz
Jericho WTroe's Throw-ees1921Spasms
Memorial SW#tbt2111Where's the bar?
Memorial SWShort Circuit2114Arrested Development
Memorial SWUnicorns United1913Deuce
Trillium EAlmost Sweet1121Just Dicking Around
Trillium ED.D.T.2118Legal in Alberta
Trillium EDinosaurs1713North West
9:00 pmJericho WCloud 91817This is Spinal Tap
Jericho WSpasms2114Game of Thrownz
Jericho WTroe's Throw-ees14211, 2, 3... 10
Memorial SW#tbt2116Short Circuit
Memorial SWDeuce821Arrested Development
Memorial SWUnicorns United2110Where's the bar?
Trillium EAlmost Sweet1121D.D.T.
Trillium EDinosaurs1221Just Dicking Around
Trillium ENorth West1521Legal in Alberta
Mon Oct 20
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EDouble Trouble!1810Five Alive
Andy Livingstone EEpic Trilogy1712High Five
Andy Livingstone EFantastic FourLike a G6
Andy Livingstone ESuper Duper #11221Lollipop Guild
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EDouble Trouble!2119Lollipop Guild
Andy Livingstone EEpic Trilogy204Like a G6
Andy Livingstone EFantastic Four2116High Five
Andy Livingstone ESuper Duper #12113Five Alive
Jericho WAwesome Badgers!!1621Rhymes With Mellow
Jericho WFlava Flavs2020Blue Crush
Jericho WLegal Everywhere1813Disco Volante!
Memorial SW9-Nine-Nein1516Fifteen Shades of Red
Memorial SWDirty, Dirty Dozen218Fourteen Fourfun
Memorial SWPower of 10921NP
Memorial SWWaht The Huck1015Monday the 13th
Trillium ESpace Bar2186 on 5
Trillium ESports!2223THE OCHO
Trillium ETeam LEGO 219cheesegraters
Trillium W11 z's179LOUD
Trillium WMag7721Kilgore Trout
Trillium WNiners1321MPACT
9:00 pmJericho WAwesome Badgers!!1711Legal Everywhere
Jericho WBlue Crush169Disco Volante!
Jericho WFlava Flavs1113Rhymes With Mellow
Memorial SW9-Nine-Nein1321NP
Memorial SWDirty, Dirty Dozen1417Monday the 13th
Memorial SWPower of 102116Fifteen Shades of Red
Memorial SWWaht The Huck1711Fourteen Fourfun
Trillium ESports!2111cheesegraters
Trillium ETeam LEGO 1221Space Bar
Trillium ETHE OCHO21196 on 5
Trillium WKilgore Trout2115LOUD
Trillium WMag71321MPACT
Trillium WNiners142111 z's
Thu Oct 23
8:00 pm
Jericho W#tbt2120Deuce
Jericho WShort Circuit1721Spasms
Jericho WUnicorns United1621Cloud 9
Trillium E1, 2, 3... 102113D.D.T.
Trillium EArrested Development721This is Spinal Tap
Trillium ETroe's Throw-ees1221Just Dicking Around
Trillium WGame of Thrownz1621Almost Sweet
Trillium WLegal in Alberta2021North West
Trillium WWhere's the bar?1621Dinosaurs
9:00 pmJericho W#tbt1913Short Circuit
Jericho WDeuce1515Cloud 9
Jericho WUnicorns United1614Spasms
Trillium E1, 2, 3... 102110Just Dicking Around
Trillium EArrested Development1521Troe's Throw-ees
Trillium EThis is Spinal Tap1821D.D.T.
Trillium WDinosaurs2117Almost Sweet
Trillium WGame of Thrownz1521North West
Trillium WWhere's the bar?2119Legal in Alberta
Mon Oct 27
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone E6 on 51715Mag7
Andy Livingstone Echeesegraters2111LOUD
Andy Livingstone EMPACT2113Niners
Van Tech TurfDirty, Dirty Dozen20169-Nine-Nein
Van Tech TurfFifteen Shades of Red1913Fourteen Fourfun
Van Tech TurfLike a G61019Power of 10
Van Tech TurfRhymes With Mellow1513Awesome Badgers!!
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone E6 on 52220Niners
Andy Livingstone Echeesegraters921MPACT
Andy Livingstone ELOUD2118Mag7
Memorial SWDouble Trouble!2112High Five
Memorial SWEpic Trilogy1216Fantastic Four
Memorial SWLollipop Guild1220Super Duper #1
Memorial SWNPMonday the 13th
Trillium EBlue Crush1714Disco Volante!
