Past Leagues

NameAge GroupYear# of Teams
Fall League 2007Adult2007102
Junior Summer Hat 2007Youth20070
Summer League 2007Adult2007238
Winter Hat 2007Adult200724
Fall Hat League for Juniors at Point Grey (2006)Youth20060
Fall League for Women at Point Grey (2006)Adult20060
Fall League 2006Adult2006112
Junior Summer Hat League 2006Youth20060
Summer League 2006Adult2006228
Winter Hat 2006Adult200628
Fall League 2005Adult2005132
Junior Hat League 2005Youth20050
Veterans Hat LeagueAdult20050
Summer League 2005Adult2005238
Winter Hat 2005Adult200520
Fall League 2004Adult2004132
Summer League 2004Adult2004232
Winter Hat 2004Adult200420
Fall League 2003Adult20030
Summer League 2003Adult20030


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