Past Leagues

NameAge GroupYear# of Teams
Fall JUNIOR Turf League 2011Youth20110
Fall League 2011Adult201166
Summer Juniors League 2011Youth20110
Summer League 2011Adult2011228
Touring 2011Adult20110
Winter Hat 2011Adult201110
Winter Hat 2011 - PM Men+WomenAdult20110
Winter JUNIOR Turf League 2011Youth20110
Winter Turf 2011Adult201142
Fall Turf League 2010Adult201022
Fall Turf 2010 - Second nightAdult20100
Fall JUNIOR Turf League 2010Youth20100
Fall League 2010Adult201080
Summer League 2010Adult2010228
Winter Hat 2010Adult201012
Winter Turf 2010Adult201034
Fall Turf 2009Adult200918
Fall Junior Turf 2009Youth20090
Fall League 2009Adult200994
Junior Hat 2009Youth20090
Summer League 2009Adult2009240
Winter Hat 2009Adult200916
Winter Turf 2009Adult200924
Turf League 2008Adult200816
Fall League 2008Adult200892
Junior Summer Hat 2008Youth20080
Summer League 2008Adult2008241
Winter Hat 2008Adult200818
Fall League 2007Adult2007102
Junior Summer Hat 2007Youth20070


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