Trillium EFive Alive1015Flava Flavs
Trillium EWaht The Huck218Legal Everywhere
Trillium WSpace Bar176Team LEGO
Trillium WSports!1518Kilgore Trout
Trillium WTHE OCHO141711 z's
Van Tech TurfDirty, Dirty Dozen1920Power of 10
Van Tech TurfFifteen Shades of Red212Awesome Badgers!!
Van Tech TurfLike a G6Default9-Nine-Nein
Van Tech TurfRhymes With Mellow921Fourteen Fourfun
9:00 pmMemorial SWDouble Trouble!1118Fantastic Four
Memorial SWEpic Trilogy149High Five
Memorial SWLollipop Guild1221Monday the 13th
Memorial SWNP1814Super Duper #1
Trillium EFive Alive714Blue Crush
Trillium EFlava Flavs1215Legal Everywhere
Trillium EWaht The Huck1314Disco Volante!
Trillium WSpace Bar2111Sports!
Trillium WTeam LEGO 82111 z's
Trillium WTHE OCHO921Kilgore Trout
Thu Oct 30
8:00 pm
Memorial SWDinosaurs1819North West
Memorial SWGame of Thrownz2110Legal in Alberta
Memorial SWWhere's the bar?1514Almost Sweet
Trillium E#tbt2120Cloud 9
Trillium EDeuce1721Spasms
Trillium EUnicorns United2111Short Circuit
Trillium W1, 2, 3... 102114Troe's Throw-ees
Trillium WArrested Development721D.D.T.
Trillium WThis is Spinal Tap218Just Dicking Around
9:00 pmMemorial SWGame of Thrownz199Dinosaurs
Memorial SWLegal in Alberta2116Almost Sweet
Memorial SWWhere's the bar?2018North West
Trillium E#tbt2119Spasms
Trillium EShort Circuit1721Cloud 9
Trillium EUnicorns United216Deuce
Trillium W1, 2, 3... 102321This is Spinal Tap
Trillium WArrested Development2120Just Dicking Around
Trillium WTroe's Throw-ees1521D.D.T.
Mon Nov 3
7:00 pm
Van Tech Turf6 on 51517MPACT
Van Tech Turfcheesegraters2111Mag7
Van Tech TurfLOUD1420Niners
8:00 pmJericho WDouble Trouble!1520NP
Jericho WEpic Trilogy95Lollipop Guild
Jericho WFantastic Four1413Super Duper #1
Jericho WHigh Five812Monday the 13th
Memorial SWSpace Bar211311 z's
Memorial SWTeam LEGO 521Kilgore Trout
Memorial SWTHE OCHO2119Sports!
Trillium E9-Nine-Nein1414Awesome Badgers!!
Trillium EDirty, Dirty Dozen168Rhymes With Mellow
Trillium ELike a G6121Fifteen Shades of Red
Trillium EPower of 101014Fourteen Fourfun
Trillium WFive Alive1116Legal Everywhere
Trillium WFlava Flavs912Disco Volante!
Trillium WWaht The Huck186Blue Crush
Van Tech Turf6 on 52115LOUD
Van Tech Turfcheesegraters1811Niners
Van Tech TurfMPACT1419Mag7
9:00 pmJericho WDouble Trouble!813Monday the 13th
Jericho WEpic Trilogy1011Super Duper #1
Jericho WFantastic Four1114Lollipop Guild
Jericho WHigh Five1112NP
Memorial SWSpace Bar2112Kilgore Trout
Memorial SWSports!201811 z's
Memorial SWTHE OCHO1518Team LEGO
Trillium E9-Nine-Nein2115Rhymes With Mellow
Trillium EDirty, Dirty Dozen1011Awesome Badgers!!
Trillium ELike a G6421Fourteen Fourfun
Trillium EPower of 101113Fifteen Shades of Red
Trillium WBlue Crush1113Legal Everywhere
Trillium WFive Alive616Disco Volante!
Trillium WWaht The Huck176Flava Flavs
Thu Nov 6
8:00 pm
Jericho WLegal in Alberta1921Dinosaurs
Jericho WNorth West2110Almost Sweet
Jericho WWhere's the bar?2118Game of Thrownz
Memorial SWArrested Development8211, 2, 3... 10
Memorial SWJust Dicking Around1521D.D.T.
