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Thu Sep 10
8:00 pm
Memorial SWCaramels1218Sour Patch Kids
Memorial SWJelly Beans1314Turkish Delight
Memorial SWLicorice1217Huck Dirty to Me
Memorial SWSkittles217Swedish Berries
9:00 pmMemorial SWCaramels714Turkish Delight
Memorial SWJelly Beans148Sour Patch Kids
Memorial SWLicorice146Swedish Berries
Memorial SWSkittles1316Huck Dirty to Me
Thu Sep 17
8:00 pm
Trillium EHuck Dirty to Me149Turkish Delight
Trillium ELicorice1714Jelly Beans
Trillium ESkittles212Caramels
Trillium ESwedish Berries814Sour Patch Kids
9:00 pmTrillium EHuck Dirty to Me1212Sour Patch Kids
Trillium ELicorice2014Caramels
Trillium ESkittles1612Jelly Beans
Trillium ESwedish Berries1114Turkish Delight
Thu Sep 24
8:00 pm
Empire NLicorice216Turkish Delight
Empire NSkittles136Sour Patch Kids
Empire SHuck Dirty to Me916Jelly Beans
Empire SSwedish Berries1313Caramels
9:00 pmEmpire NLicorice205Sour Patch Kids
Empire NSkittles1915Turkish Delight
Empire SHuck Dirty to Me914Caramels
Empire SSwedish Berries615Jelly Beans
Thu Oct 1
8:00 pm
Memorial SWCaramels1017Jelly Beans
Memorial SWSkittles2111Licorice
Memorial SWSour Patch Kids1021Turkish Delight
Memorial SWSwedish Berries519Huck Dirty to Me
9:00 pmMemorial SWCaramels513Sour Patch Kids
Memorial SWJelly Beans1412Turkish Delight
Memorial SWLicorice125Huck Dirty to Me
Memorial SWSkittles153Swedish Berries
Thu Oct 15
8:00 pm
Trillium WLicorice217Huck Dirty to Me
Trillium WSkittles1814Jelly Beans
Trillium WSour Patch Kids158Swedish Berries
Trillium WTurkish DelightCaramels
9:00 pmTrillium WLicorice1214Jelly Beans
Trillium WSkittles815Huck Dirty to Me
Trillium WSour Patch Kids2114Caramels
Trillium WTurkish Delight2110Swedish Berries
Thu Oct 22
8:00 pm
Empire NHuck Dirty to Me147Jelly Beans
Empire NSkittles2119Licorice
Empire SSwedish Berries1612Caramels
Empire STurkish Delight1711Sour Patch Kids
9:00 pmEmpire NHuck Dirty to Me1320Licorice
Empire NSkittles218Jelly Beans
Empire SSwedish Berries216Sour Patch Kids
Empire STurkish DelightCaramels
Thu Oct 29
8:00 pm
Empire NCaramelsSour Patch Kids
Empire NTurkish Delight2111Swedish Berries
Empire SJelly Beans920Licorice
Empire SSkittles189Huck Dirty to Me
9:00 pmEmpire NCaramelsSwedish Berries
Empire NTurkish Delight1411Sour Patch Kids
Empire SJelly Beans512Huck Dirty to Me
Empire SSkittles1319Licorice
Thu Nov 5
8:00 pm
Memorial SWJelly Beans (B101)Sour Patch Kids
Memorial SWLicorice (A102)Huck Dirty to Me
Memorial SWSkittles1812Turkish Delight
Memorial SWSwedish Berries (B102)Caramels
9:00 pmMemorial SWW: B101 (B103)W: B102
Memorial SWL: B101 (B104)L: B102
Memorial SWSkittles (A103)W: A102
Memorial SWTurkish Delight (A104)Huck Dirty to Me
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