Summer League in Surrey

The 2023 Summer League in Surrey is now over.  Please check back in late February 2024 for information on the 2024 Season

Welcome to summer in Surrey!

Playing info for 2023

2023 Dates

March 1 Registration opens for all 
April 24 Registration closes 
April 27 Captain's Meeting 
May 7  Games start
August 6 BC Day Long Weekend, Sunday games not scheduled
August 20 Summer league ends

2023 Fees

Team fees (GST included)

Deposit $100


Placement fees

We encourage you to find a team as many teams need players. If you cannot, you can register as a single or duo or trio and we will attempt to form a few teams. For Duos and Trios, at least one person must be a women-matching player. Placement is dependent on the number of registrants and is not guaranteed.

Note: For men-matching players: You will have a much better chance of being placed if you register in a Duo or Trio. If you cannot be placed on a team, your fees will be refunded.

Single $75
Duo (2 players) $140
Trio (3 players) $210

How to register



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