Memorial SWTroe's Throw-ees2117This is Spinal Tap
Trillium W#tbt1921Unicorns United
Trillium WShort Circuit1713Deuce
Trillium WSpasms2118Cloud 9
9:00 pmJericho WGame of Thrownz1410Almost Sweet
Jericho WLegal in Alberta814North West
Jericho WWhere's the bar?118Dinosaurs
Memorial SW1, 2, 3... 101821D.D.T.
Memorial SWArrested Development821This is Spinal Tap
Memorial SWTroe's Throw-ees1420Just Dicking Around
Trillium W#tbt2115Deuce
Trillium WShort Circuit2322Spasms
Trillium WUnicorns United1714Cloud 9
Mon Nov 10
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EBlue Crush2220Flava Flavs
Andy Livingstone EDisco Volante!2021Legal Everywhere
Andy Livingstone EFive Alive1117Waht The Huck
Van Tech TurfKilgore Trout142111 z's
Van Tech TurfSpace Bar2113THE OCHO
Van Tech TurfSports!217Team LEGO
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBlue Crush2112Disco Volante!
Andy Livingstone EFive Alive2116Flava Flavs
Andy Livingstone EWaht The Huck1716Legal Everywhere
Jericho Wcheesegraters18206 on 5
Jericho WMPACT2115LOUD
Jericho WNiners2114Mag7
Trillium EDouble Trouble!1711Lollipop Guild
Trillium EEpic Trilogy1418NP
Trillium EFantastic Four1321Monday the 13th
Trillium EHigh Five2114Super Duper #1
Trillium W9-Nine-Nein1414Fourteen Fourfun
Trillium WDirty, Dirty Dozen2111Fifteen Shades of Red
Trillium WLike a G6621Rhymes With Mellow
Trillium WPower of 10214Awesome Badgers!!
Van Tech TurfSpace Bar2113Team LEGO
Van Tech TurfSports!2111Kilgore Trout
Van Tech TurfTHE OCHO182111 z's
9:00 pmJericho W6 on 51814Mag7
Jericho Wcheesegraters2016LOUD
Jericho WMPACT1620Niners
Trillium EDouble Trouble!1620Super Duper #1
Trillium EEpic Trilogy2112Monday the 13th
Trillium EFantastic Four1421NP
Trillium EHigh Five2111Lollipop Guild
Trillium W9-Nine-Nein1721Fifteen Shades of Red
Trillium WDirty, Dirty Dozen2113Fourteen Fourfun
Trillium WLike a G6921Awesome Badgers!!
Trillium WPower of 101515Rhymes With Mellow
Thu Nov 13
8:00 pm
Jericho WDeuce2113Where's the bar?
Jericho WShort Circuit1317This is Spinal Tap
Jericho WTroe's Throw-ees1819Just Dicking Around
Memorial SW#tbt2112Spasms
Memorial SWCloud 921181, 2, 3... 10
Memorial SWUnicorns United1721D.D.T.
Trillium EArrested Development821Legal in Alberta
Trillium EGame of Thrownz1321Almost Sweet
Trillium ENorth West1721Dinosaurs
9:00 pmJericho WDeuce1921Just Dicking Around
Jericho WShort Circuit1616Troe's Throw-ees
Jericho WThis is Spinal Tap216Where's the bar?
Memorial SW#tbt1721Cloud 9
Memorial SWSpasms1621D.D.T.
Memorial SWUnicorns United16211, 2, 3... 10
Trillium EArrested Development1321Almost Sweet
Trillium EDinosaurs2111Legal in Alberta
Trillium ENorth West1521Game of Thrownz
Mon Nov 17
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone E9-Nine-Nein1513Rhymes With Mellow
Andy Livingstone EAwesome Badgers!!1118Waht The Huck
Andy Livingstone EDirty, Dirty Dozen139Fourteen Fourfun
Andy Livingstone ELollipop Guild1817Power of 10
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone E9-Nine-Nein721Waht The Huck
Andy Livingstone EAwesome Badgers!!1320Rhymes With Mellow
Andy Livingstone EDirty, Dirty Dozen2115Power of 10
Andy Livingstone ELollipop Guild215Fourteen Fourfun
Jericho WKilgore Trout211511 z's
Jericho WSpace Bar2112MPACT
Jericho WSports!2115THE OCHO
Memorial SWDisco Volante!1618Flava Flavs
Memorial SWLegal Everywhere721Blue Crush
Memorial SWLike a G6816Five Alive
Trillium Echeesegraters19216 on 5
Trillium ENiners2114LOUD
Trillium ETeam LEGO Mag7
Trillium WDouble Trouble!1021Fifteen Shades of Red
Trillium WEpic Trilogy1415High Five
Trillium WFantastic Four1819Super Duper #1
Trillium WNPMonday the 13th
9:00 pmJericho W11 z's1811MPACT
Jericho WKilgore Trout2114Sports!
