Youth Summer Camp - Meet your coordinators!

Youth Summer Camp 2021 - Meet your coordinators

Our summer youth camps are a great way to get kids involved with ultimate! The focus is on having fun, connecting with the community and social experiences. 

We offer multiple week long programs for beginner to intermediate players throughout the summer. Our experienced coaches teach by using a variety of fun games, activities and drills. 

Summer is quickly approaching, more program and registration information can be found on our Summer Day Camps page. 

2021 Summer Youth Options

This year we are excited to start our youth programs at the end of May! Our coaches have worked hard to develop programs that have adapted skill-based drills and activities. With the safety of participants as our top priority, our youth programs continue to focus on the fun that is ultimate and the community that it brings together!  

Check out our four summer programs for ages 8 through 18: 

Spring Break Camps for Kids

Registration is open for our spring break day camps! 

Your child can spend time outdoors this March while learning new skills in a half-day camp that emphasizes fun and spirit. Our instructors are enthusiastic, encouraging, and have a variety of disc-based games and activities that have been adapted to COVID restrictions for a safe and supportive experience.

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