Jericho WSpace Bar218THE OCHO
Memorial SWBlue Crush1411Five Alive
Memorial SWLegal Everywhere921Disco Volante!
Memorial SWLike a G6920Flava Flavs
Trillium E6 on 52110Mag7
Trillium Echeesegraters1721Niners
Trillium ETeam LEGO LOUD
Trillium WDouble Trouble!1421High Five
Trillium WEpic Trilogy2112Fifteen Shades of Red
Trillium WFantastic Four1521Monday the 13th
Trillium WNPSuper Duper #1
Thu Nov 20
8:00 pm
Jericho W#tbt11211, 2, 3... 10
Jericho WCloud 91610D.D.T.
Jericho WUnicorns United2115Spasms
Trillium EDeuce1421This is Spinal Tap
Trillium EShort Circuit2114Just Dicking Around
Trillium ETroe's Throw-ees1913Where's the bar?
Trillium WArrested Development1621Dinosaurs
Trillium WGame of Thrownz621Legal in Alberta
Trillium WNorth West1714Almost Sweet
9:00 pmJericho W1, 2, 3... 101813D.D.T.
Jericho WSpasms1819Cloud 9
Jericho WUnicorns United1921#tbt
Trillium EDeuce2116Short Circuit
Trillium EJust Dicking Around1821Where's the bar?
Trillium EThis is Spinal Tap2113Troe's Throw-ees
Trillium WAlmost Sweet1021Legal in Alberta
Trillium WArrested Development1921North West
Trillium WDinosaurs2112Game of Thrownz
Mon Nov 24
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EFantastic Four1418Double Trouble!
Andy Livingstone EMonday the 13th2113High Five
Andy Livingstone ENPEpic Trilogy
Andy Livingstone ESuper Duper #11713Fifteen Shades of Red
Van Tech TurfDisco Volante!1114Five Alive
Van Tech TurfLegal Everywhere1218Flava Flavs
Van Tech TurfLike a G6621Blue Crush
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EFantastic Four1021Epic Trilogy
Andy Livingstone EMonday the 13th2111Fifteen Shades of Red
Andy Livingstone ENPDouble Trouble!
Andy Livingstone ESuper Duper #12117High Five
Memorial SWDirty, Dirty Dozen158Awesome Badgers!!
Memorial SWFourteen Fourfun1413Waht The Huck
Memorial SWLollipop Guild17179-Nine-Nein
Memorial SWPower of 10219Rhymes With Mellow
Trillium EKilgore Trout213THE OCHO
Trillium ESpace Bar211011 z's
Trillium ESports!1715MPACT
Trillium Wcheesegraters2114LOUD
Trillium WNiners1411Mag7
Trillium WTeam LEGO 8216 on 5
Van Tech TurfBlue Crush1319Disco Volante!
Van Tech TurfFlava Flavs218Five Alive
Van Tech TurfLike a G61318Legal Everywhere
9:00 pmMemorial SWDirty, Dirty Dozen2069-Nine-Nein
Memorial SWFourteen Fourfun2010Rhymes With Mellow
Memorial SWLollipop Guild1713Awesome Badgers!!
Memorial SWPower of 10158Waht The Huck
Trillium E11 z's2113Sports!
Trillium ESpace Bar1721Kilgore Trout
Trillium W6 on 52110Niners
Trillium WLOUD1714Mag7
Trillium WTeam LEGO 921cheesegraters
Thu Nov 27
8:00 pm
Memorial SWArrested Development2021Game of Thrownz
Memorial SWDinosaurs2022Almost Sweet
Memorial SWNorth West2117Legal in Alberta
Trillium E#tbt2016D.D.T.
Trillium ESpasms11211, 2, 3... 10
Trillium EUnicorns United2118Cloud 9
Trillium WDeuce1511Troe's Throw-ees
Trillium WShort Circuit219Where's the bar?
Trillium WThis is Spinal Tap1615Just Dicking Around
9:00 pmMemorial SWArrested Development1911Dinosaurs
Memorial SWGame of Thrownz1919Legal in Alberta
Memorial SWNorth West1714Almost Sweet
Trillium E#tbt12211, 2, 3... 10
Trillium ECloud 91216D.D.T.
Trillium EUnicorns United1617Spasms
Trillium WDeuce1621This is Spinal Tap
Trillium WShort Circuit2116Just Dicking Around
Trillium WTroe's Throw-ees1521Where's the bar?
Mon Dec 1
7:00 pm
Van Tech Turf6 on 51713LOUD
Van Tech Turfcheesegraters2113Mag7
Van Tech TurfTeam LEGO 1421Niners
8:00 pmJericho WDirty, Dirty Dozen218Waht The Huck
Jericho WFourteen Fourfun216Awesome Badgers!!
Jericho WLollipop Guild2116Rhymes With Mellow
Jericho WPower of 1021139-Nine-Nein
Memorial SWFantastic Four218Fifteen Shades of Red
Memorial SWMonday the 13th1419Epic Trilogy
Memorial SWNPHigh Five
Memorial SWSuper Duper #1721Double Trouble!
Trillium EBlue Crush2224Flava Flavs
Trillium ELegal Everywhere158Five Alive
Trillium ELike a G6721Disco Volante!
Trillium W11 z's2112THE OCHO
Trillium WKilgore Trout2116MPACT
Trillium WSpace BarSports!
Van Tech Turfcheesegraters2119LOUD
Van Tech TurfNiners218Mag7
Van Tech TurfTeam LEGO 14176 on 5
9:00 pmJericho WDirty, Dirty Dozen1513Rhymes With Mellow
Jericho WFourteen Fourfun2199-Nine-Nein
Jericho WLollipop Guild1416Waht The Huck
Jericho WPower of 101821Awesome Badgers!!
Memorial SWFantastic Four1917High Five
Memorial SWMonday the 13th1510Double Trouble!
Memorial SWNPFifteen Shades of Red
Memorial SWSuper Duper #12114Epic Trilogy
Trillium EDisco Volante!2110Five Alive
Trillium ELegal Everywhere1121Flava Flavs
Trillium ELike a G62116Blue Crush
Trillium WKilgore Trout2021THE OCHO
Trillium WSpace Bar211711 z's
Trillium WSports!MPACT
Mon Dec 8
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EAwesome Badgers!! (M501)Disco Volante!
Andy Livingstone EBlue Crush1619Like a G6
Andy Livingstone EFive Alive (M602)Legal Everywhere
Andy Livingstone ERhymes With Mellow1321Flava Flavs
Van Tech TurfDouble Trouble! (M202)NP
Van Tech TurfEpic Trilogy1311Fantastic Four
Van Tech TurfMonday the 13th (M101)Super Duper #1
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EW: M501 (M503)Flava Flavs
Andy Livingstone EL: M501 (M504)Rhymes With Mellow
Andy Livingstone EBlue Crush (M604)L: M602
Andy Livingstone ELike a G6 (M603)W: M602
Memorial SWKilgore Trout102111 z's
Memorial SWMPACT (M801)6 on 5
Memorial SWSpace Bar (M701)Sports!
Memorial SWTHE OCHO (M802)Niners
Trillium Echeesegraters (M901)Mag7
Trillium ELOUD (M902)Team LEGO
Trillium WFifteen Shades of Red (M302)Dirty, Dirty Dozen
Trillium WFourteen Fourfun (M401)9-Nine-Nein
Trillium WHigh Five (M301)Lollipop Guild
Trillium WPower of 10 (M402)Waht The Huck
Van Tech TurfEpic Trilogy (M203)W: M202
Van Tech TurfFantastic Four (M204)L: M202
9:00 pmMemorial SWL: M701 (M704)Kilgore Trout
Memorial SWW: M801 (M803)W: M802
Memorial SWL: M801 (M804)L: M802
Memorial SWSpace Bar151411 z's
Trillium EW: M901 (M903)W: M902
Trillium EL: M901 (M904)L: M902
Trillium WW: M301 (M303)W: M302
Trillium WL: M301 (M304)L: M302
Trillium WL: M401 (M404)L: M402
Trillium W9-Nine-Nein (M403)W: M402
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